World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1873
Since Divine Mirror of Six Paths has repaired, now also becomes the Shen Xiang only dependence, if he then wants successfully to complete trial time, can only depend upon Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but to his knowledge, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths biggest use absorbs the strength of Six Paths Samsara through Divine Mirror of Six Paths! About Long Xueyi that this aspect knows already deep sleep, but he actually does not know the use, was worried that will act unreasonably will have the accident, therefore he was considering that now if wanted will make Yue'er know he will have the Divine Mirror of Six Paths matter. Shen Xiang seriously said: Matter that Yue'er, then I said that you must keep secret for me, if reveals, I troubled.” Yue'er said with a smile: „Haven't you trusted me to the present?” Shen Xiang and Yue'er walk, truly became the good friend, can trust that type. I have Divine Mirror of Six Paths, before this Divine Mirror of Six Paths, has damaged, now the self- repair is completed.” Shen Xiang gives Yue'er sound transmission: I did not know about the Divine Mirror of Six Paths usage!” Yue'er some cannot believe that this supreme treasure unexpectedly on Shen Xiang, she before saw Shen Xiang to utilize space strength, thought that Shen Xiang is not very simple, Heaven Refining Technique and Deicide Sword Art these two taboo divine art, added now one have Divine Mirror of Six Paths! „Is this real?” Yue'er is startled asking. Real!” Shen Xiang nodded: I cannot take, I worried that Supreme Temple knows!” Yue'er understands, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: I am very curious, how this Divine Mirror of Six Paths will fall into your hand, Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple have been seeking for this mirror, sought many years, but a clue does not have.”

Shen Xiang seeks for the Divine Mirror of Six Paths matter to tell Yue'er Supreme Devil God, after Yue'er hear, said with a smile: This Supreme Devil God has troubled, he definitely will be blamed by Six Paths Temple, he to possess, unexpectedly loses Divine Mirror of Six Paths.” Yue'er, how do I need to use this Divine Mirror of Six Paths?” Shen Xiang asked that he worried that quick went out of this desert, once went out of the desert to go to another environment, was higher trial, that was needs the Profound God strength to pass. Most people's usage to the Divine Mirror of Six Paths is not very clear, is Supreme Devil God this fellow, only knows that opens passage to bring in some demon using Divine Mirror of Six Paths, or absorbs Six Paths Power, but the true usage, I know exactly!” Saying of Yue'er very haughty: Your this fellow, the luck is really good, the body has a treasure.” Shen Xiang urged: Told me quickly using Divine Mirror of Six Paths? I heard that absorbs Six Paths Power to practice, can control the principle strength, Six Paths Power is all the strength shapes of principle union, to not?” The Yue'er nod said: Right, but Six Paths Power is not casual can absorb, you have Heaven Refining Technique, the absorption only use, can build up with Heaven Refining Technique, but will build up the speed is very slow is very slow, will absorb not many, the majority will be wasted!” „If wants to use good Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but must coordinate one to be lost many years of taboo divine art, is called Six Paths divine art!” The Shen Xiang heart jumps, four big taboo divine art he had three types! Heaven Refining Technique and Deicide Sword Art, as well as Heaven Body, only missed this Six Paths divine art! „Do you have Six Paths divine art?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that collects four big taboo divine art, words that cultivates completely, will be definitely strong, thinks to make Shen Xiang excited. Yue'er said: I naturally do not have, this is Six Paths Temple treasure divine art, although do not include taboo divine art, but is actually never has the person to practice Completion Six Paths divine art, because cultivates this divine art to need massive Six Paths Power! In the past founded this divine art Six Paths God king to practice only, at that time he also had Divine Mirror of Six Paths, therefore he Six Paths divine art seal in Divine Mirror of Six Paths.”

Shen Xiang understood, obtains Divine Mirror of Six Paths, means that obtains Six Paths divine art, so long as he carefully studies Divine Mirror of Six Paths, can find Six Paths divine art. That Six Paths is God king now fierce?” Shen Xiang has not made Divine Mirror of Six Paths come out, Divine Mirror of Six Paths in his Divine sea, he only needed to seek for that's alright in Divine sea. No, Six Paths God king has been missing, until now is a riddle.” Yue'er said: You have a look in Divine Mirror of Six Paths to have Six Paths divine art, if had found, how I teach you to use Divine Mirror of Six Paths to absorb Six Paths Power, moreover uses the quickest that means.” Shen Xiang just crossed a mountain , to continue on the desert, he soaks such as in Divine Sense Divine Mirror of Six Paths, starts to seek for Six Paths divine art. Yue'er, isn't Divine Mirror of Six Paths the direct absorption? Also wants you to teach? How do you know?” The status of Shen Xiang to Yue'er is very curious, although knows that she came from Beast God Temple. Ordinary use like using magic treasure, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths needs special means to use, this is the 1st Stage incantation, only then I know! Because in the past my ancestor was the Six Paths God king good friend, was a cat.” Yue'er said: „After the past my memory inheritance from my ancestor, Six Paths God king was missing, my ancestor has joined Beast God Temple.” Governs Six Paths Temple unexpectedly is God king, with the Nine Spirit Kings same strength, but Nine Spirit Kings mystically has also been missing, Shen Xiang thought that these must have the connection. Really has!” Shen Xiang found a depositing memory in Divine Mirror of Six Paths the place, after he breaking, the massive contents emerge in his mind, is some obscure chant. Six Paths divine art altogether six, learn six is Completion, you study first layer first, after understanding first layer, can start to absorb Six Paths Power to practice! Naturally, if you can coordinate Heaven Refining Technique to practice that to be best together.” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang walks understood that these sutra chant, he uses Enlightenment Stone, understood that is not very difficult. More than ten days later, he said to Yue'er: I should be able to start now to practice, told me that incantation is anything, I absorbed the Six Paths Power practice.” Yue'er spreads to the incantation the Shen Xiang's mind immediately, is brief, moreover is somewhat strange, when pronunciation needs very excellent skill to be able these incantations to read. This incantation I cannot read in any case, you study study, must read was good.” Yue'er said. Yue'er to the Shen Xiang's incantation is the 1st Stage sound, Shen Xiang must act according to this sound acoustics to come out not to be easy, he has practiced for several days, finally read the sound, started to attempt to coordinate Divine Mirror of Six Paths to use. Divine Mirror of Six Paths melted with him first, he must use now is only the intention moves can absorb Six Paths Power, but can only aspiration few Six Paths Power. In the heart meditates Six Paths divine art sutra chant, on the mouth is reading Yue'er to his incantation, quick, he perceived Six Paths Power that Divine Mirror of Six Paths wells up, truly be more than much before. It seems like I must be Six Paths Power am completely good my Divine sea internal Divine Power transformation! This Six Paths Power should be able to replace the god profound strength, making me Profound God!” Shen Xiang knows this need very long time, but he also has no other alternative now.