World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1868
Shen Xiang turns head, saw that to with the tongue pierce persons head of his throat a moment ago, but this persons head had the complete body, but has lacked two arms. This person is very high, wants the high two heads compared with Shen Xiang, the whole body is the black, has the towering fierce muscle, the eye that a black uncombed hair dance, Shenao is getting down braves two groups of purple light, that very incisive tongue became soft, is licking that jet black lip. Has not resulted in, but I can make you with your arm same!” Shen Xiang receives Deicide Sword, at present this evil person, the body can separate, but undying, moreover moves is free, even if were chopped the fragment also to be able rapidly to restore. Could not cope with him with the normal method! Shen Xiang revolution Divine Power, the body fluorescence sparkles, the under foot left one Tai Chi Diagram, revolves slowly, has a suction. Comes to suffer to death!” Shen Xiang bellows, the under foot Tai Chi Diagram flame fierce violent gets up, the suction that has is stronger, that hanging evil person was pulled instantaneously by this suction. Tai Chi Diagram revolves immediately rapidly, the silver-white flame zone the pure and holy ray, is covering Shen Xiang and that evil person. Too extremely builds up!” Shen Xiang Heaven Refining Technique coordinates World Creating Fire, burns to build up this evil person crazily, completely vanishes till this evil person! After eliminating this evil person, Shen Xiang shouted the one breath lightly, at this time he also saw Yue'er, actually fought a moment ago time, he was suddenly entered in a space. That fellow was not a moment ago fierce, but the speed and strength are very fearful!” Yue'er said: Your method are really many, making me broaden the outlook!” Shen Xiang discovers own strength eventually insufficiently, if gives him again time, grasps many Demon Execution Heavenly God and Deicide Sword Art, will not be strenuous.

How to pass through the first pass/test?” Shen Xiang asked that he looked from that map that many roads must walk. I am not clear, in brief you walk according to the route of map, come to the end to pass, therefore you are careful on the road.” Yue'er stops on Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang said: I do not walk, first cultivates?” Yue'er shakes the head saying: „It is not good, if you resident time are too long, beforehand thing will brave, will return to you just to enter here time, here all will restore initial!” This made the Shen Xiang headache, stayed cannot stay, does not know when was a head, moreover breakthrough bottleneck that must keep. Yue'er said: I have means that you can the slow advance, walk that's alright step by step, so long as you do not stay, the time from newly will not start! However this to you helpful?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Has!” He puts out Godhead, devour later integrates in his Divine sea, uses Heaven Refining Technique to build up this Godhead in Divine sea, absorbs massive Divine Power. If not the present situation is so anxious, he will directly not use Godhead like this, he plans Godhead refined into pill, this can be easier to absorb! His devour the Godhead is True God Godhead, Divine Power of internal implication in he uses Heaven Refining Technique to build up, quick was absorbed by him, causes Divine Power sea fierce tuck dive in his Divine sea world, Divine Power continually increases, massive Divine Power develop Divine sea! Divine sea expands unceasingly, Divine Soul can by many Divine Power nurturing, be able to absorb the essence that massive Divine Power send out! Such one, Divine Soul can also be easier to transfer magnanimous Divine Power, the revolution is free!

Shen Xiang is walking step by step, he walks very slowly, because he must practice, after devour that Godhead, he has only used for several days, steps into Middle-Rank True God Realm, but that Godhead many Divine Power had not been built up. Shen Xiang stops cultivating, because Yue'er has said that in a pass/test, match trial strength will strengthen, if he promotes to be too quick now, he is unable to break through the bottleneck to trouble to behind. On the road, before he meets two, that evil person, moreover is one by one fierce, that especially the rear meets, almost wanted his life, although can defeat that evil person finally, but he now also already leaning body scale wound! Finally passed this pass/test!” Yue'er looks that the front that desert said: „A actually environment is a pass/test, will then be getting more and more difficult!” Shen Xiang nodded, eats up to restore the injury saint medicine, the slowing pace vanguard, restores wound! Continues to practice!” Shen Xiang walked the moment, the injury restored similarly, was some body wounds, can recover quickly. His devour that Godhead has not built up, but he is clear, that has not built up Godhead cannot help him to break through present Realm! Hello, how don't you walk?” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to stop, very has doubts. Shen Xiang built up that True God Godhead, but he has not broken through now, before he very had the pressure facing that evil person, but following is definitely fiercer. My also True God Godhead, after I absorb, should be able to promote to High-Rank True God, but this need time, therefore I cannot continue again.” Shen Xiang said: From the beginning has come, returns to that lake, there thing is not too fierce!”

Shen Xiang thinks, if he stayed to break through here, even if the time from the beginning has come, making him return to that lake to deal with three evil people, his pressure did not have. Yue'er curls the lip saying: Idiot, you, if broke through, you return to that lake! When the time comes trial strength matches your High-Rank True God, in other words, you through lake pass/test! Arrives at this desert, the strength of trial faces is profound Divine Level other! You left were too naive, this supreme trial may not have such big loophole.” This made Shen Xiang stand suddenly, in heart worried, his suddenly thought that even if were ready before, the pressure that now faces was also equally big. Yue'er said: Must be confident to oneself, this desert inside fellow should be the High-Rank True God strength, although you now are Middle-Rank True God, but your method are many, certainly can deal with, but after going out of this desert, you also make the best use of the time become Profound God, otherwise under pass/test on danger(ous)!” Now Shen Xiang a little rejoiced, if that type arrives at the Heavenly God peak, expert that is hard to break through comes, has supported at most also the second pass/test, the third pass/test must die, because the second pass/test was too other Divine Level strength, but the third pass/test certainly compared with the second pass/test, should be the Highest God Realm second stage! He has put out that True God Godhead devour, he does not know that this desert big, he can only with every effort while going out of this desert steps into Profound God Realm, otherwise under him closes on very danger(ous). This is supreme trial, must enter Supreme Temple to result in can withstand this severe trial!