World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1855

Building up of Shen Xiang use source has succeeded to refine crazy Dragon Shengdan and Ba Tisheng pill, clashes mysterious saint pill regarding this he is also confident. Controls very strictly to the mysterious saint pill's sell qualifications, needs to obtain the agreements of several Dan God, once otherwise were discovered that that several understood the refinement will collaborate to cope with you to mysterious saint pill's Dan God. Therefore Shen Xiang must result in the improvement to mysterious saint pill, increases other herbs, enabling this pill to the mysterious saint pill's effect, but actually to mysterious saint pill, these Dan God could not look for his trouble. If wants to depend upon sell Saint pill to gain divine coin, now these types of Shen Xiang refinement were enough, the effect is strong, the refinement is easy, waits for these Dan God to compete with, herbs also will become very convenient. You continue to duplicate Mysterious White Saint Lotus, waits for Qianqian and Xiangyue comes out, if their alchemy is smooth, makes them refine white mysterious saint pill!” After Shen Xiang told, entered in competition, started to refine to clash mysterious saint pill! He must first be familiar to mysterious saint pill now, can improve. The refinement clashes the mysterious saint pill's material to be many, three High-Grade saint medicine, three low-grade saint medicine, sur- grain of white mysterious saint pill! If must improve, but must join two High-Grade saint medicine! In the refinement before mysterious saint pill, he must refine white mysterious saint pill! White mysterious saint pill is middle-grade Saint pill, naturally is a cinch regarding Shen Xiang, refined very much with ease, afterward started to refine to clash mysterious saint pill. Regarding Shen Xiang, the difficulty and Ba Tisheng pill, crazy Dragon Shengdan is similar, was only the process complex a point, because he found three High-Grade saint medicine and three low-grade saint medicine the spirit bloodlines of first, then and white mysterious saint pill mixed together.

Key point that the use source builds up has two, first in burning to build up herbs to seek for the bloodlines of spirit, and must find when certain time, because herbs Bai Fenlian excessively, the bloodlines of spirit can vanish. After second was to find, fused together all spirit bloodlines! And the first key point is quite difficult, especially the first refinement time, because familiar herbs when burning to build up any stage to present the bloodlines of spirit. If the second refinement, will be more relaxed! In the future words, but can also act according to own experience, releases the suitable firepower, burns to build up the opportunity that the bloodlines of spirit have all herbs fast all of a sudden, then the bloodlines of catch spirit fusion. Shen Xiang burns to build up with very weak firepower now, because burns to build up too will miss that opportunity quickly, causes to burn to build up will not discover that for a long time the bloodlines of spirit, can only from the beginning come finally. To succeed one time, therefore Shen Xiang has the patience, little burns to build up! He simultaneously is burning to build up six herbs now, moreover must very careful paying attention, look with source Spirit Eyes that this spends the mind and time. To mysterious saint pill is four mahatma pill one, is mainly the cultivate Spirit profound strength! But other three types, respectively has the wondrous use, effect very good, is many Profound God and thing of True God very affection, but also needs many divine coin to buy. Ordinary True God and Profound God, gain divine coin not to be easy! If no professional skill, can only have the assignment, does the danger(ous) matter to gain divine coin, but are not many! If Heavenly God, will gain divine coin to be quicker, but Saint pill to Heavenly God already not big use, what Heavenly God need will be Divine Pill, will be the expensive thing. ......

To mysterious saint pill is four mahatma pill one, if the Shen Xiang success transforms this to clash mysterious saint pill, the effect meets specific impulse mysterious saint pill to be good, then can substitute to mysterious saint pill, becomes new four mahatma pill one.” Lu Qilian looks at the gate of Shen Xiang that secret room, five days, had not opened. Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue came out, their successful refinements crazy Dragon Shengdan, the similar of quality and Shen Xiang refinement, they refine Naha body Saint pill now! Ba Tisheng pill be easier than crazy Dragon Shengdan, therefore they will not use how much time. Now Long Xueyi and Lu Qilian can do is concise elixir, then duplicates some low level herbs, prepares later large-scale alchemy. Long Xueyi said: Sister Qilian, if we do sell new four big Sacred Dan Gathering to be what kind of?” Lu Qilian said with a smile: Definitely can make our shops the well-known shop, now many shops do not have complete four mahatma pill! The Goddess Palace shop also only then one type, four mahatma pill's home remedies only grasp in the minority Dan God hands, these Dan God spread to control very strictly to these home remedies!” Has these home remedies Dan God, although is not the enemy, but will not appear by pill of own home remedy in other Dan God shops! Our purchases in the Fire God Palace's shop to mysterious saint pill, what Goddess Palace inside sells is what pill?” Long Xueyi asked: Previous time we go not to go to ask probably.” Lu Qilian said: If Goddess Palace has, I already bought! Mahatma pill named Soul Returning Saint Dan of Goddess Palace sell, is mainly used to treat severely wounded Divine Soul! If Middle-Rank Profound God, even is High-Rank Profound God Divine sea Divine Soul caused heavy losses, eats this pill to cure! But High-Rank Profound God needs to eat some to have the effect person.” This pill's quantity is few, only then Goddess Palace Pill Saint understands the refinement, pink clouds Pill Saint refines this pill to become famous! Soul Returning Saint Dan is very expensive, wanted four five hundred thousand divine coin one grains before, now bids seven eight hundred thousand not necessarily to buy! Pink clouds Pill Saint every other a period of time only refines several grains, only sold to with the Goddess Palace relationship good customer.”

Long Xueyi said: It seems like this Soul Returning Saint Dan home remedy is leaf Dan God passes to pink clouds Pill Saint, perhaps that Ye Qin also will refine, I always felt that this woman is not simple!” The Lu Qilian nod said: I also thought that after all she is the female of Dan God! Now can only wait for Shen Xiang they to refine a large quantities of Saint pill, changes the become god money this group of Saint pill, we purchase other three mahatma pill again, making Shen Xiang improve, when the time comes we exclusive control new four mahatma pill.” Four mahatma pill are also called mahatma pill, if there are able to compare favorably with these four mahatma pill, or is close four mahatma pill's levels, can call mahatma pill. That hasn't little rascal come out?” Liu Meng'er comes out from the room, Xue Xianxian follows in her behind, in their hands the jade bottle, they give Lu Qilian this jade bottle. Lu Qilian received the jade bottle, lightly smiled: Has not come out, should be quick! You grasped Life Slaughtering Technique initially, these elixir qualities are good!” Practices elixir that Life Slaughtering Technique comes out concise to duplicate herbs, moreover Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian are the Shen Xiang's women, therefore Lu Qilian is glad to teach Life Slaughtering Technique to them. Long Xueyi said with a smile: Repairs the refined into merit, but must look with little rascal......” Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian not too clear Long Xueyi's words, they do not know that the Life Slaughtering Technique fiercest place is double cultivation, is concise that mysterious purple bead through the way that the Yin-Yang coincides.