World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1860
Sees Wu Qianqian to appear, Shen Xiang also depresses the impulsion in heart, otherwise was unable to blow fighting intent in his heart depending on Feng Yujie that several words. If ordinary face, but after is Lu Qilian and Long Xueyi they are found fault by others now, he in the one side looks the own beloved woman encounters this besieging, in the heart angry incomparable, if he is High-Rank True God, may kill reckless. Lu Qilian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Does not use, here gives us, we can control the aspect, you look at that's alright in side!” Lu Qilian had also known about the Shen Xiang's temperament, otherwise for many years Shen Xiang will not hold that many basket, kills that many reputation illustrious great people. Hears the Wu Qianqian superficial these words, the alchemy masters who here hides do not believe that founds Ba Tisheng pill's unexpectedly is a female! Did not say purple mysterious saint pill, even if the ingenuity that in crazy Dragon Shengdan contains, that at least also needs many years can achieve, is not Pill Saint can achieve, let alone that can live Purple Qi purple mysterious saint pill. You acknowledged finally! Everybody looked that Ba Tisheng pill embezzles our dry Saint pill.” Li Zhonghan to people yelled. Wu Qianqian said with a smile: Girl may not have to acknowledge, the Old Li board do not make slanderous accusations against others, if not believe me to compete with these two Senior at the scene, you refine dry Saint pill, I refine Ba Tisheng pill!” Gave up any idea, Saint pill who refines the home remedy, is this possibly in front of these many people to build up?” That Pill Saint shouted. You cannot, I be able!” Wu Qianqian said: Or you said that we do want to do to make you satisfy? Gives you our home remedies?” Li Zhonghan and that two Pill Saint could not speak. Wu Qianqian continues saying: You compete with alchemy not to dare at the scene, actually dares to keep on proclaiming we embezzle your dry Saint pill's home remedy! Whether now I can say your dry Saint pill has embezzled our tyrant body Saint pill?”

Dominates body Saint pill's effect firm fleshly body and Divine Power! But does Saint pill to strengthen the Divine Power effect, this very obviously is only Ba Tisheng pill effect half, your alchemy master no talent, therefore can only ascertain Ba Tisheng pill's some home remedies, therefore can only refine to do Saint pill!” In the crowd some people answer saying: „, The embezzlement does the Saint pill's home remedy, how possibly compared with doing Saint pill will also be better? Moreover is not the good least bit, overall high a level! Even if there is dry Saint pill's shadow, but has this level is also very rare, with doing Saint pill simply does not have any relationship to be right.” Good, according to looked like this that does Saint pill to plagiarize Ba Tisheng pill to be right, only then half effect.” The aspect one reversed, Li Zhonghan has not thought that the opposite party was only several women, unexpectedly such, now they made a false countercharge. Is the man compares with others, the continued proportion does not dare, kept on proclaiming here states decisively others to embezzle your home remedies, but also the if wanted face, did not buy pill to hurry, we must buy.” Here man is numerous, sees Lu Qilian their several females by the Li Zhonghan unreasonable oppression, could not tolerate! Now Lu Qilian them rational, saw that is Li Zhonghan intentionally finds fault, the people naturally speak this side the reversed image. You......” Li Zhonghan is somewhat angry, they almost can agitate here alchemy master a moment ago, which knows Wu Qianqian that suddenly braves, changed the situation in a few words. Li Zhonghan shouted: Good, our scene compared with a furnace, if you use to do Saint pill's all herbs, is you embezzles the dry Saint pill's home remedy!” Wu Qianqian said with a smile: „Doesn't big of world, possibly have the coincidence the matter? Let alone is I suspected that now your dry Saint pill has embezzled Ba Tisheng pill's home remedy!” „Before doing Saint pill is I 3000, home remedy that founds, is not any good home remedy, but truly is unique, at least three Dan God on the scene can testify! I can definitely do the Saint pill's home remedy before you . Moreover the refinement does of a congealing sparkling stone Saint Saint pill's main herbs is colored, is because does Saint pill to cause to appear in the market condition, before may not have the congealing sparkling stone Saint to be colored.”

The sound that suddenly presents, making in the Li Zhonghan heart shake, wild with joy, because he knows that was their here Dan God comes. But this Dan God Dan God of God of Wealth palace, was a moment ago that two Pill Saint Master! This is Dan God Lan Yi!” Feng Yujie gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. After hearing the sound, the people in all directions wait and see, seek for this Dan God trace, but this Dan God actually already in shop, moreover stands in front of Li Zhonghan. This is one wears the middle age of blue clothes, the look is ordinary, but has one out of the ordinary makings, the body also leads a gang of light pill to be fragrant. Is Dan God Lan Yi of God of Wealth palace!” Some person of whispered. Wu Qianqian said: Worthily is Dan God Lan Yi, saying that does not abstain from does one of the Saint pill's main herbs!” Dan God Lan Yi indifferently said: This had nothing to abstain from that a little skill alchemy master, somewhat can see a way from these Saint pill slightly, then improves, this is not the shameful matter! Therefore they said that you embezzle the dry Saint pill's home remedy, must carry on the serious penalty also extremely to create a scene.” Lu Qilian lightly smiled: Dan God Lan Yi, since is the person of bright affair, then this time arrives at this to finish today, we must open the door to do business!” Dan God Lan Yi said with a smile pale: This is not good, this young miss said a moment ago my dry Saint pill embezzles your Ba Tisheng pill's home remedy, I may refuse to accept!” Wu Qianqian said with a smile: This also asked Dan God Lan Yi to forgive, the girl acknowledged that Ba Tisheng pill truly obtained some inspirations from Senior dry Saint pill.” Dan God Lan Yi has put out pill furnace: You said uselessly, people other on the scene do not believe that they think the young miss is because feared that I therefore admitted defeat! Therefore today you must with me compared with a furnace, making everybody has a look at both in any event whether has the similarity, as for with, did not make everybody evaluate.”

This Dan God Lan Yi is iron core must with the Wu Qianqian competition, is not he intends to like this, he is curious Naha body Saint pill is Wu Qianqian founds really? If can refine Ba Tisheng pill, then purple mysterious saint pill is also the Wu Qianqian refinement, had not arrived at Dan God to have this level, whose outstanding disciple his very curious this is. Purple mysterious saint pill may be called the king of Saint pill, can refine purple mysterious saint pill's Pill Saint, without doubt is also the King in Pill Saint. Other leaf Dan God and hideaway two Dan God here also want to take a look, because through watching the alchemy technique, could see Wu Qianqian's to transit the discipling from. „The girl revealed shortcomings!” Wu Qianqian also puts out pill furnace, her unexpectedly must compete with alchemy with Dan God. Shen Xiang also thinks that Wu Qianqian will turn down, when refines Ba Tisheng pill needs to put out herbs to come, when the time comes everyone can see, that is three herbs and does Saint pill to be exactly the same! He also knows that the Wu Qianqian clear this situation, will not make this mistake, he can only continue to look! Saint pill who it seems like later refines cannot embezzle others' home remedy, the terrible business are too many! Meets reasoning with Dan God luckily.” In the Shen Xiang heart decided secretly, later founds the home remedy again time, must have own characteristics, is out of the ordinary.