World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1842
Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi think, thought that this is reasonable, Shen Xiang started itself to found the home remedy now, but has not known whether can succeed. Feng Yujie waited for the less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang not to come out, has to leave, how long she cannot go out, in order to avoid by that Supreme Devil God discovery. Shen Xiang opens the front door of secret room to the night, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi is also waiting for in the outside patience, sees the Shen Xiang weary appearance, their hastily walked was holding in the past. I am all right, cannot walk.” Shen Xiang Hehe smiles, on the mouth said that but two females so sympathize, made in his heart feel warm. After Shen Xiang sits down, drinks sweet hot tea that one cup of Lu Qilian have handed over, asked: „Did the Sister Feng elder sister come?” In the morning came, to walk!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Your achievement scared her.” Lu Qilian said: I have inquired, this liter Yuan Saint pill grain can sell 15 ten thousand divine coin, moreover dry Saint pill who the quite low price, sells child of Li Zhonghan that Plentiful God is more popular, but in the market condition little sells.” Just that Dan God knows, only then Sister Feng understands the refinement, therefore you, once sells this pill, meets exposed you and her relationship.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: If I act crazy Dragon Shengdan, that did not have the issue!” Long Xueyi surprisedly said: Crazy Dragon Shengdan? Did you just found?” Shen Xiang is having a smile nod of: Can simultaneously let the fleshly body intensity and Divine Power rises suddenly several times of High-Grade Saint pill, rising Yuan Saint pill were more than a effect, therefore I thought that sells two hundred thousand divine coin also some people to want.”

Lu Qilian has not thought that Shen Xiang has completed quickly, founds the new home remedy in her eyes is very difficult, little dozens years, many over ten thousand years are not the strange matter. But Shen Xiang was only one day has completed, unexpectedly in the Shen Xiang eye was so relaxed! Shen Xiang puts out grain of pale blue pill pellet, the pill pellet surface also has one with the dragon that red spirit pattern carves, looks like the scale is very high. Qilian, you thought that Blood Dragon Ginseng and rises Yuan Saint pill's herbs is the direct purchase, do we duplicate quite cost-effective?” Shen Xiang asked: Our present divine coin are too few, should gain many point to find a place to live said again! At least the house wants the style.” Lu Qilian thinks that said: „If before, naturally is the direct purchase is quite cost-effective, but the herbs price every day is rising now, and are getting fewer and fewer! I inquired that this time carries on has more than ten Dan God that competes with, moreover five years later! They make Divine Pill compared with trial, Saint pill who needs very many types as auxiliary herbs, therefore in the five years, herbs or Saint pill will rise.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Refined Divine Pill to say Saint pill who needs to assist were many, I did not have the concept before, but after this time, I had understood! This also to offset the insufficiency of Divine Level material, therefore needs to fill with Saint pill.” Here also 60 rise Yuan Saint pill's herbs, Qilian you first duplicates six ten Blood Dragon Ginseng!” Shen Xiang said: I prepare to refine crazy Dragon Shengdan massively, now golden opportunity.” Must duplicate Blood Dragon Ginseng is really too easy, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi concise elixir was enough for serveral days, cannot use these purple spirit beads. Lu Qilian have Blood Dragon Ginseng, initially Shen Xiang gave her, she and Long Xueyi carry on immediately, before Shen Xiang also frequently made Long Xueyi duplicate, therefore under they cooperated quick complete. I refine this crazy Dragon Shengdan to require time, where these days you have a look to have High-Grade Saint pill to sell! If the price is too expensive, you sell out these two grains of Divine Halo liter Yuan Saint pill, sells are careful, most sells other place.” After Shen Xiang the matter confesses, enters secret room alchemy.

Lu Qilian governed Hundred Flowers Palace in the past, is very experienced in these matter, even if Shen Xiang did not urge her, she also knows how should do. ...... Father, I, although can refine Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill, but is actually not able to achieve this quality, this Shen Xiang is really the rare Pill Dao rare talent.” Ye Qin comes out from the alchemy room, looks dragon blood Saint pill who one just refined, sighed one gently. dragon blood Saint pill who she refines although also has Divine Halo, Divine Halo that but sends out actually compared with Shen Xiang refinement bad a little, although is only a point, but Ye Qin has refined more than ten furnaces, is unable to reach the Shen Xiang's level. Qin'er, your strength was very high, does not know one's place with the pink clouds! With famous title Pill Saint both have equal share. As for Shen Xiang, he is different races, you do not need compared with him, he to grasp Heaven Refining Technique after all.” Leaf Dan God affection touches the head of Ye Qin. The leaf Dan God straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards bright item, has the handsome appearance, looks like very young, he now in Goddess Palace. Ye Qin pursed the lips, said: But I refuse to accept, I study alchemy technique with the father since childhood, already many years, but Shen Xiang any Dan God has not directed, moreover he cultivates Heaven Refining Technique is also comprehends, steps into the Pill Dao time not to have me to be so long! Year to year avoidance Infernal Demon Emperor that comes him also to hide here and there.” Leaf Dan God said with a smile: You will sooner or later surmount his, because he does not have the home remedy now, only if he can find Master! However now may not have Dan God to dare to receive him for the disciple, who makes him simultaneously practice Heaven Refining Technique and Deicide Sword Art, but also offended Fire God Palace!” „The words that Qin'er, you have free time now, help me refine some High-Grade Saint pill, although also five years, but I want to prepare sufficient, when the time comes ten big Dan God meetings, will compare surely greatly, my this time must win.” Leaf Dan God just said that Ye Qin lightly sticks out one's tongue, honk the mouth said: Does not want, in any case your disciple that many, making them build up that's alright, I may probably study to refine Divine Pill well.”

little girl, even/including father's request also dares to reject.” Leaf Dan God has ridiculed one. That Plentiful God son may entangle me to be fierce, so long as I refine Spell Bound Pill, looked that he also does dare to continue to pester me!” Ye Qin said with a smile lightly: Father, you dry my matter, I do not make Li Zhonghan this fellow have a look at my fierce.” ...... Leaf Dan God concluded that Shen Xiang does not have the home remedy, but is hard to have progressive, but Shen Xiang has been able to act according to others now instead improves only, founds High-Grade Saint pill who better to use to come, at this time he greatly is building up crazy Dragon Shengdan who builds up him to found especially. More than ten days, can stabilize every day refines four furnace pill's Shen Xiang, have refined to build up completely that 60 herbs, each furnace leaves the pill four grains, altogether has 240 grains of crazy Dragon Shengdan. Sells 200 grains, 40 grains are remaining! Two hundred thousand grain of words, were four surely divine coin!” Shen Xiang thinks a little to be small excitedly.