World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1867
Shen Xiang unknowingly entered the place of trial, starts to carry on unknown moreover very danger(ous) supreme trial! In he just flew into sky over black lake shortly, he with the place that Yue'er was, suddenly presented a troop person a moment ago! Under these dozens human feet has a giant disc, this is the Teleportation Formation plate, moreover high level that can the directional transmission. Presents the group of people here is really that several Dan God as well as Li Zhonghan Ye Qin they! Strange, should be here, but around this nobody?” On formation plate must old man stroke steadily gently is lying the snow white squirrel on his hand back, this squirrel psst was calling. Was your treasure snow Divine Spirit mouse induction makes a mistake?” Dan God Lan Yi said: We come also even if, moreover the opposite party definitely does not know.” That must old man shake the head steadily: You induce carefully, here is remaining the aura of Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, will not be absolutely wrong!” Before actually Shen Xiang, divides two Nine Surprising Spirits fruits to Yue'er time, that snow Divine Spirit mouse ten thousand-mile away induces, several Dan God brought Li Zhonghan they to come. Hides in the space?” Leaf Dan God looked at the front that stretch of open land, knits the brows: „Is good strange feeling, the front is hiding a space? This space aura was extremely also strange.” After Shen Xiang enters that black lake, the black lake vanishes on this lands, with Gods space separation, these Dan God that therefore just transmitted have not seen Shen Xiang. „The writing, you guard here, only then you recognize that fellow, must find him!” Dan God Lan Yi said. Qin'er, you also stay here, we go back to relate knowledge space strength Heavenly God first, making them have a look.” Leaf Dan God has patted the shoulder of Ye Qin. Ye Qin some do not want, because of her does not want with Li Zhonghan together, this motion to be several Dan God collaborates, therefore she can with other Dan God apprentice children together.

...... Shen Xiang since knows after one entered trial inside, does not dare to wander about aimlessly, because he wants not to be ready now. That map also has big long journey to walk, I just did not take many roads, started trial!” Shen Xiang was complaining, because this deviated his plan. Said that you have very big superiority, you now are only True God, if you after this first pass/test, can promote a stage, the next pass/test was easy.” Yue'er said: That map is tries to practice the map of field, you arrive according to the map finally, even if through trial, can enter in Supreme Temple.” Shen Xiang also can only brace oneself to proceed to now, he simply does not have the escape route! Now what to do then I can?” Shen Xiang asked: What can you provide to help to me?” This Yue'er cat knows that many have the matter about trial, this made Shen Xiang think with ease many. Yue'er said: I can help you see through some traps, otherwise you fall into these traps to have a headache, these trap not danger(ous), but is very irksome! For example you rush behind, so long as falls into a trap, from the beginning has come.” This trap truly drift, if can avoid being certainly best. Obtains supreme trial are not many, but majority that obtains are the Heavenly God peak, overcomes an obstacle to need to break through the rapidness, that crowd of Heavenly God come not to live.” Yue'er said: You cannot fear now, wants to be confident, otherwise is very difficult to pass trial!” Shen Xiang nodded, at this time he was more self-confident to himself, has then deferred to the mind the instruction of map, went forward to a direction. The Yue'er flutter wing flies, follows in Shen Xiang behind, maintains the distance with him, because of this trial very danger(ous), she, if approaches Shen Xiang, will be attacked.

Had the thing to appear!” Yue'er just reminded Shen Xiang, the Shen Xiang under foot suddenly extends a black big hand, holds a Shen Xiang ankle. Shen Xiang wants to screen out the foot, the discovery is actually hard to move, but behind this time has one cold murderous aura, he displays space power immediately, may not have a little effect, space power to expire here. Snort!” Deicide Sword appears in the Shen Xiang hand suddenly, he wields a sword to pull up rapidly, bursts out together Sword Qi, cuts off that to catch the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator of his ankle tightly, Deicide Sword simultaneously the rearward detachment. He saw that to attack his thing is anything, unexpectedly is persons head! This persons head paint black, hair dance, tooth blood red, eyes turns purple, is fearful, at this time is opening fully that is the big mouth of sharp tooth, that black tongue is similar to the sharp thorn, thorn to his stamina. That tongue must prick throat shortly time, the Shen Xiang's sword has divided, opens, sends out working as the resounding sound this persons head, this persons head unexpectedly is firm. Shen Xiang has a lingering fear, if responded a moment ago again slow little, own throat must such as the tongue of sharp thorn be pierced by that if that mouth bites, can cut by biting his throat, perhaps also will absorb his blood. Yue'er!” Shen Xiang shouted, that persons head has disappeared, held the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator of his ankle also to vanish a moment ago. Yue'er in own side, actually suddenly has not seen a moment ago now, this made Shen Xiang somewhat worry. Was sneak attacked a moment ago, Shen Xiang became very vigilant, he could not find Yue'er, can only continue to go forward, is flying on the black lake water, he just flew the small moment, suddenly induces to having the thing appears. This time is two black arms, flies from the two sides, the speed is quick, the flash on detain his two wrists|skills, making him unable to move. After both hands locked in stubbornly, Shen Xiang frowns tightly, wants to make an effort to work loose, but actually discovered that could not allow him to think, because suddenly presents two legs, one after the other, toward is coming rapidly.

This attack is quick, therefore Shen Xiang does not have the means that back and front simultaneously maliciously was leaping up, he only thought two extremely wild energies after formerly, entered his body, moreover attacked together, impact erupted in his within the body instantaneously, wreaks havoc his fleshly body internal air/Qi to be dirty, making him be in deep sorrow. Bastard, the pain died!” Shen Xiang sank to roar, at this time that two legs flew from the distant place, the imagination attacked him a moment ago same, but this time he actually fierce jump got up, has avoided this attack, moreover he has also worked loose that two evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulators. In a moment ago that instantaneous, Shen Xiang uses hard and soft in Seven Demon Killings type changes, becomes with the meat by own bone very soft, making his arm turn into the muck to be the same, can catch evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator in stubbornly to pull out rapidly from that two. Has supreme god bone fortunately, otherwise that struck a moment ago can my fleshly body crushing.” Shen Xiang locks that two arms, wields a sword on, the personal appearance like the shade, flies to that two arms that is just about to vanish, Deicide Sword to wield, Seven Demon Killings type first cuts. The time and strength change, making that two arms not feel the process, had been divided piece by piece fragment by the Shen Xiang's quick sword. This fellow is really formidabe!” Shen Xiang looks at that rapid reassemble fragment, scolded one lowly, wields the palm to strike, one silver flame fierce spraying, cover the flesh lump that these soon combine. I build up you!” Shen Xiang uses Heaven Refining Technique to add on his World Creating Fire, burning of being relentless builds up that pair of arm. Quick, that two arms vanish in sea of fire! Shen Xiang just took back the flame, actually hears the appalling shout: Also my hand!”