World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1852

A Lu Qilian earnest appearance, Shen Xiang no longer is also smiling, sits to listen earnestly. Around Goddess Palace Palace Master changed a person......” Lu Qilian to think strange place detailed telling Shen Xiang her. Xueyi has mentioned, you once also said that God of Wealth is this, disposition big change.” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang to frown tightly, knows that Shen Xiang definitely knows some secret things, she continues saying: How you to see to this matter?” The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, took a deep breath: Must call Sister Feng, then in any event must make Sister Meng'er they a bit faster withdraw from Goddess Palace, when necessary, cannot continue to stay Sister Feng in Goddess Palace!” Lu Qilian suddenly thinks of anything, is low and deep the voice to ask: Is related with the unsurpassed old demon?” Before unsurpassed old demon, can appear in Goddess Palace, and monitors Feng Yujie, therefore makes her have to it associate the same place. Shen Xiang nodded: Not, only then unsurpassed old demon, therefore a bit faster relates Sister Feng, making her catch up as soon as possible!” He just said that the Lu Qilian person disappears, she uses the quickest speed to look for Feng Yujie. Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, although too does not understand the truth, but they had not asked that because this matter is not they can control. Quick, Feng Yujie came, Lu Qilian has not said anything with her, but said very important matter . Moreover the complexion is also very serious. After going to this living room, Shen Xiang let the Feng Yujie cloth several barrier, hinted Lu Qilian, making her tell Feng Yujie oneself to the doubts of Goddess Palace.

After Feng Yujie hear, frowned slightly: Good, the development of Goddess Palace late stage truly presents many mistakes, I had also analyzed these matters before, I asked Palace Master, she said that was because late stage he was busy with the practice, therefore made other elders handle Goddess Palace, caused such matter occurrence.” Lu Qilian said: This is incredible, his her elder will be stupid not like this, if will present 1-2 times mistake that also to convince, will be attempts to be defeated at most, can use the actually way, but actually continuously wrong several thousand years! Goddess Palace Palace Master is busy, for these years can always find time to assign a plan!” „, Do these leave the Goddess Palace elder also to explain? Many past famous female Heavenly God were Goddess Palace, was powerful, moreover had very deep affection to Goddess Palace, they were impossible to leave with no reason at all, these definitely had the reason! I thought that Sister Feng you should go to find this group of elders, asks their reason.” The Feng Yujie complexion is dignified, after having drunk tea, for a very long time does not speak, the people have not spoken, could see that Feng Yujie is pondering anything. Long time long time, Feng Yujie sighed, said: I had looked for these elders in secret, but could not find, finally I asked leaf Dan God, knew that these elders had several dead, other missing.” Shen Xiang said: This was very obvious, that Palace Master has the issue, otherwise the unsurpassed old demon cannot find you easily! Now she makes you take over to make Palace Master, definitely restless good intention! Sister Feng, your anything status you should be very clear.” But Feng Yujie the Nine Spirit Kings inheritor, is world of Nine Heaven Nine Heavens Goddess, she most important responsibility is to protect Nine Heavens! But matter that in the past Nine Spirit Kings vanished, was related with unsurpassed old demon that influence. Feng Yujie said: I will make Meng'er their several withdraw from Goddess Palace as soon as possible, I keep in Goddess Palace temporarily! If Palace Master has the issue, currently speaking she has not dared to make anything to me, moreover I leave suddenly, will make her begin to have suspicions.” Lu Qilian said: You are careful, what I am worried will be you like Goddess Palace Palace Master, caused some methods, completely changed a person!”

Shen Xiang knows that is any method, is the same with the young nine girls, that at all was not I, but was a substitute person . Moreover the strength was very formidable. That Dan God can't he look? Heard that he and Palace Master relationship is very good!” Long Xueyi said: Or you ask him!” Lu Qilian shakes the head: Best such not to do, if leaf Dan God and that Palace Master are one group has troubled, best is searches the rumor first.” The Feng Yujie nod said: My this goes, leaf Dan God I compare to feel relieved that because her daughter Ye Qin manner is good, if her father has the issue, definitely will discover as daughter's her.” Said that these important matters, Feng Yujie remembers with Hua Xiangyue Wu Qianqian greets, afterward hastily left. Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian obtained the Heaven Refining Technique attainment of Shen Xiang instruction, that was Shen Xiang with the way direct instruction that Divine Soul exchanged in the past, therefore Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue feeling was very deep, now they must attempt to be able with the Shen Xiang's alchemy ingenious method to refine. Shen Xiang and their double cultivation time, had the approximate understanding to their concrete strengths, their flame are good, enough uses these profound wonderful alchemy technique. Duplication crazy Dragon Shengdan and Ba Tisheng pill's herbs, practice acquiring a skill to them!” Shen Xiang said: dragon blood Saint pill also makes, how when the time comes makes them try to refine to have Divine Halo dragon blood Saint pill.” Shen Xiang believes that Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian can definitely refine, even if no him to be so good, but will not miss is too far. Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, if grasps alchemy technique of Shen Xiang instruction successfully, from now on will be the backbone of this shop! Lu Qilian very clear Shen Xiang here dull will not be long.

A shop has two outstanding alchemy masters to be good, if, his she studies the alchemy female also to join, that this shop sells Saint pill to gain many divine coin! Shen Xiang is also helping the duplication, just started shortly , the deafening strange roar transmits together, hears this sound fiercely, Long Xueyi jumps. Is the Black Tortoise that Old Turtle sound, he here!” Long Xueyi startled shouted: Listened to this cry should turns into the main body, moreover was fighting!” Shen Xiang hastily puts down living on hand: Qilian, you look at Qianqian and Xiangyue here, I and Xueyi have a look!” In the past in four Saint Beast, except for Black Tortoise, Shen Xiang had seen other! But this Black Tortoise strength is very strong, especially may be called invincible in defense, Long Xueyi and his relationship are very good, in her eyes is a very strange old man. Um, is more careful!” Lu Qilian nodded, her present strength is not very strong, even if went useless. Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang leave the shop from fast passage, rushes in the direction that the roar transmits, at this time many people are also hurrying to toward there, is watches the fun. Black Tortoise should arrive at this Gods very much long time ago, if he does not have the accident, the strength is possibly same as Azure Dragon, now seemed like outside the city hits.” Shen Xiang said that although can the clear hearing roar, but Goddess City has not presented the fight fallout.