World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1840
Shen Xiang puts out one to rise Yuan Saint pill's herbs immediately, he has rested, was restored by own spirit to the optimum condition, invests in these herbs pill furnace. He puts in pill furnace all herbs one time, this is the method that the source builds up, if defers to the home remedy, he must first put in Fire Ivory Grass, Fire Ivory Grass smelts to the similar time, continues to put in other herbs. But building up of use source, needs simultaneously to burn down certain degree herbs, can seek for same „the bloodlines of spirit from herbs, the spirit bloodlines of all herbs are the same, properly speaking can very relaxed fusion together, lead other medicine energies to get together finally. The difficulty lay in found the bloodlines of spirit, as well as pulled out the fusion the root of bloodlines of spirit! If Shen Xiang does not have Heaven Refining Technique inside method, but knows that this truth, he for a lifetime is not possibly able to achieve with time! This is also the Heaven Refining Technique fierce place, inside these marvelous methods, can make him achieve these incredible matters. Shen Xiang has not made that five saint medicine fuse mutually, but smelts in pill furnace five saint medicine, moreover 11 will separate with Divine Power. Because seeks for the bloodlines of spirit, needs to smelt to certain degree is good! Source Spirit Eyes, I should be able to practice now.” Shen Xiang revolves according to these sutra chant, then releases Divine Power to enter pill furnace, Divine Power turns into source Spirit Eyes, specifically is used to seek for the bloodlines of spirit. At this time his a source Spirit Eyes darkness, explained that he has not seen the bloodlines of any spirit, but also needs to continue to burn to build up these herbs, at this time he weakens the fire intensity, if burnt down excessively, will burn down the bloodlines of spirit. He displays source Spirit Eyes also to need to consume many Divine Power, but this is his first time is used to seek for the bloodlines of spirit, if after is, he is familiar with these herbs, knows that will burn down any degree to appear, so long as he later will burn to build up almost, displayed short time that's alright.

Quite a while passes, can only see piece of jet black source Spirit Eyes, suddenly to see the beat the flame, is similar to the tooth is ordinary! Is the spirit bloodlines of Fire Ivory Grass!” He immediately stops burning down Fire Ivory Grass, and remembered say degree that needs to burn down. Then appears, likely is the wavy-fin dim light that Qi mist turns into, this is Xiong Houhua the spirit bloodlines, is very good to identify, with some shape connections of these strange flowers different grass. Two the spirit bloodlines of High-Grade saint medicine appeared , earliest appears! But the things of following three white silk striations, are Bewildering Strengthening Fruit and brute force fruit and spirit bloodlines of Violent Power fruit Three Saint Strength Fruits. Found bloodlines of difficulty spirit he to solve, then careful made the spirit bloodlines of these five saint medicine blend together, this need very very accurate control strength. Shen Xiang most excels at this aspect, at this time he emits Divine Power, cautious and solemn touches the bloodlines of these five spirits, changes his Divine Power according to Heaven Refining Technique sutra chant, making his Divine Power have with the bloodlines of same characteristics these spirits, this will not be conflicted. He can see two big that his Divine Power turns into by source Spirit Eyes, rubs together bloodlines of careful pushing that five spirit, this process time needed is not very long, but has been in a minute completed, five semblances look like the greatly different spirit bloodlines melt a stingy group very much finally. Was OK!” Shen Xiang closes source Spirit Eyes, but pill furnace looks like does not have what change, the bloodlines of that spirit cannot see unable to feel, is very mysterious existence. He being separated five herbal Spirit Qi Divine Power receives, repelled one another fierce five herbal Spirit Qi fierce dashes together mutually, does not need to think to get together, aware perfect fused.

Sees this, Shen Xiang is excited, because he has succeeded, so long as now he carries on to congeal pill that's alright according to the normal alchemy way! Now I can with too extremely build up with limitless build up to carry on to congeal pill, has not thought that is so good with the method effect that this source builds up, mutually after the fusion, but also multiplies so many herbal Spirit Qi, I also think can only concentrate three grains to rise Yuan Saint pill, now looks like should also be able a grain!” The following step, with refining other pill is the same, divides four that group big cyclone, then concentrates fast with the limitless building up law pill pellet! Furnace four grains, such achievement he is satisfied! He thought that must refine to have Divine Halo rising Yuan Saint pill people should not be difficult! This regarding many title Pill Saint, this is very difficult, even if Dan God must refine, requires the quite long time, will be defeated, looks like in Shen Xiang, and refines dragon blood Saint pill to be equally simple. Can refine High-Grade Saint pill is title Pill Saint, in addition, a request, must refine Divine Halo Saint pill, fierce point title Pill Saint, can refine to have Divine Halo middle-grade Saint pill, but the limit challenge also refines High-Grade Saint pill. Generally can achieve this, means that can refine Divine Pill, only needs the Divine Pill home remedy then to start to attack Dan God Realm. 100 grains rose Yuan Saint pill to me now are really too easy!” Shen Xiang laughs, after he refines 100 grains, but can also remaining some herbs. Had the beforehand successful experience, behind becomes very easy, does not use likely the beforehand little fumble, a day he can refine five furnaces, several days, 100 grains rose Yuan Saint pill to suffice!

Feng Yujie has given him one year, he has completed long time ago, moreover many herbs have not refined! These that comes out were my! Later frequently and Feng Yujie makes this business to be good, very gains.” Before Shen Xiang, thought that this is the duty that is hard to complete, but now actually tasted very big benefit. How doesn't know Divine Halo liter Yuan Saint pill?” Shen Xiang has completed the task, he planned that refines High-Grade Divine Halo Saint pill with herbs that are many! Has Divine Halo High-Grade Saint pill, is the ordinary several times of effects! Not 20 times like low-grade Saint pill, but this effect also calculated well, especially regarding rising Yuan Saint pill this type can let Saint pill who strength rose suddenly instantaneously. If Divine Halo liter Yuan Saint pill, even if will be High-Rank Profound God eats up will have the good effect, strength definitely will rise suddenly such 1-2 times, therefore can definitely be able to sell. Rises Yuan Saint pill originally is only effective to Low-Rank Profound God and Middle-Rank Profound God, if has Divine Halo, then links High-Rank Profound God also to eat, moreover can rise suddenly 1-2 times by own Divine Power intensity in a double-hour, the use is very big, especially when hunts and kills some formidable divine beast, there is this pill to assist, is very easy to succeed. But after Low-Rank Profound God and Middle-Rank Profound God eat up, multiple of promotion also ordinary is higher than! This liter Yuan Saint pill's effect, only then a double-hour, moreover must be separated 12 double-hour to eat is effective, otherwise on too heaven defying, if I by selling this, send one definitely not to have the issue greatly.” Shen Xiang saw divine coin rolling to come.