World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1856

Xue Xianxian was just about to closely examine Long Xueyi, Hua Xiangyue comes out from the secret room. I can also a furnace refine four grains of tyrant body Saint pill, you taste to look!” Hua Xiangyue smiles tenderly, spreads out jade palm, above has four grains of white Yuzhu. Long Xueyi said: I did not eat, eat did not have the big effect to me, I and you were different! You eat!” Lu Qilian, Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er took one grain to eat up separately, Hua Xiangyue also ate up one grain! Ba Tisheng pill does Saint pill to improve, does Saint pill only to strengthen the Divine Power intensity, but Ba Tisheng pill can strengthen Divine Power and physical strength with the gentleman, can the excavation of deep level the potential of hideaway, stimulate Divine Power and fleshly body most peak strength. Is very good, I felt that my Divine Power had strengthens little! Another efficacy quick integrates in fleshly body!” Liu Meng'er revolution cultivation technique, quick feels the tyrant body Saint pill's advantage. Xue Xianxian also nodded, said with a smile sweetly: „Hasn't the Qianqian elder sister come out? I also want to eat!” Just said that Wu Qianqian also came out from the secret room, heard the words that Xue Xianxian spoke a moment ago, her hastily walked, chuckle: „, Just drew a charge, gives a try what kind of!” Wu Qianqian refinement is also four grains of tyrant body Saint pill, looks like refines with Hua Xiangyue is the same. Then, Xue Xianxian their three ate up a grain of tyrant body Saint pill, Wu Qianqian also tasted one grain. Lu Qilian said with a smile: You refine and Shen Xiang's does not know one's place, you later can definitely become female Dan God.” Liu Meng'er said: Did not say Shen Xiang, light has your alchemy, our strengths can be increased quickly!” Xue Xianxian happily said with a smile: This may compared with staying in Goddess Palace good, in inside , to eat Saint pill, but must handle the exhausting matter! Has Sister Xiangyue and Qianqian elder sister here, we later had the oral administration.”

Liu Meng'er arrives at side Xue Xianxian, said with a smile: Xianxian, we cannot show weakness, we fine diligently promote the refiner ability, refines better Divine Weapon divine tool.” pills and Divine Weapon are the thing of making money, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian have the good foundation of basic skills in this aspect. Long Xueyi asked: „Did you give the little rascal refinement well divine ship? He all day is keeping thinking.” Liu Meng'er arrives by that day mysterious saint tree, is touching that snow white leaf gently, said: Was similar, to perfect, we must late a point be able to give him.” Stone Gate of Shen Xiang secret room opened, the females looked at the past immediately, saw only Shen Xiang to be dirty, clothes were burnt tattered, the hair was very chaotic, looks like very sloppy. Sees this appearance, females cannot help but tenderly smile. Hua Xiangyue asked with a smile: What's the matter? Exploded the furnace?” Shen Xiang curled the lip: You are really mindless, my this appearance, does not comfort me, said words anything that the point cares about.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Although distressed a point, appearance that but you cannot have an accident likely!” After Shen Xiang walks, females are cleaning up on him the chaotic place, but also puts out the clean silk handkerchief to clean his whole face dust the face. How?” Lu Qilian asked. Is taking care for several females carefully, in the Shen Xiang heart was very happy that said with a smile: Explodes the furnace, but No problem, I succeeded to refine, Hehe!” Shen Xiang put out four grains has been similar to emerald same pill pellet.

Was good, several days refine to come to mysterious saint pill.” Lu Qilian takes up one grain, placed under that beautiful nose to smell smelling. Genuine goods at reasonable prices does not certainly need to try the effect to mysterious saint pill, but Shen Xiang makes Lu Qilian eat up. Sister Qilian has eaten up one grain, here also three grains, can anyone of you give a try? Like this Saint pill who waits for you to contrast me to found how!” Shen Xiang haughty smiles. Shen Xiang besides refining to mysterious saint pill, unexpectedly also refines Saint pill who oneself found, this made Lu Qilian surprised, Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, because their clear this was not easy. Liu Meng'er is scratching the Shen Xiang nape of the neck following soil, said with a smile: I and Xianxian do not use. Qianqian and Xiangyue, you eat, you are alchemy, appraises well.” Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue eat up that to clash mysterious saint pill immediately, after they eat up, quick discovered that Divine Soul was being wrapped by silver-white light glow, this is to the god profound strength that mysterious saint pill brings. Hua Xiangyue said: We now are also not High-Rank True God latter stage Realm, therefore eats this pill somewhat to waste!” The Lu Qilian nod said: We arrived at this stage to eat again, if the quantity are many enough, we must become Profound God will be also easy.” After Shen Xiang sees they built up to melt the efficacy, puts out that Saint pill who he founded, this has improved to mysterious saint pill. How is the purple? It looks like with has very big difference to mysterious saint pill.” Wu Qianqian careful takes up one grain, places in the jade palm carefully to look. This pill deep purple, sends out quite strong purple light, if here is one piece jet black, purple light that then this grain of pill sends out can illuminate this hall. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is called purple mysterious saint pill, after I have not expected increased jade Yuan Sacred Fruit and day mysterious saint leaf, will turn into this, looks like this purple mysterious saint pill very perfect, this possibly is also the luck!”

After Hua Xiangyue their three females eat up, body unexpectedly reappears light purple fog, making them look like more beautiful. Wu Qianqian calls out in alarm said: How can like this? Is this Purple Qi? The purple god profound strength clash the mysterious saint pill's white god profound strength to be stronger than before!” Hua Xiangyue also surprisedly said: Not only so, I felt that my flame therefore had the change!” Although Lu Qilian frowned, but on the face actually full is pleasantly surprised: This possibly is Purple Qi Saint pill in Legend!” Shen Xiang also eat up one grain, on him also reappears light purple fog, but quick vanished, does not have Lu Qilian their three female stays for a long time. Has not thought that unexpectedly is Purple Qi Saint pill! Why I was strange most white herbs why to turn into the purple before, so that's how it is!” Shen Xiang laughs: Founds the home remedy really to need the luck!” Xue Xianxian asked: What is Purple Qi Saint pill? Divine Halo Saint pill I have heard, has Divine Halo Saint pill, this Purple Qi Saint pill and Divine Halo do Saint pill have the difference?” Shen Xiang explained: Difference is very big! Divine Halo Saint pill needs to refine with some techniques desirably, but this Purple Qi Saint pill is many herbs matches to perfect can produce Purple Qi! Generally Purple Qi appears in Divine Pill, Saint pill very little and very few, almost does not have, because has existence of Purple Qi Divine Pill, will therefore have the Purple Qi Saint pill's concept.” Hua Xiangyue then said: Purple Qi Saint pill is in the home remedy perfect situation appears, therefore the effect is also good! On this purple mysterious saint pill's effect, should to mysterious saint pill's over five times, as for the price...... Looked how Sister Qilian decided.” Lu Qilian said: Must sell two million divine coin one grains, moreover this is our market town Saint pill!”