World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1870
The yellow clothes man has realized Shen Xiang to be unusual, if continues again, not only will waste his many time, he must be injured. Therefore, he just avoided a Shen Xiang that Space-Time sword, immediately gets rid! Back suddenly is used for one to burn the hot arrogance, Shen Xiang felt that own skin must be burnt, the speed of yellow clothes man was fast, moreover this time also with trying! Death!” The flash, Shen Xiang sees that golden long spear to penetrate from his chest, the yellow clothes man stands in him at this time behind, that handle god rifle butt his body punctured one to putting on. What most awfully is, pierces the instance of his body, long spear also use wild burning burns strength, burns through his all the limbs and bones, that type penetrates the marrow burningly painful, making him cannot help but whoosh. Deicide Sword Art!” In the Shen Xiang heart a roar, long time comes refining simulation multiple Deicide Sword Art in the mind, now finally has displayed. The yellow clothes man sees a oneself spear|gun not to assassinate Shen Xiang, fierce pulls out, in pulling out instantaneous, feels on Shen Xiang to gush out fearful sword intent! Regarding this sword intent, the yellow clothes man feels inexplicable panic-stricken, reappears to have the matter about this sword intent to come along with the back of the head sea, he understands immediately that this is Deicide Sword Art! After Shen Xiang since previous time displays Deicide Sword Art inexplicably, again is also hard to use, this many days, he repeatedly refining simulation in the mind, in pondering this Deicide Sword Art mystery, the critical moment, he also can only hoping to press now completely on this sword! This time he displayed successfully, with previous time was the same, all around all became very slow, he can see yellow clothes man that panic-stricken facial expression to frame clearly there, long spear in his hand also in very slow received, was prepares to puncture a sword evidently again. After displaying Deicide Sword Art, Shen Xiang all around time and space will have very big change, this be much stronger than the Seven Demon Killings type. Shen Xiang own speed change is normal, but the yellow clothes man actually becomes very slow, such a contrast, he quickly does not have the several fold compared with the yellow clothes man. The yellow clothes man was similar to before him the anchorage is the same, an angry his sword divided, cut off the both arms of yellow clothes man, afterward cut off his head, again revolution Engulfing Devil Art his Divine sea Devour!

You...... Do you want devour my Divine sea?......” Yellow clothes man instance at the point of death, Divine Soul panic-stricken yells. Shen Xiang has not replied him, even if replied that he could not hear, because he already thorough death! After destroying completely the yellow clothes man, Shen Xiang sits on the boiling hot sand, looks at chest that fist big blood hole, has a lingering fear, he almost died. Deicide Sword Art, and in Legend is equally fierce! Do you have the Deicide bloodlines? That sword intent was very a moment ago pure!” Yue'er flew, in the mouth is carving a jade bottle. Shen Xiang knows that this jade bottle to him, he puts out a hand to take down, turns on the cover, inside has the blood red liquid. I do not have the Deicide bloodlines, this matter I and other told you again.” Shen Xiang raised hand the jade bottle, asked: How can this thing use?” Yue'er said: Drinks directly, this is the High-Grade Divine Tree sap, can let have supreme god bone fleshly body quick fast-growth to leave the muscles and bone, you drank one drop to suffice, drank many does not have other to use!” Shen Xiang dropped one drop in tongue, quick has felt to receive the heavy losses fleshly body quickly to restore. Gives back to me, this is very precious thing!” Yue'er shouted lightly, could see that she attaches great importance to this bottle of things. Shen Xiang used that sword not to be relaxed a moment ago, now sits in the ground cannot stand, Divine Power almost exhausts. He has supreme god bone luckily, in addition Yue'er a moment ago gave his these things, he restores the rapidness, can stand in a minute, but actually sways. You must continue, must back up again motionless, perhaps also will run into and that fellow equally was a moment ago fierce.”

Hears the Yue'er words, Shen Xiang can only continue to walk forward. Yue'er said: Said that with me Deicide Sword Art matter, you do not have the Deicide bloodlines, but that Deicide Sword intent so was a moment ago legitimate, this is not normal.” Shen Xiang sighed one, he did not understand regarding this matter, since now Yue'er had discovered that he has the Deicide Sword Art secret, he also planned that asks her while this, the matter that because this Yue'er knows are many, moreover is also trustworthy. Shen Xiang tells Yue'er the first Godhead matter that he fuses, because he suspected that he has the matter of Deicide Sword intent to be related with that Godhead. Originally after flying in the air Yue'er to hear, stops on Shen Xiang's, during is lost in thought. Before Yue'er, knows that Shen Xiang has Heaven Refining Technique, currently also has Deicide Sword Art, now knew that Godhead matter, in her mind gushes out many matters. Your Heaven Refining Technique obtains from that Godhead, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique! Now also has the relation with Deicide Sword Art!” Yue'er low mumble: However this fellow died, many years ago simultaneously studies these two taboo divine art fellow also several, but adds on the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique words again, had one!” Shen Xiang one startled, this Yue'er also really knows that who that Godhead master is, White Tiger that Godhead refined into God Slaughtering Heart, but harmed miserably him, Qi Shi was implicated, was good to him on, moreover gave back to him to bring very big profit, he wants to know that very much that Godhead master was, this can Godhead bring the disaster in later to him. Whose is? Although I built up this Godhead completely, but can make me have the Deicide Sword intent, this made me very restless!” Shen Xiang said. Yue'er said: This fellow is not Supreme Temple, Temple that but he is at actually and Supreme Temple is equally fierce.” Shen Xiang was startled, besides Supreme Temple, unexpectedly also has other fierce Temple. Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to be surprised, explains: You possibly do not know that is honored as three big Temple with Supreme Temple compound several Temple, that Godhead master, should come from Six Paths Temple.”

This lets Shen Xiang immediately and Divine Mirror of Six Paths associates! Six Paths Temple controls the Six Paths order, is quite mystical, moreover is good with Supreme Temple relationship, something will make Supreme Temple help to process, your Godhead master, came from Six Paths Temple! In Six Paths Temple is also top Highest God, but afterward does not know why die, Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple do not know where he dies.” Has not thought that unexpectedly dies in the Nine Spirit Kings domain, dies? This fellow should not die!” A Yue'er such saying, making Shen Xiang think immediately that Profound Cold Ancient Domain inside god war, presented the strange matter in, until now is a riddle. That world of Nine Heaven that if Nine Spirit Kings founds can let Six Paths God Monarch die, should, only then that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace can achieve, lives is being Nine Spirit Kings runs to kill him from Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” Yue'er was muttering. Shen Xiang asked: Yue'er, what background is Nine Spirit Kings? They are so fierce, unexpectedly also has strength to trig them! Is ghost who that Supreme Devil God does?” Yue'er shakes the head saying: Supreme Devil God is only the Devil Path young god in Six Paths, is responsible for conveying a message from Six Paths Devil Palace, he simply does not have that strength, was called God king that is very powerful, the King of god, Supreme Temple inside has this strength are not many.” How Yue'er not too clear Nine Spirit Kings was stranded such as in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace obviously very much! You could rest assured that your Godhead should not have the bad influence to you, otherwise already started, but some things are unable to build up completely, for example that Deicide Sword intent, this to you, but good matter.” Yue'er said.