World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1848

After Shen Xiang lists these herbs names, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi came back, looks on their beautiful face full is the smiling face, Shen Xiang asks: What good matter has? Smiles that happily!” Long Xueyi said: Meng'er and Xianxian came back quickly, what a pity Xinyue and Jing Jing (quietly) have met Vermilion Bird, therefore followed Vermilion Bird, or there are them, will be livelier.” Vermilion Bird and White Tiger came Gods very much long time ago, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing within the body has her bloodlines, therefore Vermilion Bird is very good to them, their two just arrived at Gods, the strength is not formidable, after Vermilion Bird for them, can have the safeguard, definitely well will be leading them, instructing them to practice. You helped me look for these herbs...... to be right, did divine coin also suffice?” Shen Xiang asked that divine coin in his hand, he did not know two women's foil many. „, Should suffice!” Lu Qilian received that paper, has not asked anything, bringing Long Xueyi to leave. Shen Xiang has not gone to think that Divine Pill matter now, although had the home remedy, but must refine not to be easy, herbs that needs, especially Saint pill of end product, now he understands why that crowd of Dan God competions refine Divine Pill time, can need such many Divine Pill! Feng Yujie gives his home remedy is the low-grade Divine Pill home remedy, end product Saint pill but who needs is astonishing, what these high level Divine Pill of Dan God competion! Does Saint pill unable to increase dragon blood Saint pill to go, although dragon blood Saint pill strengthens fleshly body, but blood energy is too heavy, with doing herbs in Saint pill possibly does not match, impact.” Shen Xiang was pondering at this time how to improve to do Saint pill. Dominates body Yun Er, this thing is High-Grade saint medicine, moreover belongs to quite temperate herbs, but is quite rare.” After Shen Xiang carefully has studied massive saint medicine, decides to join this saint medicine. The use of Ba Tiyun ear strongs and healthy body, it is said after young child eats up, can have ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength, moreover along with the body adolescence growth, but constantly stimulates the efficacy! The shape likely is the auricularia auricula, but is actually the jade white, mainly grows above entering the cloud mountain peak, sometimes also along with the Yun Fei line, will jump to other mountain peaks, therefore calls Ba Tiyun the ear. As for flushing mysterious saint pill, now he did not have solve to leave the home remedy, moreover some difficulties, because has joined a grain of pill, if determined that which several herbs refinements to mysterious saint pill with, he can speculate approximately joined any pill to refine.

Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi come back in the evening, they go to be so long, definitely everywhere has rushed about. Finally evened up, some shops do not have, to harm us to run up to other Divine City to go.” Long Xueyi puts out a jade box, places in front of Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was laborious you, waited to endure is good these days!” Lu Qilian snuggles up to side him, supple sound track: „Our is anything, you are most laborious!” Long Xueyi whispered: divine coin used similarly, mainly bought to mysterious saint pill has used many, five hundred thousand grains, we have bought ten grains . Moreover the quality was not good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not need to be worried that was quick we also to have divine coin, first waited for me to do the Saint pill's formula to make this first!” He made Lu Qilian duplicate one 20 saint medicine that bought first separately, then put out pill furnace, 11 put in pill furnace to burn to build up, he mainly examined the bloodlines of spirit with source Spirit Eyes, looked that can from doing Saint pill sees with him to. Quick, he found from these 20 saint medicine with doing Saint pill, flushing in mysterious saint pill the bloodlines of same bloodlines shape spirit. Should join white mysterious saint pill to mysterious saint pill, value five ten thousand divine coin about, is middle-grade Saint pill, mainly can have the weak god profound strength!” Which six herbs refinements Shen Xiang knew to mysterious saint pill with, therefore he can also see that joined any Saint pill to mix the refinement now to mysterious saint pill. Shen Xiang asked: Some of your also how many divine coin, but also enough buys Ba Tiyun the ear?” Lu Qilian puts out storage pouch, said: Five hundred thousand divine coin, enough have bought, Ba Tiyun the ear wants three ten thousand divine coin.”

Shen Xiang nodded: Buys, now our divine coin are not many, herbs that needs can only depend upon to duplicate.” Then, he badly badly smiled, looked at Lu Qilian, because needed double cultivation to concentrate that type of duplication energy strong purple spirit bead, this made Lu Qilian spit one lightly, then drew Long Xueyi to leave. Did Saint pill's herbs also to calculate convenient, unexpectedly sold hundred thousand divine coin, I improve from now on should be able to sell 150,000 this!” Does two High-Grade Saint pill who Saint pill needs altogether five ten thousand divine coin, congealing sparkling stone Saint flower and plum blood stitchwort, although is High-Grade saint medicine, but actually compares convenient that in addition low-grade blossomless Sacred Fruit, at most is six ten thousand divine coin, if the beforehand price, altogether adds to be only 320,000, oneself planted convenient.” After Shen Xiang obtains Feng Yujie passes to his herbs knowledge, about these knew. Night, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi come back, tyrant body Yun Ermai, Shen Xiang received wants to enter secret room alchemy, but thinks that now is the evening, in the evening must handle in the evening this matter of doing, moreover he also wants to make many point these purple spirit beads now, this can duplicate massive herbs fast. ...... Shen Xiang wakes up, after having attracted two Lu Qilian that remaining wonderful body fragrances, hastily wears the clothes, only sees Lu Qilian to duplicate herbs with the purple spirit bead, last night he told Lu Qilian to duplicate many herbs, Lu Qilian starts very early in the morning. A grain of purple spirit bead can make High-Grade herbs change four, duplicates low-grade middle-grade used that's alright that they usually concise came out. Did Saint pill's herbs here, currently has 50!” Lu Qilian has referred to storage pouch. How these many?” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental.

Congealing sparkling stone Saint flower and plum blood stitchwort was too weak, grain of purple bead can duplicate ten separately, this should be middle-grade saint medicine. Ba Tiyun the ear is quite normal, can only change four, altogether has used my most purple bead.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Relax, our many together several days, will have many purple bead.” Long Xueyi curls the lip saying: Goes to alchemy quickly, otherwise Sister Qilian did not let you and she lives the small bead.” Must have enough divine coin, can collect Divine Pill herbs, I should better not to waste the time now, stresses the time to collect divine coin.” Shen Xiang enters the secret room, starts alchemy, in his opinion, crazy Dragon Shengdan do Saint pill to be much more difficult than this, therefore the refinement will do Saint pill is very definitely relaxed. Naturally, improvement from now on dry Saint pill was named as Ba Tisheng pill by him. The first furnace has used the quite long time, because needs to solve the fusions of other Ba Tiyun the ears and herbs, finally he also can only with carving into the spirit pattern way, can carry on the fusion of most perfect. If insufficient perfect, refines good pill to see internal spirit bloodlines, is similar to the beforehand these dry Saint pill who uses source Spirit Eyes to see through with flushing mysterious saint pill is the same by him.