World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1871

Because Shen Xiang obtains that Godhead reason, enabled him to grasp the Deicide Sword intent, this was uses the Deicide Sword Art foundation to be. Cuts to kill Godhead that the yellow clothes man obtains, is not the small harvest, this is High-Rank True God Godhead, but that High-Rank True God came from in Supreme Temple, Divine Power of internal implication is definitely unusual. Before Shen Xiang, puts in Divine sea that Godhead not to build up to the present, therefore he was unable this Godhead devour, he now not to plan to continue devour Godhead immediately again, because the absorption rate is very slow, Divine Power that obtains is also few. According to map above, I also has very far road to walk, does not know that must carry on many fights!” Shen Xiang closed eyes looked to reappear the map in mind, has sighed deeply. Yue'er squats to sit in his shoulder, is alerting with rapt attention, now she must spunk up, if Shen Xiang enters the trap, that will make Shen Xiang return to the initial place, starts over from the beginning, the enemy who when the time comes runs into also will become stronger. Do not continue, circles from that side mountain, front has the trap.” Yue'er suddenly said. The Shen Xiang's dead ahead is a smooth desert, but in other one side big piece of rocky mountain, is high and steep, if were not Yue'er said that he definitely only will illuminate the road that the route in mind took should better, definitely will not go over hill and dale. Yue'er can sensation here trap, therefore the Shen Xiang hear her, moves toward that crowd of mountains. After crossing dozens mountains, Shen Xiang discovered that trial not only fought, crossed that mountain scene to make him feel the body must disperse puts up was the same, because these mountains were strange, crawled high, the body was heavy, especially arrived at the summit time, took a step difficultly, descending the mountain time was dashed by a greatly strengthened pressure is rolling descends the mountain. Really awfully!” Shen Xiang turns head to look at that barren hill, he does not want to crawl again the second time.

After is trial, after trial, can enter Supreme Temple!” Yue'er said with a smile: Tries harder, is no one can enter Supreme Temple, you also saw that before that is fierce in the fellow who Supreme Temple grows up! Young is High-Rank True God, he is more outstanding than are more in Supreme Temple, perhaps ten years old are Profound God have.” Shen Xiang nodded, in Gods, over 20 years old can practice High-Rank True God, this is very heaven defying. Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple, what Temple is called?” Shen Xiang crossed that mountain scene, was tired, now walks slowly, quite therefore is resting very much. Temple is weakest, named Beast God Temple!” Yue'er said that is spitting that adorable cat tongue, said with a smile: You should guess correctly that I come from Beast God Temple! I run away from inside, I grow up in Beast God Temple since childhood, I have been curious this outside world, therefore I ran, I ran already long time, they have not come to look for me, was really disappointing!” Shen Xiang heard Yue'er to say Beast God Temple time, he truly had guessed correctly that this Yue'er from Beast God Temple, in addition, he also thought of other matters, was the formidable beasts that initially that crowd was extinguished kills, should be related with this Beast God Temple. Yue'er, you have heard Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, these four beasts?” Shen Xiang arrives at Gods, understood after Temple matter, why has had doubts does not have Temple of beasts. Now had, moreover Beast God Temple that and Six Paths Temple as well as Supreme Temple place on a par! Yue'er said: Naturally has heard, but they died, they in the Highest God time, but Beast God Temple four big Protector, are powerful, afterward...... Beast God Temple was attacked, they die earliest!” Now three big Temple do not allow the disciple to leave Temple casually, especially too other Divine Level expert, cannot run to cause trouble, otherwise three big Temple wanted great war! Luckily I am only the small role, can therefore be free and unrestrained.”

Shen Xiang thinks after one, enters Supreme Temple, but can also come out, outside knows so few about Supreme Temple, this is also reason that because these three big Temple usually nobody comes out. However he since now entered trial, even if after him, does not want to enter Supreme Temple, he also first again said through this trial now. The road is very long, he walks while builds up that Godhead, after he crossed that mountain, started to avoid the journey of trap, climbed mountains and crossed rivers, passes through the situation very bad place, this to avoid trap. He is very clear, this long journey tests with these traps, he has the help of Yue'er, where knows the trap, but he must avoid these conceal the road section of trap, must take some difficult to walk road. In an instant, two years on the past, Shen Xiang have not met the fight all the way, but this long journey is difficult to walk, but made him think what was good, this won a lot of time to practice to him, he has stepped into High-Rank True God Realm now. This trial also spends time! However is also good, this can make me High-Rank True God, then must attack Profound God Realm.” If according to Godhead, he is unable to break through to High-Rank True God, he Godhead refined into pill of that yellow clothes man, after eating up , to promote to this stage, but this also causes his Divine sea internal Divine Power not to be quite unstable, some are hardata-titleo-control. This is also because promotes quickly, causes the foundation not steady reason, therefore he then must practice Heaven Refining Technique to make up frequently. Shen Xiang has used for several months, consolidates the good foundation, this long journey is avoids the trap for focus trial luckily, but also calculates very with ease, does not need to fight.

He entered this trial already almost three years, Long Xueyi ate up that Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, continuously deep sleep, therefore Shen Xiang for serveral days was only and Yue'er speech. Um? This time was not a trap, some people in front!” Yue'er suddenly said. Finally came?” Shen Xiang does not fear fight now, because he is High-Rank True God, but this pass/test appears is also the High-Rank True God strengths. Really, on the front sand dune stands to wear old man of grey clothes, this old man skin and bones, whole face wrinkle, but his eye is bright, making Shen Xiang be vigilant immediately that can present the old man here, like that is not definitely delicate like the surface. Shen Xiang puts out Deicide Sword, in the two years he has been familiar with Deicide Sword Art that move, can display at any time. Young people, leave anxiously fight, do I look like very fearful?” That old man sees a Shen Xiang face to be vigilant, asked with a laugh. This is supreme trial, I must be vigilant frequently.” Shen Xiang coldly said. That old man nodded: Right, if not this, you cannot come here! I truly am responsible for stopping you to go forward, but you, so long as complies with my matter, I not only do not stop you, instead will also give you an advantage!”