World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1843

This helps Feng Yujie liter Yuan Saint pill's remaining herbs, now he also wants to help Feng Yujie alchemy, because this can quicker obtains massive High-Grade Saint pill, this duplicates to be much quicker than with these spirit beads him and Lu Qilian. Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, took a bath, is lying down sunning on the courtyard couch, waits for Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi comes back. Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi will exit to understand that every day the pills newest quotation, to help finding a good method, enabling crazy Dragon Shengdan to sell most quickly. How long Shen Xiang has not waited, they came back, seeing Shen Xiang to sun . Moreover the mood is extremely good, their two females know Shen Xiang to be of great success, has refined many crazy Dragon Shengdan. I altogether refine 240 grains, only plans to sell 200 grains!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Effect that now I must try crazy Dragon Shengdan, although can succeed to refine, but I have not eaten.” Saying, he eats up one grain, the drug efficacy stimulates quickly, although he is Low-Rank True God, however his fleshly body and Divine Power were very strong, but he can still feel fleshly body and Divine Power formidable more than two times! Sister Qilian, you give a try!” Shen Xiang gives Lu Qilian grain of crazy Dragon Shengdan, Lu Qilian is Middle-Rank True God, but fleshly body he is not fierce. After Lu Qilian eats up, on the face full is surprised, obviously is because feels strength that this crazy Dragon Shengdan brings to be formidable. Lu Qilian took a deep breath, said: Strengthened about six times, if High-Rank True God, should be five times, Low-Rank Profound God does not have the issue in two times!” Shen Xiang because of the itself strong reason, therefore strength of his amplification is not big, only if has Divine Halo crazy Dragon Shengdan! Sells two hundred thousand one grains should not to have the issue!” Shen Xiang asked that rose Yuan Saint pill is also such a price, but rose Yuan Saint pill to be famous, his crazy Dragon Shengdan just founded, if the person did not know widely, how nobody believed this crazy Dragon Shengdan drug efficacy.

Before Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi, has thought this issue, but they had solution. Does not have the issue!” Lu Qilian very self-confident saying: We do not need to rent the shop, does not need to sell these pill to the shop, is operated by us completely!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: When the time comes we spread one's wares on the ground for sale that's alright, but your pill were so attractive, how when the time comes to propagandize, gave us that's alright!” Shen Xiang sees Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian is having the mysterious smiling face, knows that they affirmed has been ready. Now takes to sell!” Lu Qilian watched the weather, the present is only at noon, time also early. Shen Xiang nodded, then follows in them behind, across a lively avenue, arrives at a rural fair, specially spreading one's wares on the ground for sale reservation, this rural fair is also very lively, the person, shouted loudly shout to be continuous, bargains back and forth the scene that won to be red in the face to find at everywhere. Comes time, Shen Xiang paid attention, this rural fair happen to a nearby of very lively avenue, but some the both sides competent shops of this avenue, has that god writing shop, is the shop that the child of Plentiful God opens. Sets up a stall on the rural fair also needs divine coin, but Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian already rented, after they arrive at that position, puts out some scrolls, above writes the crazy Dragon Shengdan drug efficacy! Shen Xiang looks in the one side, because Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi did not plan that makes him meddle, he thought like this invalid, which knows that two females just set up a stall shortly, came many people. Then he discovered that in these person of hands paper, above on the detailed description this crazy Dragon Shengdan drug efficacy! Obviously is Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian exits to send out very much long time ago.

Lu Qilian puts out a rectangular the transparent crystal box, puts that 200 grains of crazy Dragon Shengdan, this is more than 200 grains of High-Grade Saint pill, even if some quite large-scale pills shops, the time of now this lacking High-Grade Saint pill is also hard to guarantee that has these many goods. Pale blue crazy Dragon Shengdan looks like a little likely rises Yuan Saint pill, but is not difficult to discover that is carving red Little Dragon in pill pellet that smooth surface, carves the mark to be very clear, looked that is not ordinary, let alone is also hitting the slogan, explained that this is High-Grade Saint pill. Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi had propagandized in these days everywhere, therefore sets up a stall now, the person who passed by basically come to see. This upscale pill places in these shops generally, moreover by storekeeper pinching stubbornly in a small jade bottle, now can see in the stall, in this command many person hearts had suspected that thinks this is not real High-Grade Saint pill. young miss, is this really High-Grade Saint pill? Is which Pill Saint refines? What has to prove? Your this unauthentic, I too do not dare to buy!” old man collects the eye by that crystal box, carefully looks at inside crazy Dragon Shengdan. Lu Qilian said with a smile: This crazy Dragon Shengdan drug efficacy, so long as eats up effectively immediately! But this pill generally is the need time eats. Naturally, we cannot make you buy immediately to eat the examination! Therefore we decided that honored guest who so long as first ten purchase this crazy Dragon Shengdan, we bestow one grain.” Just said that old man on shouted: I must buy one grain......” This old man wear is very ordinary, but looks at his so straightforward, should be quite wealthy, will otherwise not buy a grain of value two hundred thousand divine coin pill casually. Other people do not dare to buy, because this crazy Dragon Shengdan is unauthentic, but that old man did not fear, because he has certain strength, if some people dare to sell the counterfeit goods here, was this city. Lu Qilian received that old man divine coin, turns on the crystal box, rich pill who inside that instantaneously spout fragrant is similar to light breeze has stroked the nose of everyone, that gang of rich pill makes all people inspire fragrant, strength faint people here, but has not eaten High-Grade Saint pill, therefore in the heart secretly believes that this is selling High-Grade Saint pill.

Long Xueyi takes out two grains, gives that old man sweetly with a smile. After that old man receives, said: If you dare to sell fake thing, do not blame me not being impolite!” Lu Qilian said with a smile: Old Senior please feel relieved that we do not cheat!” After old man eats up one grain, complexion changes, full is the pleasantly surprised color, afterward said again and again: Good pill, to be much better compared with that liter Yuan Saint pill!” I take ten grains again!” That old man hastily puts out divine coin, has purchased ten grains, this time has not bestowed to him, but he also walks quickly, because he must before the drug efficacy has not vanished tries. Two million divine coin have succeeded all of a sudden in obtaining, the speed of selling also calculates very quickly, although that old man confirms this is High-Grade Saint pill of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but then actually nobody continues to purchase.