World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1869

Shen Xiang walks intentionally very slowly, because this can win more time to build up that Godhead to oneself, he now is the Middle-Rank True God strength, but he will face High-Rank True God demon here. He enters the desert, after walking several hundred, Yue'er flew to be far away from him. Has the beforehand experience, Shen Xiang knows that this has the thing to approach the Yue'er sensation to the, will leave his, this explained that he must fight, now also has to stop building up Godhead. In the black lake of front that pass/test, is that four limbs that he meets can separate the evil person of body, but thing that this desert presents, even if not that evil person, definitely also compares that evil person to be fierce. Shen Xiang waited for a while same place, does not have the thing to attack him, moreover he can also see to fly Yue'er of distant place, if before is, he meets the attack, will fall into a special space, fights to relieve that space until him. Came!” Yue'er shouted, Shen Xiang presents an vortex on the visible front sand, yellow color light glow spurts together from that vortex, presented a yellow clothes man. unexpectedly that this pass/test presents is a normal person, the body does not have what evil aura, making in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat lose, if the thing of that type of Evil Devil, he used the Seven Demon Killings type is very easy to cope. This yellow clothes man eyes that braves from the ground fills ice-cold, when he sees Shen Xiang only has Middle-Rank True God cultivation base, reveals belittling that disdains to smile. Can arrive at this pass/test to be good, no wonder will send me to come, actually is your such fellow carries on trial.” The yellow clothes man is sneering, puts out golden long spear. Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: You are not very strong, Profound God is not, but High-Rank True God! Has not thought of you to be able in Supreme Temple, but was dispatched to come to here, you in Supreme Temple should also be only the small role!”

Shut up, waste!” The yellow clothes man is angry immediately: What do your this ordinary people know? You should be cultivate the refined into thousand over ten thousand years, but I just 20 -year-old, I since childhood grew up in Supreme Temple, obtain many supreme Highest God directions, your this ants dare to look down on me!” Shen Xiang is truly surprised, 20 years old have this cultivation base, this is very astonishing, this made him to Supreme Temple more curious, he thought in Supreme Temple should have many this young people. My duty is to deliver you dies, you are best to coordinate, I do not want to waste the too much time on you.” The yellow clothes man shook long spear in hand, the fierce thorn, the lance point lowers in the Shen Xiang's forehead, the point sparkle, momentarily can pierce the Shen Xiang's head. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I come to here am for trial, I want successfully to pass, or you coordinate my, you go back your, I continue my road, whose like this we will not waste the time on body.” Snort, does not want to make my [gold/metal] male god spear|gun stain the blood of your this fellow really!” A yellow clothes man face is impatient, Divine Power moves, long spear in hand dodges fiercely, a greatly strengthened penetrating power wells up from the lance point, the spear head also forward punctures, the speed is quick. Before, the lance point and Shen Xiang's forehead were also separated by a finger, this yellow clothes man thinks one this struck goes well surely, which knows after he punctured, actually saw Shen Xiang pale getting down gradually, this unexpectedly was only phantom that water vapor turned into. Shen Xiang before shunt, he now knows that this yellow clothes man is the stop that Supreme Temple arranges he! In trial, unexpectedly will have Supreme Temple inside expert to come, if day Divine Level other, that is more formidable, he is clearer, day Divine Level other how came trial dead. Small trick!”

The yellow clothes man confirmed quickly the position of Shen Xiang hideaway, the personal appearance in a flash, appeared in front of Shen Xiang, long spear in hand also punctured, instantaneously is several hundred, fierce thorn past long spear was similar to the illusory image covers, sound xiū xiū from out of the blue made noise, if were stabbed, the body will be surely tattered and torn. Although Shen Xiang avoids, but also by that thorn Qi Energy gives to affect, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor has resisted majority of strong Divine Power, but actually also therefore damages, turned into one pile of fragments! Although the yellow clothes man is arrogant, but the strength is actually strong, Shen Xiang does not dare to be negligent now, looks at that to follow oneself many years of Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor abandonment, in heart unavoidable moved, what are more is angry! This fellow, since is Supreme Temple sends, his duty must stop me to go forward, must make me die! Such being the case, I must through trial , can only make him die is good.” Shen Xiang calls Deicide Sword, the complexion becomes very serious. This tattered, unexpectedly can also resist I 90% strength!” The yellow clothes man looked armor piece that tread that pile breaks to pieces, cannot help but sneers: You know that now I had multi-, obediently suffered to death, I ensure cannot make you have any pain.” Sees Shen Xiang face killing intent, the yellow clothes man in the idle talk, does not dodge arrives in front of Shen Xiang, a long spear thorn, flashes before snatches the shade innumerably, such as sends out the golden light storm to fire into Shen Xiang. This attack is quick, be quicker than before, Shen Xiang could not hide, otherwise before , he will not make his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor damage. Since could not hide, Shen Xiang also can only resist, his intention moved, physical strength revolved, he used hard and soft in Seven Demon Killings type changed, can become by own fleshly body very firm or is very soft. But he seems changed by his fleshly body hard and soft now, causes that thorn, in his Qi Energy is unable to enter the body by his muscle, was shot to open most probably.

Even if so, he bore very huge pain, but this pain is only short, and has not become the injury to other party. The yellow clothes man these time attacks Shen Xiang, regardless of the speed or the strength be stronger than before, before Shen Xiang had Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, this anything did not have, but actually shouldered this to strike, kept off with fleshly body. This bastard is not forgiving really!” Shen Xiang unemotionally, displays the Seven Demon Killings type, a sword punctures, this is the speed changes, can change the time Power of Law. However yellow clothes man actually suddenly vanishes before him, unexpectedly can avoid this move! Although shunts, but yellow clothes man has a lingering fear, he very clear were slow a moment ago, must be stabbed by Shen Xiang, that strange time variation, making him unable to see the path that Shen Xiang moves, if not for he actually judges depending on his feeling, cannot avoid. High-Rank True God that Supreme Temple comes out is really out of the ordinary, if other Temple High-Rank True God, Shen Xiang that struck a moment ago can end fights.