World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1863
This group of people not from Goddess Palace, because in Goddess Palace is the females . Moreover the clothing also has the characteristics, moreover at present in this group of people major part male, the female has more than ten, but that is not the Goddess Palace disciple. This Ye Qin should be comes out, is she doing!” In Shen Xiang heart curious, he waited for more than half double-hour, has not had anything, toward going to the direction of place of trial walks. Since he drops the blood after that Supreme Temple trial sign above, in his mind has a map, will direct him to go to the place of trial, now he has a direction, does not know the place of that trial probably in any position. Shen Xiang dashed about wildly for several days not to meet anything on a piece of wilderness, this place made him feel that likely was the deathtrap, although there is the air/Qi of good Spiritual God, but did not have any vitality, was not the desert is the open land and bare rocky mountain, could not see any flowers and plants trees. When he thought very tastelessly, rear area suddenly hears transmits running bang the sound, like is ten thousand beasts dashes about wildly. He looks back immediately, such as in his heart thinks, really has the massive ominous beasts roaring hiss while dashes about wildly, curls up billowing mist and dust, is similar to the sand storm sweeps across. These are different divine beast, this different divine beast cannot change the turn into a human shape, but has and True God Profound God equally formidable strength! The crowd of different divine beast that now you see, the strength should have Low-Rank True God this!” Long Xueyi said that in incomplete Divine Soul that she awakens, is many memories. Over a thousand these many . Moreover the type is different, should not be the migration!” Shen Xiang looks that piece rolling sweeps across the flying upwards dust that comes, suddenly sees to know how things stand a form to fly. This made him surprised, because in this group of people had two him to be quite familiar, Ye Qin and that Li Zhonghan in inside! But before this group of people are also him , that crowd of meeting, at that time he was curious they to do, now he resembled suddenly to understand, actually was waiting for this crowd of different divine beast. „It is not right, they are are not hunting and killing different divine beast, but was the person who......” the Shen Xiang discovery ran out of that dreadful sand dust has dozens, Profound God also has been short of several. They are becoming a fugitive!”

Shen Xiang understands immediately that this crowd of strange beast and Ye Qin they were being pursued by any formidable fearful thing! Hides quickly first!” Long Xueyi said: Different divine beast spirit awareness is keen, realized that has danger(ous) to approach, will run away ahead of time, so large-scale becoming a fugitive, it seems like really has any fearful fellow to pursue them.” Shen Xiang displays 72 Transformations, turns into a small stone to hide in the distant place, Jing Jing (quietly) is waiting for that crowd of different divine beast and Ye Qin they are far away. Roar!” The beast roar that shocks very together transmitted suddenly, shakes the stone of ground to jump, Shen Xiang had a scare. This is any thing is calling!” Shen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi. This...... Probably is convulsion divine beast, is strange beast one, the strength is similar to Heavenly God, the shape like the wind, hides in the cloud layer generally, real shape nobody has seen.” The Long Xueyi's sound is bringing panic-stricken: Deals carefully, do not let this fellow discover that no wonder Ye Qin they will run.” Several Profound God died, let alone Profound God, even if Low-Rank Heavenly God, perhaps also can only run, this convulsion divine beast is really extremely formidable. Shen Xiang sees the sky to have a very big thick cloud to flutter fast, that is convulsion divine beast, has fluttered time, will send out roaring hiss once for a while. The past more than half double-hour, Shen Xiang changed the human form, long took a deep breath: Here should be away from Goddess City to be very far, Ye Qin and that do Li Zhonghan run to do?” They should be hunt and kill different divine beast, the beast core beast blood of different divine beast can be used to refine Divine Pill! The Ye Qin father is Dan God, Li Zhonghan also needs to give the Dan God Lan Yi collection material! With should have many people who Ye Qin comes, but is leaf Dan God calls, is not Goddess Palace.”

Shen Xiang nodded , to continue to go to the place of trial, he is not the plan really goes to trial now, he wants to approach that place, then cultivates there, becomes by oneself Profound God goes again. He the direction that the direction and Ye Qin they flee is different, therefore he will not worry that can meet convulsion divine beast. Shen Xiang ran the less than half double-hour, suddenly had discovered that had any thing with him, if not for he released the space induction domain, is unable to discover! Xueyi, has the thing with me, have you discovered?” Shen Xiang asked. Had not discovered! I use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to have a look.” After Long Xueyi's has awakened the remnant soul, Divine Sense is very strong, be stronger than Shen Xiang, but if meets the concealment ability very strongly was hard to realize. The Shen Xiang slowing the tempo vanguard, Long Xueyi also discovered not long has the thing with him, but she has not seen clearly, Divine Soul that because she releases will want to approach, the bewildered powder. This fellow is not strong, why does not know must with you, moreover likely is not humanity.” Long Xueyi said. Although currently did not have minacity to Shen Xiang, but by any thing, being made in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well. Night, Shen Xiang entered a mountain scene forest, he left that wilderness finally, arrives to have the mountain to have the water place! The stars of sky are very bright, cause in the forest are not very dark, moreover in the forest has can release light glow Hua Hua in the night carelessly, made in the forest gorgeous, bright with many colors. Was the time!” Shen Xiang locking tracked a he all day that thing, suddenly teleport in the past.

That thing hides, in a piece sends out in the purple light flowering shrubs, Shen Xiang past time, only sees a white light to fly to shoot suddenly, leaps up to a big tree. This thing unexpectedly can know in advance that his way, made him surprisedly, he looked to the branch of that big tree, finally saw this is any thing. This unexpectedly is a very adorable small white cat, the body also has a snow white wing. Meow meow!” The small white cat called several, the flutter wing to fly several around the big tree, afterward stopped on that branch. What thing is this? The strength is not strong, but maintaining life method is very good.” Shen Xiang sees on the wing of small white cat to reappear a clear white light, is very attractive, he is careful looks, actually in the feathers of discovery these white light slow entry wings. These are only the star light, this little thing is absorbing the star light.” Shen Xiang is surprised, Gods the star light is unusual, does not absorb very much easily, even if has absorbed, is also very difficult to build up the strength of stars. Long Xueyi said: Really is this thing! This little thing should be called Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, has very mysterious relation with the star moon/month, can absorb star moon power with ease, other I am not clear, in brief is not very strong.” Little thing comes!” Shen Xiang puts out low-grade Sacred Fruit, this Sacred Fruit named star spirit Sacred Fruit, is mainly absorbs the star light to be able adolescence, regarding Shen Xiang, this is only a very delicious fruit. After Shen Xiang puts out star spirit Sacred Fruit, small white cat meow called one, ordinary that attractive white wing flies, stops on the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill, is nipping that star spirit Sacred Fruit.