World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1841
Shen Xiang continues to stay in the secret room alchemy, he must refine Divine Halo liter Yuan Saint pill to come out, now he has finished ahead of schedule Feng Yujie to give his matter, does not have other pressures, alchemy time was also more relaxed. Before refined had Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill, Shen Xiang in this side area tired very rich experience, moreover Divine Halo Saint pill who he refined also compared other alchemy masters to be better, left pill's strength is very considerable, the speed was faster other alchemy master many. Now when refines rises Yuan Saint pill, the method of needs is also same, since Shen Xiang can process well dragon blood Saint pill, facing rising Yuan Saint pill does not have any difficulty. He has used three days , the success refines one grain to send out pale blue Divine Halo rising Yuan Saint pill! This cannot baffle me!” Shen Xiang looks at Divine Halo Saint pill in palm, smiled proudly, went out of the secret room. Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian were chatting in the hall, these days, Lu Qilian has also passed to Long Xueyi Life Slaughtering Technique. Sees Shen Xiang all smiles, Lu Qilian to ask: „Do you have very big harvest evidently? How many grains refined to rise Yuan Saint pill?” Shen Xiang throws storage pouch, said with a smile: Oneself looked that I say you possibly not to believe!” Although Lu Qilian in the heart early is prepared, but puts out a jade box after storage pouch, opens looks, there are many grains of pale blue pill pellet, this is that liter Yuan Saint pill! Hundred grains rise Yuan Saint pill to pile together, the air/Qi light that braves is similar to the blue flame is common, is very attractive. Such quickly completed! How do you achieve?” Long Xueyi careful has counted, 100 grains rise Yuan Saint pill, is nothing more or less. Hehe, this was I just from the method of Heaven Refining Technique comprehension, building up of named source, but was fierce!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, pill pellet that afterward he put out outside one grain to wrap blue light is covering, this also rises Yuan Saint pill, but was sending out Dan light at this time.

Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi dull looks rising Yuan Saint pill who that grain of Divine Halo inspires greatly, Shen Xiang can refine hundred grains to rise Yuan Saint pill to make them in a short time feel surprisedly, but Shen Xiang in addition, but also the success refines to have Divine Halo rising Yuan Saint pill. I inform Sister Feng, making her take these liter Yuan Saint pill, like this you can also a bit faster obtain other High-Grade Saint pill's home remedies!” Lu Qilian is also very happy, but this liter Yuan Saint pill Feng Yujie advertisement High-Grade Saint pill, Shen Xiang, if publicizes to sell this High-Grade Saint pill, definitely will arouse suspicion. Therefore she planned that makes Feng Yujie give Shen Xiang another High-Grade Saint pill's home remedy. After Lu Qilian leaves, by chair, closes one's eyes saying: Perhaps I now can found a home remedy to come, I planned that fuses together dragon blood Saint pill and this liter Yuan Saint pill!” Long Xueyi said: dragon blood Saint pill promotes the skeleton blood intensity, rises Yuan Saint pill to be able in a double-hour to rise suddenly strength, the characteristics has very big difference.” Shen Xiang opens the eye, puts out a grain of dragon blood Saint pill, said: Rises Yuan Saint pill to promote the Divine Power intensity, but adds into dragon blood Saint pill, can perhaps rise suddenly together with the fleshly body intensity together.” In a double-hour, fleshly body and Divine Power rise suddenly several times of words, this pill sells. That a bit faster tries!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: And other Feng Yujie came, making her have a look at your fierce!” Shen Xiang just came out, after having this idea, immediately enters in the secret room alchemy! He learned from Feng Yujie there, refines Divine Pill time, pill who needs to increase the end product as the Divine Pill material. When in other words, refines High-Grade Saint pill, uses this method to be also feasible, but the premise has in the home remedy situation, can fuse together.

Shen Xiang decided that uses source Spirit Eyes for dragon blood Saint pill, if can see the spirit bloodlines that dragon blood Saint pill hides, then he can let dragon blood Saint pill and rises Yuan Saint pill to fuse together. After Lu Qilian comes back, has not seen Shen Xiang, after inquiring Long Xueyi, knew that Shen Xiang went in alchemy, moreover must found the home remedy, refined unique High-Grade Saint pill. Sister Feng is not quick, her present situation should be good to be many, at least will not be monitored by that Supreme Devil God that deadly.” Lu Qilian exits to leave behind the contact secret marks, the words that Feng Yujie sees, meets to come to here. Next morning, Feng Yujie came, this time she comes not previous such, her is in high spirits, but she was still being monitored. What urgent matter has to look for me?” After Feng Yujie comes, has not seen Shen Xiang, said with a smile: That little rascal also in alchemy?” Lu Qilian said with a smile: In alchemy, but he is refining his pill, you gave his live him to complete.” Saying, she refines good rising Yuan Saint pill to give Feng Yujie that box of Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie is receiving wear a look of surprisedly, opens opens, cannot help but tenderly shouted one. 100 grains rise Yuan Saint pill, two months refined, even if were she, day and night did not sleep refined, must take almost three months. How does he achieve?” Feng Yujie looks to the front door of secret room, wants to grasp to ask in inside Shen Xiang well, because this building up law was really too heaven defying. Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: This has not calculated fierce, this is that little rascal most astonishing place!” She throws to Feng Yujie a grain of Divine Halo liter Yuan Saint pill. Feng Yujie sees the blue photoemission to come together, in the heart jumps suddenly, her clear that ray is representing anything, but denied that immediately that is not Divine Halo, when she received comes to see, has to believe that this sends out Divine Halo rising Yuan Saint pill!

Lu Qilian said with a smile: He said that he comprehended a method from Heaven Refining Technique, can make him so smooth, now he founds his home remedy in inside.” Feng Yujie took a deep breath, if before is, Saint pill who these do not need the home remedy, Shen Xiang can like planting the sweet potato refines fast, she will not be surprised, but this was restrained by the home remedy, if not strict actually did according to the home remedy on, will be defeated surely! Shen Xiang can that quick refinement hundred grains rise Yuan Saint pill, obviously has not done according to the home remedy above step! Feng Yujie affirmed that she gives Shen Xiang's that hundred to rise Yuan Saint pill's herbs should also to have remaining. „To entrain to ask him, ok, next time will ask again that I went back first!” Feng Yujie does not want to disturb Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang can found own home remedy to come, she feels certainly for Shen Xiang happy. Sister Feng, can you give him again a home remedy, best is little some that type.” Lu Qilian very much considers for Shen Xiang now. Feng Yujie spits the tongue: Qilian, you now were getting better and better with this little rascal relationship, probably is his wife is the same, everywhere strives for him.” Home remedy I have, but if always has me to give him, you think that his potential of that hideaway can also stimulate? Therefore I think or consider as finished, making him try to find the solution, this has the advantage to him.”