World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1861
Does the Saint pill's home remedy regarding Dan God Lan Yi is not anything, therefore he dares to be in front of people to put out the refinement to do Saint pill's saint medicine, that several taste medicines truly are Shen Xiang familiar several. Wu Qianqian also puts out herbs, except tyrant body Yun Er, several other Shen Xiang does not recognize, Dan God Lan Yi does not know that is any herbs. In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts very much, wants to ask that what very much Wu Qianqian these are, can be used to refine Ba Tisheng pill? Wu Qianqian's pill furnace turns on the cover, searches with Divine Sense can know that in has the thing, now is spatial, moreover this pill furnace is not good pill furnace, compared with Dan God Lan Yi must miss far. Dan God Lan Yi started to be on fire alchemy, many alchemy masters stare the big eye to look that hopes can ascertain the home remedy, but they know that herbs enters the news foreword of furnace, is unable to grasp the opportunity. Because they are unable to induce to the Dan God Lan Yi pill furnace internal fire control clearly, only if can see pill furnace clearly, feels any change, may steal the home remedy. Therefore in many alchemy Master Yan, before Li Zhonghan them , is creating a scene, because the burglary home remedy was too difficult, is the absolutely impossible matter. Wu Qianqian's builds up the principle to be astounding, because she puts in pill furnace other tyrant body Yun Er and herbs same time! Generally Saint pill of home remedy refinement like this, saint medicine will not enter the opportunity of furnace is very strict. Leaf Dan God whispered: I know that inside has Ba Tiyun the ear, other that several types of herbs I do not know to have anything actually, is very difficult to believe that this home remedy is this little girl founds.” Looked that her appearance does not have what pressure, she faces, but Dan God Lan Yi, this type calm is not the ordinary alchemy master can have, it seems like her background is very big.” Pink clouds Pill Saint said. Wu Qianqian obtains the Shen Xiang's inheritance, what use is in Heaven Refining Technique building up of source, this building up law speed is quick, and has pill to be many, does not need to run off massive herbal Spirit Qi. Dan God Lan Yi has put in all saint medicine, moreover reaches the last act, he starts to reveal the part herbal Spirit Qi! With the Shen Xiang guess is the same, even if Dan God, if with conventional building up law, must result in the dependence to reveal herbal Spirit Qi to maintain the balance of many medicine air/Qi, can make many herbal Spirit Qi melt!

Shen Xiang according to the medicine air/Qi that Dan God Lan Yi overflows, can estimate that he also remains many. Has Dan God of given name worthily, this furnace can leave the pill two grains, was quite rare!” In Shen Xiang heart dark startled, but he knows that this competition definitely is Wu Qianqian wins, but on slow will plan on the speed. If Pill Saint refines to do Saint pill, a furnace can only a grain, moreover requires very long time, but Dan God Lan Yi is only the less than half double-hour, started to concentrate pill, this speed be faster than time other Pill Saint. Good!” Dan God Lan Yi lightly smiled, although smiles very pale, but actually appears very self-confident, probably was saying that isn't little girl? I can win with ease! Wu Qianqian smiles elegantly simple: Dan God Lan Yi, so with ease has really refined a furnace to do Saint pill, the girl admires!” Dan God Lan Yi said with a smile: I can wait for you, is not anxious!” Wu Qianqian is not really anxious, she continues to close eye alchemy. Stands in Dan God Lan Yi behind two Pill Saint face haughty appearances, those who probably win is they, but that Li Zhonghan is a face despises looks at Wu Qianqian, in the heart thinks to vent anger. Wu Qianqian used half double-hour to open pill furnace, the speed that she refined be slower than on one time Dan God Lan Yi, as soon as she opened pill furnace, that Li Zhonghan on said with a sneer: Challenges Dan God is really overestimate one's capabilities, now you should clear be any level!” Lu Qilian said: We are certainly clear we are any levels, having no need for you saying, moreover we did not have him to challenge Dan God Lan Yi.” The Dan God Lan Yi complexion is serious, Wu Qianqian pill furnace opens, his Divine Sense sweeps, discovered that inside unexpectedly uses four grains of tyrant body Saint pill! Ba Tisheng pill's effect be better than his dry Saint pill, he acknowledged this, therefore Ba Tisheng pill also compared with doing Saint pill slightly good High-Grade Saint pill!

Saint pill of this rank, if not for Dan God, very difficult furnace to build up two grains, let alone four grains, but Wu Qianqian actually builds up four grains now, although the time was slower. I lost!” Dan God Lan Yi sighed, then has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Wu Qianqian: Admire! Admire!” Dan God Lan Yi said that leaves on the floating body, afterward only hears his severe loudly shout: Your three have not walked quickly!” Have not responded Li Zhonghan and that two Pill Saint to the present that Dan God Lan Yi unexpectedly admit defeat, moreover walks sufficiently hurried, obviously does not have the face to continue stay here. The people are not clear, takes out four grains of tyrant body Saint pill to give Lu Qilian until Wu Qianqian from pill furnace, yes what's the matter! Dan God Lan Yi can only refine two grains with herbs, Wu Qianqian can actually refine four grains with one, although the time is Dan God Lan Yi two times, but Dan God Lan Yi, if must refine four grains to do Saint pill, needs with the Wu Qianqian similar time, but Dan God Lan Yi actually uses two herbs! Therefore Dan God Lan Yi lost in this aspect! Dan God Lan Yi is defeated, this matter spreads immediately insanely, making the reputation of shop bigger, although did not have the name this shop to the present, but the people have actually remembered here! Because Wu Qianqian has won Dan God Lan Yi, therefore Dan God Lan Yi walks, the people start money Gousheng pill, is only the half-day time, Saint pill completely sold-out. Has sold these many all of a sudden, if it seems like next time wants a day to sell-out, many and other a period of time were good.” Lu Qilian quits work, is taking inventory divine coin. Shen Xiang hastily runs back the shop, after arriving in building, hastily inquired Wu Qianqian: Naha body Saint pill do you refine? These herbs are not right!” Wu Qianqian said with a smile lightly: These herbs by Sister Qilian change shape, here had much spare!”

herbs can also change the shape! Shen Xiang some do not believe looks to Lu Qilian. Is Life Slaughtering Technique, Life Slaughtering Technique does not think like you that simply, besides concise elixir, other wondrous uses.” Lu Qilian said with a smile: I early expect will come across this matter, therefore before me, has made, but changes the shape color, will not affect alchemy!” Shen Xiang raises up the thumb to Lu Qilian, praised: Is future Divine Country Empress, the method is worthily good!” Lu Qilian coldly snorted: „If no no recourse, I am disinclined to play this method! If I am competent, causes trouble greeted him with the fist directly!” Long Xueyi said: little rascal, you do not have fight luckily, that Dan God Lan Yi hides in the crowd, was seized to trouble by him.” Now we had divine coin, can not need to worry, then our alchemy eats to oneself!” Lu Qilian said: And other fame spread, a half year has refined one batch again, moreover continues to rise in prices to sell.” Shen Xiang by a chair, said with a smile: You now are Chief Big Sister, all you arrange!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly: We have tried hard for almost two months, has gained more than 600 million divine coin.” Dan God Lan Yi has carried the somersault, but other Dan God do not dare to laugh at him, was also very clear because of them then situation, if traded to do is they, perhaps was also same! A Wu Qianqian furnace refines four grains of High-Grade Saint pill, this was really too astonishing. Some Dan God also think of anything, because of long ago, there is this fierce alchemy master, but that alchemy master is grasping Heaven Refining Technique!