World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1853
The appearance of Black Tortoise made Long Xueyi very excited, after all was the old friend who her many years did not see, moreover now the strength is very strong. Just started also to have unceasing roar to transmit, but Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi arrived at city gate time, did not have the roar to continue to transmit. After they go out of the city gate, seeing many people to rush in that direction! Generally speaking, the Divine City nearby no longer has divine beast to exist, divine beast fears the hunter, was already hunted and killed up like Goddess City this big Divine City all around divine beast. Therefore now in Divine City a little True God of strength, hears the beast roar, immediately rushes to go out of town to have a look. The experienced person listens to know that this is very strong divine beast, otherwise the sound will not put on that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi with this group of people behind, are dashing about wildly in the direction that the sound conveys. The speeds of other people are not slow, like is that side has the treasure, dashing about wildly of trying to overtake each other in the past. Blocks him quickly, this is rare black tortoise divine beast.” The people hear anxious loudly shout to transmit together, has prepared fight. Several Profound God hear is the black tortoise beasts, cannot help but is excited, because this beast is very rare, if can catch, can definitely sell many divine coin, these Temple Heavenly God most like using this rare treasure beast, when mount. The Shen Xiang release space induction domain, quick induces to the thing enters his space induction comprehension, the speed very rapidness, must make him unable to catch the appearance of this thing quickly. On your this crowd of weeds, wants to catch me?” Only hears a ridicule to transmit, afterward the earth shakes, suddenly presents the dreadful flood in all directions, suddenly makes a big stretch of open land turn into one piece **, what is most fearful is this waters has a very strong suction, many people were submerged. Really is this strange old man!” Long Xueyi had been drawn the shuttle space by Shen Xiang, therefore had not been submerged by these water.

Black Tortoise has not appeared including the shadow, releases big water to submerge this crowd to want catch his True God Profound God, can allow him smoothly to enter Goddess City. Here only then Shen Xiang catch to the Black Tortoise trail, Shen Xiang has thought Black Tortoise is only the defense is powerful, has not thought that the speed and striking power are not weak in Azure Dragon. Shen Xiang is having the Long Xueyi shuttle space, suddenly arrives around city gate, enters in Goddess City. As can be seen, Black Tortoise enters Goddess City to avoid the conflict, can fight outside, however is not good in the city! However the premise is Goddess Palace Palace Master has enough deterrent force. If before, Shen Xiang thought actually Black Tortoise was safe, but he knows after Goddess Palace Palace Master has the issue, worries. Black Tortoise enters in the city not to continue to run, but is whole face danger(ous), clothes that leisure reorganization that wrap a little wrinkles. Black Tortoise is one looks like somewhat strange old man, the hair is black and white, chaotic is tying up at will, his eyebrow is very thick, the brow tip goes up, looks like very aggressive, his somewhat short, but also is a little fat, seems like a fat old eggplant, at this time his somewhat fat face is having the smiling face. He by that giant city gate looks the water that distant place that piece is surging crazily, laughs: Your this group of idiots, get what one deserves!” After Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi enter a city, caused the vigilance of Black Tortoise, Long Xueyi hastily has also released a aura, this let Black Tortoise immediately in great surprise, afterward on the face full was pleasantly surprised, when he wants to speak, Long Xueyi spits the tongue to him, has given him sound transmission. At this time wore the middle age of black clothed to enter the city gate, on the face full was anger: Your this old bastard, making you escape one time, but your other haughty, do not think that can have no more worries in this Goddess City!” Black Tortoise said with a smile: You with useless fellow , can only be obstinate argumentative. You are Middle-Rank Heavenly God, but I am only Low-Rank Heavenly God, these many years you could not catch me, you also feel all right to put that many smelly fart, this time you made me escape one time.”

Sees that middle-aged anger therefore, Black Tortoise Hehe said with a smile: Come, hits me quickly! Ha Ha, you do not dare, you fear here that group of women, Ha Ha...... Cowards!” That black clothed middle age corner of the eye is twitching, the anger arrives at the extreme, said maliciously: Is waiting to me!” Black Tortoise is Heavenly God, although he was chased down, but looked that his appearance as if crosses very natural. Comes with me!” Black Tortoise said with a smile to Long Xueyi, afterward swaggering was walking on the street, looked like toward one very lordly big stone house walks. That is a hotel, Black Tortoise familiar and easy is bringing Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi enters the hotel, and wanted a very good passenger compartment. little girl, has not thought that you are also living! The old man initially thinks that you died, but has cried for several days several nights.” Black Tortoise Ha Ha smiles, and has ordered the good dish, he knows that Long Xueyi likes eating very much. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Strange old man, you affirmed that drop of tears do not have the class, knows that deceives me!” Then, she starts to eat and drink extravagantly. Black Tortoise looks at Shen Xiang, said with a smile: „Is this your husband?” Long Xueyi will make Shen Xiang with coming, knows that relationship is not ordinary, therefore Black Tortoise such asked. I am Shen Xiang, has seen profound Senior Wu.” Shen Xiang said politely. „, You are Shen Xiang, my goodness!” Black Tortoise is somewhat accidental, then more careful is sizing up Shen Xiang, he stayed in Gods was so long, naturally knew the Shen Xiang's matter.

Long Xueyi said: Strange old man, Old Ice and Azure Dragon is out you to know?” Black Tortoise coldly snorted: Naturally knows, Old Ice now by God of Wealth, when the horse rides, old blue worm was more miserable, was infiltrated Divine Prison, does not know that anything lord knows when leaves comes!” Your this little girl now looked like cannot become any climate, Dan Emperor this bastard was killed by Plentiful God, big white cat bastard and Vermilion Bird ramble was merry, it seems like these enmity also can only by my incoming telegram.” Long Xueyi puts down the tray that just carried immediately, somewhat angry said: Who said that I do not make a name! When I look for the memory, regained the past supernaturally brave invincible condition, I flung the tail to be able you to make remnantly.” Black Tortoise has smiled immediately: little girl, has not thought you have also awakened these damn memory, but has not awakened evidently thoroughly.” Long Xueyi rouses the face saying: „Did your this strange old man also awaken these memories?” Black Tortoise laughs: Had already awakened, moreover is very thorough, otherwise my fate is perhaps same as Old Ice, was already grasped by Water Temple that old slut, when the horse rode.” Shen Xiang asked: A moment ago that black clothed middle age? Who he is, Middle-Rank Heavenly God hears!” Black Tortoise said with a smile: This fellow is the Plentiful God younger brother, he wants to catch me to give God of Wealth, letting God of Wealth can trade is riding me and Old Ice! This fellow caught me for a long time, was not each time successful, moreover I also intentionally made him think that was almost successful, leading him to run everywhere, has wasted his a lot of time.”