World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1866

Shen Xiang and Yue'er in the shore look that the front black lake was in a daze the period of time, remembered them to assign the beforehand harvest. divine medicine that takes from that forest is a fruit, eats with alchemy directly, with is the same, is middle-grade divine medicine that Yue'er said that is also one of the very precious divine medicine, needs the hundred thousand year result maturity, matches other herbs, can refined into different Divine Pill. Before Feng Yujie taught the massive pills knowledge to give Shen Xiang, therefore he very knew about this purple Divine Fruit now that the named Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, contained nine different effects, matches other divine medicine to appear, needed the home remedy to be able with this Nine Surprising Spirits fruit to refine nine different unusual Divine Pill. Your two my two, we reached an agreement before.” Shen Xiang places the ground the two Nine Surprising Spirits fruits of fist size, Yue'er this small white cat looks like did not have these two fruits to be so big, she very excited flutter wing circles at this time on these two fruits. Looks at this morality moral character, like Long Xueyi this gluttonous Little Dragon! Saying with a smile of Yue'er tender dī dī: Cooperation is happy!” Shen Xiang nodded to her, asks: „Do you eat these two fruits now?” Yue'er is swinging that small head: Naturally is not, I must eat in the breakthrough again!” Shen Xiang just wants to ask how when she must hide these two fruits, actually saw her nape of the neck suddenly to present a silver collar, Yue'er meow meow called two, that two Nine Surprising Spirits fruits dodged to disappear. Silver ring that her nape of the neck presents suddenly, very obviously is storage equipment, moreover can of stealth, before Shen Xiang, had not discovered. Shen Xiang and this small white cat cooperate are truly happy, moreover this small white cat is also very good divine beast, perhaps so long as like and her together, can find good divine medicine, this made his suddenly not want with the small white cat to separate.

Yue'er, you alone drift about to be very lonely, if wanted and my together?” Shen Xiang asked. Yue'er flew several around Shen Xiang, had considered, replied: Good! However do not put in me the ring on your hand, I cannot stay in that place, will die!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, Yue'er can with his that's alright, but he is curious: Why enters in storage equipment you dead?” Yue'er lies on Shen Xiang's, said: My physique is quite special, if enters in storage equipment that this type refines, I will cause internal space avalanche, but whose I will also die with space avalanche! Only if divine object that the world breeds, otherwise I will not go.” Shen Xiang is looking at front that boundless black waters, float, said: Yue'er, I should not have the issue in the water surface, you know where this waters are?” Does not know that at present I had not felt any danger(ous), you continue to proceed that's it.” Yue'er for many years also lonely roamed about many years, met Shen Xiang this comparison to make her satisfy rarely, and is not considered as that too bad humanity, therefore she also wants now with Shen Xiang together. Two Nine Surprising Spirits fruits that obtains, Shen Xiang made Long Xueyi eat one, after having to eat to rest this assigns Divine Ability Long Xueyi finished eating, starts to sleep, does not know when she can wake up, this eats entire middle-grade Divine Fruit! Where do you want to go? Fluttering of aimless?” Yue'er saw where Shen Xiang resembles the strategic place to go to be the same. Shen Xiang had not replied immediately that he was considering if wanted told Yue'er, he worried that Yue'er knows after trying of Supreme Temple practiced, will run away in fear. Said quickly!” Yue'er enhances the voice, but her careful voice again high, same charmingly gentle voice.

My truth told you, I must participate in Supreme Temple trial, will compare danger(ous), before trial I will make you leave first.” Shen Xiang teleport several times, was unable to see the shore, he and Yue'er float in the sky of black lake water, looks downward that blue black giant lake looks like a huge bottomless pit. Yue'er hears this words, immediately meow neighed: „Didn't your this fellow, how early say?” Shen Xiang sighed: You have really heard Supreme Temple trial! Ok, I do not force you, after all that is a very place awfully!” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: Said me very much to fear death to be the same, regarding other people, Supreme Temple trial truly very awfully, but I actually did not fear! Moreover I knew about Supreme Temple trial, if you told me earlier, perhaps I can help you prepare, can make easier to cross this trial!” Your courage is also very big, the Profound God strength, dares to carry on trial!” Shen Xiang some did not understand that her words, asked: „Do I tell you not to be late now? You can also help me prepare, moreover I do not plan to go to trial now, I planned that approaches the place of trial to practice a period of time again.” Yue'er flies the left shoulder from the left shoulder, said: Late, you now entered the place of trial, this place should be the place of you trial first pass/test, after you tread, this lake will vanish, in other words you entered in the trial space!” What?” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm, he does not want to enter ahead of time, now he understands that this lake is why strange, has not thought that unexpectedly is the place of trial. trial that Supreme Temple supposes is mysterious, trial is all sorts of strange and unusual, therefore you asked that these through trial, the experience that obtains are also useless to you.” Yue'er grasps the Shen Xiang's shoulder with the small claw, said: Does not need too to be worried, although your strength is very disappointing, but this trial establishes according to your own strength, you such already came also to have very big superiority!” Shen Xiang suddenly is curious: Yue'er, how do you know that many this trial matters?”

Yue'er snort|hum said: Do not ask that this is my matter, so long as you know that I will help your that's alright.” Shen Xiang thought that perhaps this small kitty is Supreme Temple runs, may be inside these Highest God pets. Why will my strength difference have very big superiority? Before I come, many people said that my strength is too weak, simply not through the trial possibility, because these very formidable Heavenly God died in trial.” Shen Xiang from Heaven Punishment God and Demon Execution Heavenly God mouth knew that their apprentices and sons are outstanding, the strength and they are almost the same, even some compared with them, die in trial. Yue'er said: They understand anything, they also do not have personal trial! Naturally, comes in trial ten to have ** is that type is unable to break through the fellow of bottleneck, is because this causes them to come but not return! Therefore for these years through few of trial, almost does not have, therefore also nobody knows the trial details.” Actually trial must break through in trial with emphasis unceasingly, for example trial of your first pass/test matches your present strength, when you want to break through through the first pass/test! trial content that because under closes, after is matches you to break through strength! If you are unable to break through in the first pass/test, even if your next pass/test can support, is unable to support the third pass/test, the fourth pass/test!” Now Shen Xiang understood, if eternal truth Yue'er said that these arrive at Heavenly God peak Realm, the breakthrough is difficult, therefore such pass/test, before prepared not to be full, cannot support several to close dies.