World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1845

Shen Xiang only wants a bit faster to refine Spell Bound Pill now, only by doing so, he can have enough strength to participate in trying of Supreme Temple to practice in ten years. Lu Qilian said: Crazy Dragon Shengdan just sold, the reputation will spread quickly, so long as waits for a period of time patiently, can many to know when the time comes we sell again, can raise the price.” Shen Xiang asked: Sister Qilian, you, when buys shop, first helps me buy several grains of quite famous High-Grade Saint pill, I want to take a look to discover the home remedy from Saint pill of end product directly.” Good, I do now, not long, we can also move into that new shop.” Lu Qilian planned that lays foundation in this Goddess City, has the Shen Xiang's help, she will become in the initial stage with ease. Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi exited, Shen Xiang returns to the secret room, practiced one to grasp the Seven Demon Killings type that. After practicing, he in the hall waited for that two females come back. Darkness time, Long Xueyi came back, happily said with a smile: Sister Qilian has bought a shop, I lead you to go now!” In Gods the Divine City general few sell shop, Lu Qilian such quickly can buy, making him admire the Lu Qilian management ability , is always rapid. The shop is very big, the store front has seven, each is spacious, moreover altogether seven, are stone building! Each has the divine formation protection, Lu Qilian now in seventh layer, this divine formation is also strongest. Lu Qilian prepare her room, was spacious, that fragrant bed is also very big, moreover here also links one to boil the steaming bathing pool. This does Saint pill and to mysterious saint pill, has ten grains respectively!” Lu Qilian gives Shen Xiang two jade boxes.

After Shen Xiang receives, said with a smile: Sister Qilian, has really your, in one day handles that many matters!” Lu Qilian smiles: Has the divine coin nature to be easy to do, this must many thanks to you, without your alchemy, is hard to gain to so many divine coin in a short time.” The ability that Shen Xiang displays, making Lu Qilian very satisfied and proud, she kissed is the Shen Xiang's lip, supple sound track: You had the practice! Is very tired? Washes to rest!” Saying, Lu Qilian was taking off own clothing, quick is revealing that charming beautiful luster of the skin, trend that heat steaming bathing pool slowly. Long Xueyi enters in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, she has other reasons, was unable to make that with Shen Xiang, can only avoid. Shen Xiang hey smiles one, the clothes darkness during eclipse, threw toward Lu Qilian instantaneously...... After dawn, the whole body clear such as jade Lu Qilian was rested heavy Shen Xiang single-handed to hug, she struggles after the Shen Xiang's bosom, takes out a jade box, sees only inside has many grain of purple beads, these are the spirit beads that she and Shen Xiang double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique comes out concise. When recollection and Shen Xiang double cultivation the happiness of bringing, Lu Qilian cannot help but sweet smiles, the whole face is ruddy, turns head Shen Xiang that looked on that face also to hang badly is smiling, afterward wore the clothes, has not awakened Shen Xiang. Long Xueyi also ran from Hidden Jade Ring, leaves this room with Lu Qilian. ......

Xueyi, these divine coin you are taking, waits for us respectively to arrive at these big Divine City to leave behind the secret marks, is used to contact his her sisters.” Lu Qilian gives Long Xueyi divine coin, although these divine coin come very simply, but she does not have the casual chaotic flower, will use on the proper way. Must manage a shop, manpower is insufficient, moreover Lu Qilian cannot always make Shen Xiang go to alchemy, therefore she only plans to find other females now first, how and the others are many have planned to open this shop again. After Shen Xiang wakes up, had not found Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi, has to enter a peaceful room, puts out him to let High-Grade Saint pill who Lu Qilian purchases. Does Saint pill strengthens Divine Power, can unearth the Divine Power intensity the potential, therefore also quite sells.” Shen Xiang eats up one grain, immediately some weak feeling, Divine Power strengthened, but is only little, he thought that needs to eat some to have the obvious promotion, possibly also because of his Divine Power already not potential potential. To mysterious saint pill, this is four mahatma pill one, it is said a grain on 35 ten thousand divine coin, this crucial point should be more expensive now, four five hundred thousand have the possibility.” Shen Xiang looks at that to clash mysterious saint pill, with Divine Power careful investigates. Mainly is True God attacks Saint pill who Profound God eats to mysterious saint pill, if eats massively, must attack Middle-Rank Profound God is not the issue, therefore named clashes mysterious saint pill. After eating up, can constantly stimulate Divine Power in within the body, making Divine Power revolve marvelously, will make Divine Soul receive a mysterious profound strength to moisten, will thus make the Divine Soul interior practice be lost in thought the profound strength. God profound strength is Profound God most obvious characteristics, is the strength of Divine Ability evolves later strength, when the use book assigns Divine Ability will have a stronger effect. I have not attacked the boundary of Profound God now, after does not know eats up, can have the effect?” Shen Xiang eats these pill mainly to seek for the home remedy, then improves, increases other saint medicine, lets these Saint pill perfect. After mysterious saint pill was built up, instantaneously turns into the marvelous profound strength, emerges in his Divine sea, turns into villain regarding his Divine Soul, starts to nourish his Divine Soul, he has not felt to have any special place. If wants to become Profound God, needs massive this flushing mysterious saint pill!” Shen Xiang puts out one grain to mysterious saint pill, puts in pill furnace, releases the flame to burn to build up, afterward uses source Spirit Eyes.

That grain that he chooses is the quality is quite bad to mysterious saint pill, this generally is because the fusion is not good to cause, therefore this can also be easiest to see the source is anything. Quick, he had harvest, he saw seven sources from that grain to mysterious saint pill, quite disorderly fuzzy, he suspected that is because has joined a grain of pill. Other six should three taste High-Grade saint medicine and three low-grade saint medicine, the needed materials is very full!” Shen Xiang the shapes of these sources in the mind, he also needs to go to familiar massive saint medicine to analyze to use any herbs to compose. Then he tried that to do Saint pill, discovered that has only used two High-Grade saint medicine and constantly low-grade saint medicine, the needed materials were few, no wonder sold convenient. Does Saint pill taps the Divine Power potential, if I add again, taps while convenient the fleshly body potential, refortify Divine Soul, can definitely sell doing Saint pill is better than!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, has thought that good to join any saint medicine to go. Sells dry Saint pill's that Li Zhonghan, but the child of Plentiful God, but Shen Xiang very repugnant Plentiful God, plans and that god writing shop captures the business, although some god writing shop distance here also distances, but if his pill is good, then can definitely rob the business of god writing shop. After Shen Xiang had the idea, goes out of the secret room, arrives in the room, actually sees very big crystal ball to shine.