World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1858
In the Feng Yujie heart nature clear these pill are Shen Xiang toss about, but Purple Qi Saint pill of Shen Xiang this causing was really extremely astonishing, she thinks exciting exciting Shen Xiang, letting Shen Xiang can study the home remedy, then founded. Has not thought that Shen Xiang achieves, moreover the procedure also compares to damage, improves others' home remedy, then fiddles with well. Pink clouds and Qin'er! You sell Soul Returning Saint Dan time must be careful, unknown origin do not sell!” But leaf Dan God Dan God of genuine goods at reasonable prices, he saw from beforehand crazy Dragon Shengdan that is from rising Yuan Saint pill improves. But now did Saint pill and is also improved to mysterious saint pill, he had suspected that some people can see the home remedy from Saint pill directly, then after the improvement, had own home remedy, can justifiable sold. If improved from now on pill to be very disappointing that, but was good, the effect compared with strong of actually, will therefore substitute beforehand these pill. Dawn, had been filled with the person in the far away shop entrance, comes oniomania Dragon Shengdan! Shen Xiang mixes in the crowd, pushed in the shop. Only then 500 grains of crazy Dragon Shengdan, does not know that can snatch to obtain.” old man sighed lightly: Previous time bought one grain to go back, helping me be busy.” Does not know that Naha body Saint pill and purple mysterious saint pill sell many, purple mysterious saint pill is very suitable I to eat, I am High-Rank True God, really needs this pill! Cannot buy to mysterious saint pill, moreover is also quite expensive.” Dominates body Saint pill does Saint pill, moreover compared with doing Saint pill also wants many effect, does not know that god writing shop will have any feelings.” Shen Xiang looks at the crowd with Divine Soul, suddenly discovered that surface obstructs the white gauze female, he can see this from that eye is Feng Yujie. Sister Feng, how did you come?” Shen Xiang hastily gives Feng Yujie sound transmission. Leaf Dan God also came, you make that big move not quite to be good, here has several Dan God to mix.” Feng Yujie said: That purple mysterious saint pill real?”

Naturally real, I have not thought that the luck so will be good, can refine.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: These time only sells 200 grains of purple mysterious saint pill, if you cannot buy, I can deliver you in private.” „Is pill who must sell you refines?” Feng Yujie asked that she and leaf Dan God one line of together, leaf Dan God released a pressure, making all around person to give way to traffic, is worried to anger this big god of unknown origin. „It is not, Xiangyue and Qianqian have a refinement! Can build up with Heaven Refining Technique, your if wanted study? I can teach you at any time.” Shen Xiang said. Temporarily does not use!” Although Feng Yujie said that but innermost feelings actually vacillated, because Shen Xiang such relaxed alchemy , because uses Heaven Refining Technique. Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian can learn, she naturally also! The people, Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi have to open all store fronts, so as to avoid the street was remembered watertight. Shen Xiang yelled: Crazy Dragon Shengdan does sell? Many divine coin grains! When opens sells, I came Goddess City to be very long.” Sees Shen Xiang to work as the request, in the Feng Yujie heart is laughing in one's heart, if because of concerned about leaf Dan God they, Feng Yujie will not help one another in secret. Lu Qilian replied: Three hundred thousand divine coin grains! Because herbs is limited, therefore the price be higher than before! Ba Tisheng pill is 15 ten thousand divine coin, as for purple mysterious saint pill...... This is our market town Saint pill, needs two million divine coin one grains! If the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, definitely will not dislike expensively.” Beforehand crazy Dragon Shengdan is only two hundred thousand divine coin, now unexpectedly rose hundred thousand divine coin, this command many people have cancelled the thought of purchase. This in expected of Lu Qilian, but if wants truly, will not care to be many hundred thousand divine coin. I take a grain of purple mysterious saint pill!” In the crowd suddenly has middle-aged shouted.

Middle age of this frontline propaganda is not others, is that Dan God. Feng Yujie hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: This fellow is leaf Dan God, I do not know that he is up to mischief, but he is not a good-for-nothing, therefore does not need to be worried that he will wreck the event.” Shen Xiang hastily told Lu Qilian, making her deal carefully. You are today open a shop the first customer, therefore we bestow your grain of tyrant body pill!” Lu Qilian lightly smiled, drives out purple mysterious saint pill who that purple light sparkles from a jade bottle, although that thick god profound air/Qi has flashed before the flash, but makes many High-Rank True God two shine. Needs five hundred thousand divine coin to mysterious saint pill, purple mysterious saint pill needs 2 million, but the effect truly clashes mysterious saint pill's five times, top to the mysterious saint pill five grains, therefore this is very cost-effective. Leaf Dan God walks, received a fine jade box, he opens, only then, that purple mysterious saint pill's pill wells up fragrant once more, but also is only the flash, because that grain of purple mysterious saint pill had been eaten up by leaf Dan God, sees only on him to reappear light Purple Qi. However maintained the flash to vanish! Lu Qilian said affectedly: Senior, you should be Heavenly God Realm...... Even is stronger, because Realm is higher, Purple Qi that the body overflows maintains the time to be shorter, if Profound God eats up, can maintain the small moment time, like you, had Heavenly God!” Leaf Dan God has not answered her words immediately, but knits the brows, feels that to emerge his Divine sea purple profound strength, although he is serious, but in the heart such as the mighty waves sea is ordinary, he was shocked by this purple mysterious saint pill! Purple Qi Divine Pill originally rarely seen, leaf Dan God have not seen, but actually knows that who refines, what is concrete is knows! But Purple Qi Saint pill that theoretically exists, today he not only saw, but can also eat! Purple mysterious saint pill comes anything not to affect to this Heavenly God, but he is very clear this pill means anything, the effect truly wants specific impulse mysterious saint pill strong more than five times! Sees the father to be silent, Ye Qin and pink clouds Pill Saint also purchased one grain to eat up, afterward fell into to be silent during abundance, they had deep attainments alchemy master in the alchemy aspect, therefore in the heart was clear this purple mysterious saint pill the component, this can be called existence of king of Saint pill absolutely.

Good pill!” Leaf Dan God long sighed: Can tell me, which Senior is refines? This can be called the King in Saint pill!” At this time Shen Xiang shouted: Dominates body Saint pill is very good, the effect does Saint pill's two times, moreover can strengthen fleshly body, only sells 15 ten thousand divine coin, was really too convenient, perhaps bought to hand over to sell can also gain one!” Shen Xiang disguised to buy a grain of tyrant body Saint pill a moment ago, after eating up, is shouting on loud voice. I take ten grains of tyrant body Saint pill.” Another old man also shouted, because he also just ate up Ba Tisheng pill. At this time the people noisy crowd opens rushes, after all has the beforehand crazy Dragon Shengdan reputation again, therefore in everybody heart has approved this shop of unknown origin, although cannot afford the king of that Saint pill, but can buy crazy Dragon Shengdan and Ba Tisheng pill is also good, if the fame were big, perhaps can also rise in prices, when the time comes hands over to sell to be able to gain. Then, leaf Dan God very speechless looks that this flock of wolves yell crazily are wanting many grains, purple mysterious saint pill also has sold more than ten grains. Feng Yujie suddenly gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Li Zhonghan came, moreover brought two title Pill Saint of his, the future is bad!” Out of the door some people were shouting wild with joy: Dominates the body Saint pill really above the price in value, explodes that to do Saint pill several streets.” Does Saint pill is Li Zhonghan the treasure of god writing shop market town, now had been exploded, Li Zhonghan cannot sit still, hastily brings two title Pill Saint to have a look.