World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1851
Hua Xiangyue has not continued, she could see Lu Qilian does not want to mention relationship between her and Shen Xiang, intuition keen her eyes saw that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian relationship has developed very intimate that stage. She does not know that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian long time ago were very very intimate, she thinks that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian are good because of Gods. Their to pass on merit laws also requires some time, we exit to stroll!” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile. Lu Qilian nodded, then and Long Xueyi set out, bringing Hua Xiangyue to leave this empty shop, but Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were immersing in the room...... Meng'er and Xianxian came back, they should in snake Goddess Palace!” Lu Qilian said that at this time she is bringing Long Xueyi and Hua Xiangyue, arrives at a teahouse in small riverbank. They in the theater box of three buildings, drinks tea, while watches the safflower that on the riverside is in full bloom. Hua Xiangyue looks to distant place that highest giant turreted construction, said: „Is that Goddess Palace? Why Sister Qilian didn't you initially join Goddess Palace? Later does not want to stay in inside has also been able to come out, initially Sister Feng had pledged to me.” Lu Qilian lightly smiled, shook the head: You and haven't Qianqian joined? You now were also Pill Saint, needed regarding Goddess Palace.” Long Xueyi has not appreciated the scenery, has not spoken, because she is sending in the delicious dessert the mouth unceasingly, although here dessert to cultivating has not helped, but very convenient is very delicious, she said. Sees the Long Xueyi so table manners, Lu Qilian and Hua Xiangyue smiles, although Long Xueyi shouted them for the elder sister, but their very clear Long Xueyi be older much than them, but she was the temper of this little girl. Hua Xiangyue said: I also want to join Goddess Palace, but afterward thinks, the decision planned that first wanderer a period of time said again. Therefore I everywhere am informed and experienced with Qianqian, finally enters together passes the road of god, we come to here also to have a period of time, discovered the secret marks that you leave behind come here.” Lu Qilian looks that distant place that was swallowed Goddess Palace of half by the cloud layer, said: Goddess Palace there, now you must go. Regarding the outstanding female, goes to there is the best choice, if not because meets Shen Xiang here, perhaps I must join.” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile: Sister Qilian, you have any words to speak frankly! Although I am not long with your together time, but I am not silly, moreover you once were Heavenly Flower Empress, definitely has the ambition.”

Lu Qilian beautiful smile: Xiangyue, it seems like you very understand my!” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile: „When initially Shen Xiang this was trivial little rascal, I saw after him, had to erupt is, therefore I had depended on him at that time! Although he does not have no to erupt to be now, but also has actually done many important matters.” Sister Qilian, said that sentence, must have to erupt is the words, Shen Xiang this little rascal could not do, he will only hold the big trouble! However your line!” Heard Hua Xiangyue saying that in the Lu Qilian heart liked, also no longer circled curved, earnestly said: Xiangyue, are you willing to achieve the great accomplishment with me?” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly: Naturally wants, you such asked on, I join you, Qianqian also with my!” Eats thing Long Xueyi to make the illegibile sound: I must join, making me be the elder...... Subduing Dragon Sect that Shen Xiang this little rascal makes such did not have, my elder did not have.” Lu Qilian nods with a smile: Naturally, later we also will have more sisters to join!” Hua Xiangyue looked at that formidable Goddess Palace, charming has licked the lip, said with a smile: „Has Sister Qilian, later annexed what kind of this Goddess Palace?” Lu Qilian suddenly serious [say / way]: This Goddess Palace a little issue, because I cannot look up to have about the Goddess Palace Palace Master related thing, has come is very mysterious, but actually must train the successor now, must make Sister Feng be the successor!” Hua Xiangyue sees Lu Qilian this facial expression, curious asking: Sister Qilian, you had said before you almost joined Goddess Palace, has done the exhaustive investigation? What found out to come?”

Cannot look up anything, but some places are very strange! This Goddess Palace Palace Master manages the Goddess Palace method in early a period of time and behind entirely different.” Lu Qilian said: Early Goddess Palace develops quickly, this is because has used a very effective management solution, but the late stage development becomes slow, moreover appears greatly is wrong, causing Goddess Palace to be suspended in midair now.” Also because of late stage this, therefore Goddess Palace walked many outstanding and formidable Goddess, therefore the Goddess Palace good successor, has not met suddenly to look for Sister Feng to replace! Properly speaking, so long as uses the early stage mode of administration, Goddess Palace late stage not to present that many to be greatly wrong.” After Long Xueyi hears, is chewing fast, after swallowing these desserts, said: Goddess Palace Palace Master had possibly been controlled! Like that God of Wealth, I heard before God of Wealth, is not that bastard, but afterward the disposition had very big transformation. This matter was best to say with Shen Xiang that perhaps he knew anything.” Lu Qilian nodded: If is really and God of Wealth situation, then I must a bit faster make Meng'er they withdraw from Goddess Palace to be good, perhaps had some strength to trade Goddess Palace Palace Master in secret, although has not made Goddess Palace make matter out of the ordinary to come, but, was difficult to say.” She also just knows that other Supreme Devil God this too Divine Level existence, this strength enough controlled Heavenly God. Three females strolled in Goddess City, then returns to that shop, their together cultivates Life Slaughtering Technique, concise elixir, because later must support this shop, needs massive elixir to duplicate herbs. Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian will come out next morning. Wu Qianqian comes out from the room, sees Lu Qilian and Hua Xiangyue visits her with that look, this made her blush immediately, initially she of manner woman, looked like was also many several points of flavor. Sister Qilian, this gives you!” Before Wu Qianqian blushes bashfully arrives at the Lu Qilian body, low voice saying. What Wu Qianqian gives Lu Qilian is a jade box, inside has five grains of that purple spirit beads! If Lu Qilian and Shen Xiang double cultivation, that can concentrate several grains, Wu Qianqian just cultivated, therefore concentrates are not many.

Lu Qilian smiles, received these purple bead, then stared one Shen Xiang that smiles in side Hehe. This time Shen Xiang spring breeze haughty, Wu Qianqian became his woman. little rascal, to pass on merit laws used to be so long!” Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted and said. „The present arrived at you, small female slave!” Shen Xiang fierce hugs Hua Xiangyue, but this charming spirit the Shen Xiang's first woman, is his female slave. Lu Qilian just wants to say anything, but sees Shen Xiang this anxious appearance, wants the word to stop, is only suddenly, Shen Xiang tenderly shouted that repetitive Hua Xiangyue made the room...... Past one day later, Hua Xiangyue and Shen Xiang together double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique, congealed that type of purple spirit bead, now she understands why Wu Qianqian will blush at that time, but she actually did not matter. Shen Xiang, I had the matter and you said that about Goddess Palace!” Lu Qilian has been keeping thinking about this matter, because this decided that if wanted a bit faster they persuaded to leave Goddess Palace Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian.