World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1844

The crazy Dragon Shengdan detailed introduction writes on a stall sign, looks like the function with rising Yuan Saint pill is the same, but the ratio rises Yuan Saint pill to be many a effect, can promote the fleshly body intensity. This Goddess City gathers many Pill Saint at this time, because of leaf Dan God here, many person Pill Saint comes to here to have a look to have the opportunity and leaf Dan God contact, at this time here has one type had not heard High-Grade Saint pill, arouses this crowd of Pill Saint interest, after hearing, immediately catches up. Shen Xiang does not know that what propaganda Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi created, unexpectedly have brought in several him in Pill Saint that in the Goddess Palace shop saw! Pink clouds Pill Saint also has joined in the fun, in addition, astonishing also had female of the Dan God, Ye Qin also comes. Shen Xiang hides is looking at the same time that Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi have told him, cannot he join. Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi change appearance, has seemed like only the female who two appearances can also pass, not too appealing place, bringing in that but they succeed comes. Pink clouds Pill Saint is Ye Qin comes together, they are talented Pill Saint, can refine High-Grade Saint pill, at this time they personally see this crazy Dragon Shengdan, thinks somewhat surprisedly, they according to a oneself many years of experience, saw that this and rises Yuan Saint pill to look like very much, but above is carving a dragon with spirit pattern. Carves some mark also Pill Saint to think on Saint pill, but little has successfully, even if has succeeded, the actual use is not big, but Shen Xiang carves the spirit pattern reason also to play the role of imprisonment, letting Blood Dragon Ginseng can with other herbs perfect fusion together. We take one grain respectively!” Ye Qin gives Lu Qilian storage pouch, inside thinks of divine coin. Lu Qilian took inventory, then makes Long Xueyi take out four grains of crazy Dragon Shengdan. You are first ten customers, therefore buys one and gets one free!” Long Xueyi said with a smile sweetly, gave their four grains of crazy Dragon Shengdan. Pill Saint that afterward other followeds come also pulls out the divine coin purchase, so long as a bit faster can buy one and get one free, this, the first ten quotas were snatched.

Ye Qin and pink clouds Pill Saint also eats up that strength that bestows to try the drug efficacy, after eating up, they look the color of shock, afterward looks at each other, nodded. They are High-Rank Profound God, but eats up this crazy Dragon Shengdan, unexpectedly can also the obvious feeling fleshly body and Divine Power is promoting, although does not have one time, but this promotion regarding them is very good, because they must promote strength now, can only become Heavenly God. If Middle-Rank Profound God eats up , to promote a time of strength that is the affirmation, this pill rising Yuan Saint pill is better, but the price actually with rising Yuan Saint pill is the same! Some of your here also how many grains? We all wanted!” After feeling the drug efficacy, Ye Qin takes the bull by the horns, decides to buy completely. Sees Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi in hesitant, Ye Qin has swept in that crystal box, almost 200 grains, then said: Four divine coin, sold to us surely completely, what kind of?” Shen Xiang thinks Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian will readily agree, which knows that Lu Qilian said: This elder sister, we also wants to sell to you, but we sell the Saint pill's goal are to let more people can experience the mysterious effect that this pill brings, we can only sell 50 grains to you.” The females of Dan God start to talk said that must all buy, on the foot explained whether this crazy Dragon Shengdan is good pill! The effect of propaganda can say that has achieved, but Lu Qilian actually wants to need good reputation, need more people experience crazy Dragon Shengdan that formidable drug efficacy, when the time comes hand down, crazy Dragon Shengdan can also become famous High-Grade Saint pill. 50 grains of 50 grains!” Ye Qin governs the shop, goal that also clear Lu Qilian such makes, to stoke up the crazy Dragon Shengdan fame. Takes the liberty, which Pill Dao Senior refinement can inform is?” Which alchemy Ye Qin is really greatly with the refinement, because of this time, Dan God will only stockpile best High-Grade Saint pill, to help five years later Dan God big ratios fight, will not take to sell this pill. This does not facilitate to inform, that Senior has exhorted.” Lu Qilian smiles lightly. 50 grains are surely divine coin, Ye Qin are the Dan God daughters, this divine coin regarding her is only the small gift, moreover she now is the representative Goddess Palace purchase, can take very much with ease.

After Ye Qin and pink clouds Pill Saint walks, other people come in swarms, puts out divine coin to come oniomania Dragon Shengdan, remaining crazy Dragon Shengdan sold-out quickly. At the same time in Shen Xiang that looks, in heart is praising Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi, such quickly sold-out this crazy Dragon Shengdan. After quitting work, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi very discrete return residence, on the road discovered that some people track, but quick got rid by them. ...... In Goddess Palace, leaf Dan God and pink clouds Pill Saint, Ye Qin and Feng Yujie sit in the same place, looks at crazy Dragon Shengdan on tabletop. This is rises Yuan Saint pill not different, but added into other herbs, can therefore have to promote the fleshly body intensity the effect, what increased? How I look unable to look!” Leaf Dan God looks in the palm that by crumb crazy Dragon Shengdan, knits the brows to say. Ye Qin said: Father, this person of alchemy level how? This looks like with rising Yuan Saint pill who the Yujie elder sister refines is similar.” Leaf Dan God eats up crazy Dragon Shengdan of that crumb, is savoring carefully, said: Generally quality excellent pill is very difficult to leave the height respectively, but I can look, this compared with Yujie high a little, the level of this alchemy master be very high!” In the Feng Yujie heart had answer, she knew from pink clouds Pill Saint and Ye Qin mouth, sells pill is two females, very obviously is Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian, but before she also knows that Shen Xiang must improve this liter Yuan Saint pill, she has not thought that Shen Xiang such quickly has completed, really stems from her anticipation, moreover improves that well. She one wants to know that has added the dragon blood Saint pill's ingredient, but was denied by leaf Dan God, because leaf Dan God surely does not have Blood Dragon Ginseng, because Blood Dragon Ginseng is unable with rising Yuan Saint pill's herbs fuses, will have many conflicts. Leaf Dan God shook the head: This alchemy master in foundation home remedy? But should not refine all of a sudden that many sells, does he lack divine coin very much? If so, he should not be Dan God!”

Dan God does not lack divine coin! Feng Yujie said: If they also continue to sell this crazy Dragon Shengdan, was very obvious, the back that alchemy fellow lacks divine coin very much.” She wants to look for Shen Xiang they to ask now how to refine this crazy Dragon Shengdan, she also wants to study study. Refines crazy Dragon Shengdan to make Shen Xiang get to know the benefits, harvests so many divine coin all of a sudden. Shen Xiang said: Also continues to refine crazy Dragon Shengdan? Did not have herbs, needs to duplicate is good, if buys also not necessarily can buy.” Long Xueyi is thinking at the same time must buy anything with divine coin. Lu Qilian said: And other a period of time said again that these four divine coin enough we buy a good shop surely, I already favored.”