World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1872
Will have such good deed? Shen Xiang does not believe that in this supreme trial, he did not have is so easy to be deceived. That old man shakes the head sighs, then sits on the boiling hot sand, said: What I said is the truth, you know how long I did wait for here? Generally carries on supreme trial is High-Rank Heavenly God, therefore is not one's turn me to appear, waits till the strength rarely and I quite!” This old man truly does not have any fighting intent, in the Shen Xiang heart was more lax, but on the alert, in order to avoid this old man causes to cheat. How long did you wait for?” Shen Xiang cannot help but asked. „The similar hundred thousand year, I also wanted the oil lamp to be completely dry! I sent here for these years, the only mission is the person who the stop passed by. in other words, is not I dies is you dies.” That old man spoke of here, Shen Xiang immediately retreat several steps. Young people, should not be tense! I have killed you, I must continue to wait here, when is similar to your strength, then continues to stop him, my Eternal Life cannot leave here, therefore massacres you, I also think not to have the significance, I live now was thinking that does not have the meaning very much, but I actually want dead meaningful.” old man waved, hinting Shen Xiang does not need to be anxious. Shen Xiang has not continued to speak, grips tightly Deicide Sword, the patience is listening. I am in Supreme Temple grow up, but I have offended inside rule, therefore like this was punished! But accuses my bastard still to ramble in Supreme Temple now, so long as after you promise my you, will massacre that fellow, I not only do not stop you, I also think that teaches my skill to you completely.” This was a very good condition, Shen Xiang somewhat was truly excited. What person do you make me kill? It is not unpardonably wicked I am not dry!” The Shen Xiang murder also has the principle, therefore he does not have to comply immediately, let alone he now some have not believed this old man words. old man said with a smile: Very honest young fellow! Relax, when the time comes you arrive at Supreme Temple, you should be able to know that was any goods, when the time comes killed you to decide! So long as you have a clear conscience that's alright, if you comply, I pass to you skill now.”

After Shen Xiang hear, has gawked staring, asked: What you said is real? Can't you pit I?” That old man smiles lightly: Hopes that I have not misread the person, I was really tired of living!” old man complexion suddenly changes, full is folding face suddenly becomes fierce, sees only his chest suddenly to present one group of brights, has Godhead in this brights! This...... unexpectedly real!” Shen Xiang has not responded that old man both hands push, pushes together with Godhead that group of brights, the flash hits on Shen Xiang's. In a minute, Shen Xiang feels vast Divine Power to emerge his body, but that Godhead is also very pure Godhead, that old man compels completely own Divine sea and Godhead, but his Divine Soul actually also. Utilizes my strength well, I must make the person name that you kill call article Yu Shan!” old man exhausted final strength saying that dispersed own Divine Soul along with the after shock. Shen Xiang transports the merit to absorb the skill that this old man transmits, this old man name does not know that unexpectedly obtains his skill, making him think unthinkable. Article Yu Shan? I remembered!” Shen Xiang takes down this name, this old man shakes the powder own Divine Soul, obviously does not want to continue to be reincarnated, or he cannot be reincarnated, he wants to know that very much this old man has committed any crime. Oh!” Yue'er has sighed with sadness: I think that I know he offended Supreme Temple anything to be regular!” Shen Xiang builds up this old man skill, while continues to walk forward, but this old man High-Rank True God peak strength, if absorbs his skill completely, he can promote to the High-Rank True God peak quickly.

What rule has he offended?” Shen Xiang is curious, because he must enter Supreme Temple from now on. Should be his wrong road escapes from Supreme Temple, but was held, therefore got so far as here.” Yue'er said: I had heard Supreme Temple before to this tube very strictly, so long as enters Supreme Temple, has not agreed that cannot leave Temple casually.” Before Shen Xiang, has thought such matter, but before him, does not know, otherwise he initially will not carry on to receive this to try to practice. If enters Supreme Temple, what means but also there is to come out?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has, runs expert that also to have from Supreme Temple, initial Nine Spirit Kings ran from Supreme Temple, because their strength was very strong, therefore Supreme Temple how them! Naturally, if your strength is too weak, that was difficult! In particular, when you go to adapt to a period of time, waits to know after Supreme Temple considers again! You enter Supreme Temple not to have the fault to now in any case.” The Yue'er words were also very reasonable, he consider this matter now truly too early. This desert is a trial pass/test, has not gone to the present to another place, but the front is the vast desert, obviously this closes very far. Because is that old man direct to pass on merit laws, therefore Shen Xiang quick on absorption these skills, now he is the High-Rank True God peak! Also insufficient, I must become Profound God can adopt the next pass/test!” Shen Xiang climbs up one to burn at this time the golden flame mountain, is unable to fly near this type of mountain, because will have strength to press, can only crawl little. Climbs up to very high time, the body will be also getting more and more heavy, the road of rough trial, made him in very short time endomorphism formidable.

If wants to become Profound God, needs the massive god profound strength, needs purple mysterious saint pill, but I am unable to find the time to refine now.” Shen Xiang stands in the summit, looked at own elixir and purple bead, although some, but he does not have the time to go to alchemy, if otherwise wants to become Profound God is not the difficult matter. Does not know this pass/test also many roads, if cannot break through in this pass/test to Profound God Realm, then under pass/test is miserable!” Shen Xiang is trying to find the solution, although that old man gave him to pass on merit laws to make him speed up, had the one pace from Profound God, but was actually hard to surmount! suddenly, he has thought of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he carefully looked, discovered that Divine Mirror of Six Paths unexpectedly repaired! This Divine Mirror of Six Paths can absorb the strength of Six Paths Samsara, this strength is fearful, Shen Xiang looked at Yue'er on shoulder, asked: Yue'er, have you heard Divine Mirror of Six Paths?” Yue'er from Beast God Temple, has certainly heard! Yue'er somewhat surprisedly: „Did you ask this doing? But Divine Mirror of Six Paths Six Paths Temple the treasure of town palace, in very much long time ago lost, you did not ask me, I have not remembered that this supreme treasure existed, this was a very good thing! Where you hear?”