World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1846

crystal ball is hanging above the room, he enters opens, sees only under the shop front door to have one to lead the female of mask to knock on a door, was shouting to entrance crystal ball lightly. Through this crystal ball can sound transmission to the seventh layer master room, this also be in the shop supplementary facilities, Shen Xiang permeates that big crystal ball Divine Power, hears the familiar sound. Some people in?” That female of shop front door was shouting lightly, her every action and every movement, Shen Xiang can see clearly from crystal ball, this female Feng Yujie, but she has changed a mask. Shen Xiang moves with Divine sense, opens the front door through crystal ball, after Feng Yujie comes, he controls the front door to shut tightly, is convenient. I in seven buildings!” Shen Xiang to Feng Yujie sound transmission, goes to outside living room afterward, he is just thinking makes Lu Qilian practice Feng Yujie, has not thought that Feng Yujie unexpectedly can find here. Feng Yujie has come quickly up, enters the living room, seeing is Shen Xiang takes down the mask, sees only her to be full of the strange charm face full is disgruntled. Feng Yujie is charmingly angry: My goodness, has improved my rising Yuan Saint pill, did not tell me one!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The Sister Feng elder sister, doesn't this ask you not to be convenient? How did you find here?” In order to let Feng Yujie cheers up, Shen Xiang hastily pours tea to pour water to her. I just some people bought this shop, I looked up, knew that female, I guessed correctly that is you!” Feng Yujie looked at this good living room, said: This shop, although is big, the position that but is at actually missed, what a pity here divine formation and various complete facilities.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: No problem, Sister Qilian, since buys, she definitely has the means to manage! Does Sister Feng, your this time come not to be worried about that unsurpassed old demon?”

Feng Yujie tenderly snorted: „The bastard was made by Supreme Temple, Nine Spirit Kings had left behind a thing to me luckily in the past, can relate Supreme Temple.” Owns to come clean, how your crazy Dragon Shengdan does refine?” Shen Xiang runs up to Feng Yujie behind, plays with her to be suitable slides the beautiful long hair, happily said with a smile: I added dragon blood Saint pill to go in the refinement, has made spirit pattern again, therefore succeeded! However I can refine successfully with Heaven Refining Technique inside method, the ordinary means are not good.” Therefore the elder sister you must study, can only study Heaven Refining Technique first, I am glad to teach to you very much.” Regarding Feng Yujie, Shen Xiang is very natural, because he supreme god bone of young nine girl wanting, in the heart had the shame, but Feng Yujie is the elder sister of young nine girl, although had something before, but they now still sisters affectionate. I am disinclined, Heaven Refining Technique is so difficult, is not that easy society!” Feng Yujie rubs the back hair front, hangs in the front, does not make Shen Xiang toss about there carelessly. Shen Xiang places on both hands the fragrant shoulder of Feng Yujie, rubs to pinch gently, is helping her massage, happily said with a smile: Sister Feng, you but now Goddess Palace two have Palace Master, been able taking advantage of selecting divine coin to me Hua Hua, I very much lacks now!” Feng Yujie by the chair, ten shares was massaged by Shen Xiang's, Youyou said: I think but actually, but divine coin is not I manages, moreover I just came up shortly after not to have what foundation, divine coin are not many, even to refine Divine Pill, must buy some herbs to be good.” Qilian and Xueyi? How to see them?” Feng Yujie looked at the direction of room, asked. Exited, I do not know where they go.” Shen Xiang is rubbing the shoulder of Feng Yujie, downward seems, sees the Feng Yujie that proud Li chest, although is away from the clothes, but he does not hate to move out of the way the line of sight.

Feng Yujie intentionally ominous saying: Eye honestly! Your this little rascal, oneself have gained that many divine coin, but also wants to come the pit my divine coin, is really not the thing!” Shen Xiang suddenly gives Feng Yujie sound transmission: Elder sister appeases anger, I want to confirm, now haven't you been staring by the unsurpassed old demon really?” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to her sound transmission, mystical, knows that Shen Xiang must have the important matter to tell her. You feared that sound transmission is unsafe, my Divine Soul enters your Divine sea world, such absolute safety.” The Feng Yujie response said. Good!” Shen Xiang immediately shouted, previous Lu Qilian Divine Soul is because enters his Divine sea world, therefore had very wonderful matter. Saw Shen Xiang that excited appearance, Feng Yujie to guess correctly probably anything, scolded tenderly: Young bastard, you in crooked thoughts? Do you want to play a dirty trick to me in the Divine sea world? I do not fear you!” Shen Xiang suffering from injustice saying: Where has, I had the important matter to with you say.” Puts with ease, my this enters your Divine sea.” Feng Yujie was saying, spreads out jade palm, only sees the young beautiful woman who her palm suddenly presents a bottle size. After Shen Xiang sees, cannot bear put out a hand, wants with finger Rourou that adorable small face, such attractive villain makes him like, wants to raise one very much. pā! Feng Yujie promptly opens his goon, tenderly shouted: Do not move heedlessly my Divine Soul!”

Afterward, flies in Divine Soul of her palm, changes to a white light to infiltrate the Shen Xiang's chest, in submerges disappears. So long as is True God, Divine Soul can turn into the entity, therefore a moment ago Feng Yujie Divine Soul was Feng Yujie of diminished version. Feng Yujie appeared in Shen Xiang's Divine sea, all around the Shen Xiang's Divine sea world seems like the sea, was the golden Divine Power sea had made him turn into the blue color. „Is this your Divine sea world? It looks like very ordinary, actually you have been yearning for such life!” Feng Yujie looked at all around, here Lan Tian white clouds, the intermittent ocean waves caress the sand beach with the cool sea breeze lightly. On islands, in beautiful scenery, blue verdant mountain forest the bird yelled. The colorful beautiful flower is blooming, flutters intermittently pleasant fragrance, Shen Xiang's Divine Soul outside woods, sits outside that log cabin stone table. The Feng Yujie floating body flies, under arrives at the stone table to be implicated, all around is piece of sea of flowers, many butterflies in bird interesting to listen to yelling along with the forest are dancing lightly. „The Divine sea world was responding everyone innermost feelings most long, has not thought unexpectedly that you most long for is so!” Feng Yujie feels very surprised, she thinks Shen Xiang should be an ambition very big person, which knows that is actually yearning for this life, although looks like very good. Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles: This ordinary and carefree day is I most yearned that but this does not obtain easily, I do not stop round trip this life now, my pursue are truly many, but this should be most difficult for me, therefore my Divine sea world will be constructed this by me!”