World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1865
So long as in front of stepping into this piece of ancient forest , means that will face very fearful danger(ous), but person who Shen Xiang actually very likes take risking. Careful, you protect yourself with your space strength, should not be discovered that otherwise is very difficult to escape.” Yue'er was urging Shen Xiang, she flew, squatted to sit on the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang enters the forest, immediately induces to a weak unusual energy, fluctuates in the air, he guessed that this energy will possibly produce spirit awareness, once there is any thing to appear in this forest, will alarm forest inside master. Small kitty, this forest inside fellow fierce?” Shen Xiang asked in a soft voice, he has space domain, the sound will not pass to outside the domain, did not need to be worried to alarm to that fearful thing. Is very fierce, before being very long, is famous in your humanity, hastily should call this fellow for convulsion divine beast! I before because intrudes here, was pursued very long long journey by this fellow.” Yue'er also knows that space domain can isolate with outside, but she spoke was very low voice. Before Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi, meets that convulsion divine beast, Ye Qin their group and that troop different divine beast is pursued by convulsion divine beast. Fellow who actually can turn into Yun Yiyang, what this convulsion divine beast main body is, have you seen?” Shen Xiang steps out, straight is walking forward, occasionally can hear whistling the hanging cane that the rumor, in the forest shines is swaying, is similar to the band of light flutters generally, is attractive. Has seen, the main body is one group of things! Previous time he blows out a rumor to pursue me, if his main body gets rid, perhaps I will have danger(ous).” In Yue'er that tiny sound is bringing panic-stricken: „The wind that he blows is equal to his main body, still has strong striking power.” Late at night, Shen Xiang cautious and solemn is moving under water, the wind in forest was probably getting bigger and bigger, Shen Xiang has not felt in space domain, but can actually see the branches and leaves of great tree to sway, the one side grass of illumination leaps as well as these fluorescent flowers of ground is blown curved arrives. „The fellow moved, convulsion divine beast usually was Jing Jing (quietly), so long as moved to produce the wind, from the degree of this gust, he was somewhat hot tempered, possibly was that several Heavenly God that before passed makes him feel the threat.”

Yue'er just said that the sky hears a roar. Roar!” Deafening howls to wear out Shen Xiang's space domain, almost shakes the powder his space domain, the strong winds sweeps across to come in the forest, the lime soil was blown from the deep place by the strong winds, whirls away the flowers of these sending out rays completely, the branches and leaves of some great trees broke off. Shen Xiang stable good space domain, not to have been swept, but had a scare, because he in the forest, distance that convulsion divine beast is very near, convulsion divine beast bellows to release own clone, strength erupts fearfully so. Good fearful fellow, my space domain almost ruined.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath , to continue to release space power to reinforce space domain, in order to avoid convulsion divine beast continues to go crazy. Yue'er said: It seems like convulsion divine beast this time got angry, he little will roar in this forest, that several Heavenly God should approaches his lair.” Soon, convulsion divine beast that rock the earth roaring hiss spreads once more, Shen Xiang early is prepared, therefore was almost not shaken the loose domain energy like the previous time. Shen Xiang starts teleport, because Yue'er told him, convulsion divine beast had the possibility and Dan God Lan Yi very much they hits, therefore he must a bit faster approach that divine book to take off Divine Fruit. Li Zhonghan and Ye Qin they with coming also to plan that selected Divine Fruit while this time, if went late, it is estimated that Divine Tree did not have. Puts with ease, we can go well quickly, convulsion divine beast not, only then oneself, that crowd of little rascal not necessarily will immediately also go well in the past! You must keep cool, cannot be flustered, this can control good space strength, takes these divine medicine.” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to go all out forward teleport, urged several.

Shen Xiang not hurried, he to be safer, will therefore pick up the speed to rush to that Divine Tree, he does not want to go in vain. After approaching, he can see front to present purple light, hangs the cane with great tree these azure light together illumination forest, is beautiful. Was front!” Shen Xiang saw that to send out the purple light great tree, as if the King stands erect generally in the forests. With is the same, here that Yue'er said only then several Divine Fruit, this Divine Tree many years will tie time Divine Fruit . Moreover the quantity are few. Has four!” Shen Xiang saw these Divine Fruit, if four purple stars are hanging on the big tree. All around hears an intermittent noisy fight sound, convulsion divine beast left this tree to cope with that several Dan God, the convulsion divine beast subordinate here resists Li Zhonghan they. After locking that four Divine Fruit, Shen Xiang use space strength, grasps void, has made four Divine Fruit, puts in Hidden Jade Ring. Also at this time, convulsion divine beast sent out thunderclap neighing, as if had realized that Divine Fruit was taken! Walks quickly!” Yue'er urgently was shouting. Shen Xiang just took Divine Fruit, saw Li Zhonghan one line to clash, they also know that Divine Fruit on tree was taken, at this time the eye was red, wielded Divine Weapon in fight, roared is firing into Shen Xiang.

The flash, Shen Xiang vanishes before them, but convulsion divine beast actually went crazy at this time, roaring hiss. Shen Xiang is far away from that Divine Tree quickly, that several Dan God knew that Divine Fruit acted swiftly to get there first, in the heart is also very angry, moreover they have not known that is who takes, now makes them take the rap. Withdraw!” Divine Fruit was not, these Dan God do not continue with the convulsion divine beast dogfight, they such for a long time are unable to defeat convulsion divine beast, can explain that convulsion divine beast is powerful, even if continues, is only mutually wounded. Li Zhonghan they bring to nurse hatred the evacuation, they catch up, had been chased down the foundation by different divine beast, consumes many pills, finally is actually such a teasy result. Shen Xiang has been far away from that forest, but he can still hear that the Heaven-shaking roaring hiss sound that from resounding through the horizon hears, sounds to think that shocks. Walks quickly, was far away from here to say again that several Heavenly God now want to walk cannot get away, enraged convulsion divine beast thoroughly is not jokes.” Yue'er urged Shen Xiang, making him not stop, in order to avoid encountered the unnecessary problem. Shen Xiang dashes about wildly toward the place of own trial, Yue'er did not say anything, in brief was far away from that piece to make her frightened forest that's alright. Five days later, Shen Xiang stopped, because the front is giant waters, likely is not the sea, moreover is tranquil, the tranquil water surface looks like very black, is black makes the will of the people live the fear, as if will jump to be been ordinary by endless dark devour.