World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1849

With the Shen Xiang expectation is same, he uses building up of source, very with ease and does Saint pill's herbs accommodating together the tyrant body Yun Er spirit bloodlines originally, concentrates smoothly four grains of pill. Dominates body Saint pill! If this pill's effect expects with me is the same, then at least can sell 15 ten thousand divine coin, even two hundred thousand!” The Shen Xiang success refines, then takes these four grains of pill to go out of the secret room. Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian practice Life Slaughtering Technique in the room, concise these elixir, are waiting also for Shen Xiang to come out, sometimes because Shen Xiang needs them to handle something. Hears the sound that secret room Stone Gate opens, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi practice from the practice immediately, but Shen Xiang also arrived at the bedside, hands over two grains of tyrant body Saint pill, said with a smile: This called Ba Tisheng pill, how gave a try the effect!” Lu Qilian receives, carefully looks that this Ba Tisheng pill seems like similar to cream Yuzhu, in the surface does not have the ray, does not release the attractive blue light like beforehand crazy dragon Sacred Dan Gathering. Lu Qilian eats up Ba Tisheng pill, immediately felt the efficacy spreads in within the body fast, her hastily revolves cultivation technique that she cultivates to guide the efficacy to operate in within the body, integrates in the flesh and blood. This Ba Tisheng pill's efficacy is divided into two, emerges her Divine sea, making Divine Power in her Divine sea change, strengthened. Another efficacy revolves along with her cultivation technique, the even dispersion to various body places, the physique flesh and blood was moistened by the pressure, has strengthened. Is very good! Doing the Saint pill's effect is better than!” After Lu Qilian receives the merit, opens eye, on the face is having the satisfactory smiling face: Has not thought in developing Divine Power above compared with doing in Saint pill some.” After Long Xueyi eats up, cannot induce to the too big change, that is because her fleshly body was very strong, moreover Divine Soul is also very special, has the divine beast remnant soul that partly awakens.

Good, then I start to refine massively, you purchase Mysterious White Saint Lotus to come back now, Mysterious White Saint Lotus is used to refine white mysterious saint pill! Refines this Ba Tisheng pill, I need to start to clash mysterious saint pill continually.” Shen Xiang has exhorted one, sneaks into the secret room , to continue to refine Ba Tisheng pill. He has successfully improved now has done Saint pill, changes to the effect to be better to let tyrant body Saint pill, can succeed to refine! Following also needs to improve to mysterious saint pill, moreover this is most difficult, because is very complex in the refinement to mysterious saint pill, but also needs to increase middle-grade white mysterious saint pill. Is to multiply to be lost in thought the profound strength to the mysterious saint pill main function! High-Rank True God must become Profound God time, can act according to cultivation technique, absorbs the air/Qi of Spiritual God, will transform as the god profound strength, but is slow, needs for a long time enough breaks through the Realm god profound strength. If eats up to mysterious saint pill, can the big winding speed, be able to obtain the god profound strength fast, then attacks the bottleneck, breaks through Realm. Therefore now Shen Xiang must improve to mysterious saint pill, has this aspect, joins to multiply to be lost in thought saint medicine of profound strength, lets clash mysterious saint pill to multiply the more god profound strength! To mysterious saint pill is four mahatma pill one, only then several Dan God have this home remedy, although these Dan God have passed to some apprentices, but this pill's quantity are not many. Was very strong to the mysterious saint pill effect . Moreover the price is also quite high, is still very popular. The Shen Xiang direct refinement to mysterious saint pill is not the issue, but he sells, needs to show own origin, if he cannot say to the mysterious saint pill's home remedy origin, that is regarded as the burglary home remedy, the consequence is serious, will have the Dan God sanction of this home remedy by that several. He can certainly make these Dan God know that he has the solve home remedy ability, therefore he must result in improves, he refines to mysterious saint pill, the effect does not want specific impulse mysterious saint pill to be strong, these Dan God cannot say anything!

If increases again, can only join jade Yuan Sacred Fruit and day mysterious saint leaf, these two types are quite rare High-Grade saint medicine, moreover is temperate one kind, if I use the source to build up to refine, decides to integrate to mysterious saint pill in! After joining these two saint medicine, the price must result in expensively to mysterious saint pill two three hundred thousand divine coin, does not know that can sell!” Shen Xiang somewhat is worried about this, but he thought that if effect specific impulse mysterious saint pill good over one time, some that definitely people to buy, after all now clashes mysterious saint pill not to be many. Regarding person who many this time wants to purchase Saint pill, is not a good time, because the Dan God big ratio fights, the price rises, but does not have the means that time that needs to use, expensive also can only buy again. Regarding the alchemy master who alchemy makes money, now is actually a good time, because pill in hand can sell very high price at this time. Therefore Shen Xiang must in this stage crazy refinement Saint pill, fish one greatly, when these Dan God big ratios fought, the Saint pill's price will fall. Shen Xiang in alchemy, Divine Soul drifts away, to Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian sound transmission, making them exhaust final divine coin, must buy jade Yuan Sacred Fruit and day mysterious saint leaf. Day mysterious saint Ye Mai comes back to vaccinate all day long the mysterious saint tree, the leaf long comes out is equally big, only then the leaf is useful, when the time comes needs many spirit beads to make this tree grow up.” Shen Xiang told Lu Qilian these, was makes her buy not to duplicate with the beforehand means that moreover must make the leaf take root to germinate to grow into the tree. The day mysterious saint tree will not be long very greatly, complete maturity time can plant in the indoor, but requires very long time to be able from the leaf to grow into the trees, if takes the manure with the spirit bead, can quick fast-growth as long as the maturity condition.

Shen Xiang continues to refine Ba Tisheng pill, if they had a shop, when the time comes cannot only sell a pill, therefore he must refine several good Saint pill, and makes these Saint pill praise. After ten days, Shen Xiang refined herbs, altogether obtained 200 grains of tyrant body Saint pill, he opened Stone Gate to go out of the secret room, actually saw in the hall to present two to make him miss many years of person! Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue unexpectedly here, Shen Xiang feels pleasantly surprised! He comes back from Divine Prison, has not seen them, but they and Shen Xiang separately also for a long time, because Shen Xiang lost 5000, but they do not have! Hua Xiangyue is as before charming moving, is sending out one flattering intent that from top to bottom all made person Divine Soul invert! But Wu Qianqian and her together many years, unexpectedly can also maintain that simple and elegant simple makings, has the entirely different feeling with Hua Xiangyue. Their two females both wear the lavender long skirt, on the face, although is having the smiling face, but beautiful eyes is holding the teardrops. Shen Xiang dodges directly, two female closely is holding the bosom, the deep sorption on them that familiar body is fragrant, is holding the weak and warm tender body tightly, transmits to their missing own innermost feelings.