World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1864

Understanding of Long Xueyi Moon and Stars Mythical Beast are not many, only knows that this is very unusual divine beast, strength is very weak, but has the abilities in other aspects. Little thing, why you with me, did not fear that I did cook you?” Shen Xiang feels the small head of small white cat, Hehe smiles. The small white cat meow meow called several, like life Qi/angry, because heard Shen Xiang to cook her. Cannot eat me, I am not delicious.” Small white cat unexpectedly spoke, sound is very small, the voice is very thin, likely is the voice of young girl, she worried really Shen Xiang will eat her, flying like lightning leaps up to that tree. Is quick, I do not eat you! You why with me?” Shen Xiang smiles shouted. The small white cat flew, lies on the Shen Xiang's big hand, was saying with that careful voice: I want to work with you.” What to cooperate?” Long Xueyi also ran, but that small white cat had not been frightened, she already knows probably Long Xueyi's exists. I can find divine medicine, but danger(ous), I am hard to that place all the way very much, but you can! I direct you to go, the thing when the time comes obtains we divide equally, then you must lead me to the safe place.” The small white cat jumped to the Long Xueyi's bosom. Long Xueyi is hugging this adorable small white cat, is unable to put down is stroking, said to Shen Xiang: This possibly is her special capability, can seek for divine medicine anything.” The small white cat said: Is the star tells me, therefore I know that the star also told me, pursued me greatly strangely, but I hid, but also discovered you, I came with you.” Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang are suddenly enlighted, actually chases down Ye Qin their convulsion divine beast unexpectedly is this little thing directs. That divine medicine that you said where?” Shen Xiang asked: „Do you that trust me?”

Naturally does not trust, therefore we must make a star contract.” The small white cat lifts small claw, presented spirit pattern formation. Extends your hand.” Small white cat sweet and delicate voice song was shouting. After Shen Xiang extends, has decided any star contract with little thing. Now leads me to go, earlier goes to be good to that place.” Shen Xiang sharply is going to the place of trial. Um, but there danger(ous), you died very much do not have blamed me.” The small white cat squats to sit in the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang attempt makes the small white cat enter Hidden Jade Ring, but she does not go, finally can only let her outside, moreover her spirit awareness is formidable, must leave compared with the Shen Xiang's space induction domain, no wonder she dares to fly everywhere randomly. Little thing, do you have the name?” Long Xueyi was inquiring, she wants to give others to have that type to be long and coarse name. Naturally has, I called Yue'er.” The words of small white cat make Long Xueyi think that the good several names abort. Shen Xiang hugs the Yue'er cat continuously to carry on space teleport in mountain forest, the speed very rapidness, overnight passes through this peaceful forest. According to the direction of Yue'er, Shen Xiang led her to run very far road, deviated his actually route, to obtain that divine medicine, he did not care. You have not said danger(ous), several days, safe.” Shen Xiang sits on a stone, looks at all around quarry stone, here has had great war obviously, these every large or small different stones, violently fly from distant place that piece of rocky mountain.

The Yue'er flutter wing, circles sky over Shen Xiang, said: Only then that place danger(ous), this all the way is very safe! However you control space strength, will be very when the time comes easy to take that divine medicine, does not need to care about this, this is also I chooses with the reason that you cooperate.” Shen Xiang is resting at this time, he will be consumes within the body 30% strength to rest generally one time. For serveral days, the Shen Xiang experience to the unique element of this Yue'er cat, is the induction energy is first strong, can be induced clearly by her in hundred li (0.5km), person and beast that if had danger(ous) beyond the thousand li(500 km) existed, she can also know. Then when is the night, she can absorb star moon power to practice fast, but she cannot have formidable strength by herself, can only strengthen the special ability. Is her speed very rapidness, even if Heavenly God wants to catch her not to be perhaps easy, because of she also very strange abilities, the matter that can foreknowledge next have instantaneously, this seems the strength of Law of Time! So long as gives her the time, as soon as flickering, she can run away with that fearful speed, this is also the reason that she dares to run around. Yue'er, what divine medicine are you in that? If ordinary divine medicine, you should be able not to handle!” These days that Shen Xiang and this small white cat are together, knows that this little thing looks like adorable, but actually lived was very long, has very high wisdom. With the minute of law of your humanity, that is middle-grade divine medicine, is a tree, above bloomed four flowers, I do not know that your humanity calls anything, in brief the use is very big.” Yue'er said: However surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) very danger(ous) of this tree.” Shen Xiang rests each time takes two double-hour, this is to guarantee one have the sufficient energy and best condition. His closed eyes sits cross-legged on a giant stone rests, suddenly hears the tender shout that Yue'er is alarmed: Hides quickly, some people are approaching.” Shen Xiang is holding Yue'er immediately, hides under a big stone.

Airborne has several multi-colored sunlight also to fly to shoot at this time, the speed is extremely fast, but Shen Xiang or catch to person's shadow. Do not exit, behind also has.” Yue'er just said shortly, behind really presents dozens shadows, has flown like gust, is slower than front that several. After the moment, Yue'er said: Has troubled, the direction that these fellows go to is the place that divine medicine is, these fruits are just about maturity, was that tree already discovered?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Flies to be in forefront that several Dan God, one is Dan God Lan Yi, the strength is very strong.” But that flew in the past dozens people, he also saw Ye Qin and Li Zhonghan, they should go to that divine medicine. We are hopeful, these fellows are not easy to obtain that divine medicine, a bit faster hurries along.” Yue'er shouted: Your speed, although compared with front that several slow, but they must open a road also to require the time, but also with enough time.” Shen Xiang brings Yue'er to continue to dash about wildly, but he said the directions and that several Dan God that are different, Yue'er must make him detour, simultaneously this can also avoid being discovered by these Dan God. Night, the star light is somewhat gloomy, but Yue'er actually appears very excited. Was front!” The Yue'er flutter wing flew, the front is one piece full is ancient forest of great tree, each big tree reaches as high as thousand feet (333 m), the bough is thick and stiff, connected that the innumerable crowns block the sky, is covering the earth, in the forest hangs the massive rattan, the rattan is sending out the light green rosy cloud, is similar to the hanging lamp is hanging in the forest, making the forest fill luminously in the dark night.