World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1847

Before Feng Yujie, thinks that understands Shen Xiang very much, but sees the Shen Xiang's Divine sea world after now, she sends to know own not true understanding Shen Xiang. I want to take a look at your Divine sea world!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You will not make me look evidently!” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly: You want to look, but on your present Divine Soul, enters my Divine sea world, definitely will be bullied by me.” Divine Soul is too weak, enters too strong Divine sea world is very danger(ous), resembles previous Lu Qilian to enter the Shen Xiang's Divine sea world to be the same, so long as a Shen Xiang thought that wants to be how what kind. Said quickly, has any important matter to tell me!” Feng Yujie urged, seeing Shen Xiang not to reply immediately, did intentionally the mystery the appearance, Feng Yujie has pinched vigorously his face. Has about young nine girls, Divine Mirror of Six Paths...... Shen Xiang a moment ago crossed here” is still thinking how must tell Feng Yujie, therefore needs to reorganize, now was being pinched the face by Feng Yujie, making him feel that the ache, has roared. Feng Yujie fierce stands, startled shouted: What? You said that but truth?” Shen Xiang nodded: Does not deceive you, I already want to tell you before, but you were staring by the unsurpassed old demon, I will be worried to reveal this matter, therefore I had not said.” She now how? Where?” Feng Yujie was worried the young nine girls, inquired the first situation of young nine girl, but did not ask that Divine Mirror of Six Paths, obviously she sentiment to young nine girl was very deep. She was delivered to Divine Prison by Heaven Punishment God, Heaven Punishment God said that there regarding the young nine girls is safest, therefore makes her hide in inside temporarily.” Shen Xiang said. Why will Supreme Devil God think Divine Mirror of Six Paths in young nine girl there? What had?” Feng Yujie can certainly guess correctly that the Shen Xiang affirmation participates in this matter. Shen Xiang after said that afterward the booth lets go saying: Matter is this, do not blame me to harm the young nine girls, I also had initially saved her, but also helps her revenge.”

Feng Yujie coldly snorted, Divine Mirror of Six Paths was obtained by Shen Xiang, but the young nine girls actually must take the rap for him, has to hide in Divine Prison. Does not know that young nine girl ancestors have owed you anything, her supreme god bone on you, she seeks for that many years Divine Mirror of Six Paths also to be attained by you, finally she must go to Divine Prison to hide, but your here ramble is merry.” Saying that Feng Yujie is not feeling well. Shen Xiang also thinks somewhat guilty, dry says with a smile: Sister Feng, I later will make up, you believe me, I have this ability! Which actually I also very to go now, my also ten years must participate in Supreme Temple trial, therefore I am quite busy these days.” Feng Yujie did not blame Shen Xiang very much, at least she knows the young nine girl present whereabouts, place that although was at disappointing a point, but was very safe. „Did you drop the blood to that sign in?” Saying that Feng Yujie is alarmed: You do not know, if cannot pass trial, ten have ** can die? In the past many Temple Heavenly God ruined in this trial awfully.” Knows that but I think me to be able, although time press a point.” Shen Xiang to oneself very self-confident. Some Feng Yujie worried coldly snorted, have stamped the lotus foot: You think to be useful, is really the idiot, such danger(ous) also goes! Why didn't Demon Execution Heavenly God that old bastard initially prevent you?” They initially also had prevented me, but I decided that must try.” Shen Xiang smiled: Sister Feng, do not worry that I will not waste Nine Spirit Kings supreme god bone.” Feng Yujie somewhat angry, Demon Execution Heavenly God prevented also to go at this time, cracked a joke with own life simply, she put out a hand immediately, was twisting the meat on Shen Xiang face vigorously, pinched him to yell that was similar to kills the pig to be the same. Because Feng Yujie Divine Soul be more formidable than Shen Xiang's, therefore Shen Xiang's Divine Soul was pinched the special ache. Was right, this matter do not tell Sister Qilian them, I like letting them was worried!” Shen Xiang rubs that to be pinched the pain face to say.

Snort!” Feng Yujie was only coldly snorted, the white hands has extended, frightened Shen Xiang fiercely jumped, but Feng Yujie has caught him, jade finger on his forehead, the sound was also having an anger: This refines the Divine Pill home remedy, you look for herbs to build up!” In the Shen Xiang mind presented two Divine Pill home remedies, looks like and promotion strength is related, this made in his heart the great happiness, Feng Yujie really grasp many home remedies. Thanks Sister Feng!” Shen Xiang smiles to throw, is holding Feng Yujie, buries on her weak chest is rubbing gently. How long Shen Xiang cannot hold, Feng Yujie dodges to another place, scolded tenderly: little rascal, wants to occupy my convenient, has forgotten hurting?” Shen Xiang said hastily: I am only am suddenly excited! Right Sister Feng, can pass to me some saint medicine divine medicine knowledge?” Comes, this time should not be excited!” Feng Yujie has cancelled colluding finger to Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang walks, the face vigorously had been twisted by Feng Yujie, is painful he not to dare again to approach, simultaneously in his mind also had many herbs related knowledge, this is helpful to his solve these home remedies. I went back, needs anything to help to look for me again! Asked me to exempt taking advantage of the divine coin words.” Feng Yujie very clear Supreme Temple trial is fearful, therefore she as far as possible will also help Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang nods hastily, then delivers to downstairs Feng Yujie. After Feng Yujie walked the less than half double-hour, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi also came back. Sister Feng had come a moment ago, she got rid of the unsurpassed old demon, later you can ask her to play at any time.” Shen Xiang mentioned Feng Yujie, cannot help but touches own side face, although was Divine Soul is pinched, but he thought that at this time fleshly body was also hurting.

Real? This was good!” Lu Qilian also had some plans, Feng Yujie is very good to them, so long as taking advantage of massive divine coin, Feng Yujie is not willing to help generally their. Where did you go?” Shen Xiang asked. Put the secret marks everywhere, but Sister Feng again has not been staring by the unsurpassed old demon now, we can also make her pay attention its her elder sisters whereabouts, looked that can call them.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang is excited immediately: This was good, I thought them very much!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: „To eat their bean curds!” Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi that just came back, she must look for Feng Yujie anxiously. Shen Xiang obtains many herbs knowledge from Feng Yujie there, starts to act according to these herbs appearances and characteristics judges, thus analyzes these to conform to dry Saint pill and clashes the bloodlines of mysterious saint pill these spirits. Quick, he lists more than 20 types, because he is unascertainable, can only buy first these herbs, then 11 look with source Spirit Eyes, compares has been able clear awareness.