World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1859
But Li Zhonghan the Plentiful God son, he comes Goddess City to open the shop also especially to be supported two title Pill Saint by his father, on the one hand can gain selects divine coin. Moreover is he must pursue Ye Qin, but this also obtains his father to support, after all that is the Dan God daughter, if can pursue to naturally is the good matter. But this month, the business of his shop is somewhat dreary, because after Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi distribute these leaflets, wanting the people who purchases to do Saint pill to wait for that Ba Tisheng pill opens sells, if such as in the propaganda so is really good, definitely will not choose to do Saint pill, moreover is purchases Ba Tisheng pill. Does Saint pill is Saint pill who god writing shop takes only gets rid, these years sell very well, refines saint medicine very convenient that needs, therefore made Li Zhonghan gain much. However, Ba Tisheng pill's appearance, quite Yu Duan his source of income, although his father is one understood that makes divine coin small God of Wealth. However comes across this matter to make him quite not be feeling well, issue that this not only has made money, but makes in his heart stop up the air/Qi, because Ba Tisheng pill and his dry Saint pill look like very much, clarifies is ruining his advertisement. Shen Xiang to Lu Qilian sound transmission, told her Li Zhonghan to come! Before they expected that this Li Zhonghan may come, because Ba Tisheng pill from doing Saint pill improves, after Li Zhonghan knows, definitely will make a point anything. „Isn't this Li Zhonghan of god writing shop? This Ba Tisheng dangan book captures the dry Saint pill's business, he arrived here now, looks possible.” This Ba Tisheng pill really and does Saint pill to look like very much, especially strengthens Divine Power time, simply and does Saint pill to be exactly the same, but compared with doing in Saint pill some.” Does not know that who this Ba Tisheng pill is refines, should according to doing Saint pill evidently has improved!” Li Zhonghan arrives, the people whisper to discuss.

Leaf Dan God brings Ye Qin their three to withdraw from outside the crowd, has not left, they must have a look what happened. Li Zhonghan seems like calm, has not been in a towering rage, but everyone can see that he is finds fault. Dominates body Saint pill? I had not heard this Saint pill, which Dan God is this founds?” Li Zhonghan stands in front of the Naha body Saint pill's crystal box, in very crowded shop, at this time became sparse, many people withdrew from the street, was worried that will hit to affect itself. Lu Qilian including saying with a smile: This truly is new home remedy refines, the person who founds the home remedy is not Dan God, is only Pill Saint, falls far short from Dan God that Realm!” Lu Qilian such remarks, the people discussed surprisedly how many Dan God here especially hid that is unbelievable, if founded Ba Tisheng pill, then before crazy Dragon Shengdan, as well as can produce Purple Qi purple mysterious saint pill also stems from the hand of Pill Saint? Pill Saint can achieve, then later became Dan God must? Li Zhonghan is false smile, coldly looked at Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi: You were extremely modest! I always thought that your tyrant body Saint pill plagiarizes our dry Saint pill, in Gods, this triggered the Pill Dao big death anniversary, must severely be punished!” Hears Li Zhonghan these words, the people in abundance nod, even if the accident obtains the home remedy, if can not arrive at the home remedy holder's authorization, at will sells pill who this home remedy refines, that consequence is serious.

Lu Qilian is still maintaining the beautiful charming smile: Good, but has eaten Ba Tisheng pill should be able to feel profoundly, Ba Tisheng pill and does Saint pill's difference very big, although includes dry Saint pill's all effects! So long as the brain does not have the problem clear, these two pill are not same! So long as is not same, has not offended the Pill Dao big death anniversary.” Long Xueyi then said: Saint pill are many, has similar effect pill also to have many, this is as we all know, this Ba Tisheng pill and does Saint pill to have something in common is very normal, moreover are many strengthened the fleshly body effect, this simply has not embezzled to do the Saint pill's home remedy.” Old Li board, your question in reason, if not believe that I present as a gift you a grain of tyrant body Saint pill to taste, you are also the person of bright affair.” Lu Qilian gives a Li Zhonghan grain of tyrant body Saint pill with a smile. Li Zhonghan receives to eat up, after feeling and does the Saint pill's difference, he has to put out 15 ten thousand divine coin to hand over, he is the child of Plentiful God, the demeanor must have. Although he cannot like this consider as finished, his behind old man walks up, the complexion is not quite attractive, looks like somewhat ominous. Dominates body Saint pill I to eat, according to my experience, I can distinguish to do saint medicine that Saint pill uses! Therefore this is the embezzlement does the Saint pill's home remedy, this matter I will inform my Master to come, he is Dan God, does Saint pill is he founds.” Lu Qilian walks from the counter, lightly smiled: Old Mister you are so fierce, can eat herbs that contains to come from Saint pill directly, the girl admires really! But even if this, does Saint pill is still does Saint pill, Ba Tisheng pill or Ba Tisheng pill, both not same Saint pill.” Another middle age said fierce: You embezzled have done the Saint pill's home remedy, do not sweet talk!” Then, this middle age to outside crowd shouted: Everybody on the scene, I knows that has much is the alchemy master, the fellow who refines these pill has to look through the home remedy the ability, if we do not stop them now, later met with a disaster is your adept home remedies!”

Now was very obvious, purple mysterious saint pill is plagiarizing to mysterious saint pill, Ba Tisheng pill is plagiarizes us to do Saint pill, today must process them, otherwise they will become a Pill Dao major disaster.” The smiling face on Lu Qilian face has been short of several points, in the heart is angry, before her sound already not, was so polite: „If not buy Saint pill, then please walk, we must continue to do business! The words that causes trouble again, do not blame us not being impolite!” Li Zhonghan said with a sneer: Is impolite? Can you also be what kind of? Embezzles our dry Saint pill, offends the Pill Dao big death anniversary, we must take you today, deliver to audiences Temple to place on trial.” Shen Xiang could not repress, pushes in crowd slowly, is walking toward the shop in! Feng Yujie has paid attention to his sound, seeing him to take an action, hastily shouted: Shen Xiang, do you want to do? Relax, I ensure cannot make them act unreasonably here! You must restrain surely, do not stir up trouble here! Qilian they must develop in the future here, must result in this pass/test, I believe that you have means solution this matter!” Shen Xiang also really wants to pass and that Li Zhonghan does one, not only because of the present matter, before , Plentiful God cuts to kill the Dan Emperor big enmity! Does Saint pill, although is good Saint pill, but actually insufficient perfect, far inferior Ba Tisheng pill, let alone Ba Tisheng pill embezzles your home remedies, if has embezzled, then the effect should doing Saint pill is weakly more right, Ba Tisheng pill is the girl founds, I should be able to prove.” Wu Qianqian walks from the staircase, stance is very graceful, although the voice is gentle, but is bringing light might, but her frown and smile are bringing the warm gentleness, making one think that she was a woman, immediately gave people a very mysterious feeling.