World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1874

This desert danger(ous), the trap was more and more ubiquitous, several Shen Xiang almost step on to the trap, is Yue'er can remind promptly can make him avoid these traps. His suddenly discovered that this trial is makes people unable to pass radically, because was really too difficult, if not for there is Yue'er to assist, he has not known own present will be what kind. How did not know Xiao Chou this fellow, oh!” In the Shen Xiang heart sighed one, Xiao Chou same must participate in this trial with him, Xiao Chou may not have Yue'er this helper, certainly be much more difficult than him. Shen Xiang absorbs massive Six Paths Power to practice from Divine Mirror of Six Paths, Divine Power in his Divine sea itself was very strong, therefore also needs some Six Paths Power to transform, this must be lucky that Six Paths divine art. It seems like Six Paths Power is not momentarily can absorb, were getting fewer and fewer.” Shen Xiang stopped reciting the incantation, he cultivated Six Paths divine art already one month. Yue'er said: Naturally, Divine Mirror of Six Paths also needs to rest, crossed a period of time to be good again.” Cannot practice continually, disappointing Shen Xiang somewhat, but he quenchings Six Paths Power in his Divine sea with Heaven Refining Technique now, can make Six Paths Power purer. Does not know that I can absorb Six Paths Divine Power to come alchemy directly?” Shen Xiang sprouts up the fantasy, afterward turns is looking for Heaven Refining Technique, has a look to have Six Paths Power to congeal pill's method. If Six Paths Power concentrates pill pellet after the alchemy way, then the quality definitely will promote many times, is much better compared with the direct ingestion. It seems like passes through this desert also to take several years!” Shen Xiang was numb, this desert probably does not have the end to be the same. This should also be the time that gives you to promote, otherwise this trial simply does not have the significance! Although few people through this trial, but can pass is very outstanding, locally born stronger in Supreme Temple is much bigger.” Yue'er said: Perhaps also will give favored treatment.”

Shen Xiang walked for one month, Divine Mirror of Six Paths has been able to continue to absorb Six Paths Power, this time he has not been used to exercise martial arts directly, but was absorbs, sealed on the palm. He walks, while releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, puts in Six Paths Power Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then builds up the Six Paths Power method to burn to build up with Heaven Refining Technique in specially. Shen Xiang discovered that four big taboo divine art are the interrelation associations, because he can seek to burn to build up the Six Paths Power method from Heaven Refining Technique, but Heaven Refining Technique can also assist to practice Deicide Sword Art as well as Heaven Body, now can also quenching Six Paths Divine Power to practice Six Paths divine art! Can really refined into pill? Heaven Refining Technique is fierce I to hear, but I only know that this is used to fight generally, is used for alchemy Legend to be few.” Yue'er said. Heaven Refining Technique can be used to fight, should very be also fierce, but I do not have to study this direction.” Shen Xiang comprehended the method of Heaven Refining Technique inside alchemy is very laborious, but the method of fight he will use other cultivation technique. Naturally, he has also fought with Heaven Refining Technique, built up the person, is truly fierce! Refines Six Paths Power is not very difficult, because he uses Six Paths divine art, he can make Six Paths Power according to the Six Paths divine art method docile, like this will be easier in the refinement. Yue'er first time sees some people to use Heaven Refining Technique alchemy, she squats to sit on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, stares greatly that two small cat eye, winks does not wink, looks very carefully. Six Paths Power is transparent, is unable to see, but after Shen Xiang will gather, unexpectedly turns into faint yellow, under burning of flame builds up, the color also continually deepens, turning gradually is golden yellow. Should be able to become!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, he all of a sudden builds up Six Paths Power that Divine Mirror of Six Paths one month can concentrate now.

Because of him now not Six Paths Power inspiration body practice, therefore he can completely direct in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to build up Six Paths Power all of a sudden. This should be called Six Paths Divine Pill, is low-grade Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang laughed. He goes over hill and dale, while alchemy is not easy, luckily he with using Illusionary Brilliant Furnace alchemy is quite familiar, can walks while refines. The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace internal ray is getting stronger and stronger, massive Six Paths Power under the Shen Xiang's refinement, there is a very big change, so long as then carries on the compression to congeal pill, can eat. Must press pill not quite to be easy Six Paths Power of such big group, Shen Xiang has used for quite a while, congealing becomes the pellet of grain of rice size, this is also pill, but was too small. Such selects? Has the effect?” Yue'er looks at Shen Xiang palm that golden grain of rice meatball, some doubts. Naturally has the effect, at least directly absorb Six Paths Power strong several times compared with me.” Shen Xiang in swallowing entrance, immediately revolution Six Paths divine art, because he walks while cultivates, therefore he , to build up this grain of low-grade Six Paths Divine Pill also to require a lot of time. A day can build up grain of Six Paths Divine Pill, but he needs to wait for one month, Divine Mirror of Six Paths concentrates enough many Six Paths Power to refine. Shen Xiang had the psychology to prepare to make the protracted war, this is not and powerful enemy fights, but is patient, because this road is long, he does not know when must arrive, if the pressure is too big, will affect him. Like this passed for several years, he saw green spaces finally, that is a big piece of prairie, this is he enters the place of this trial to see the environment best place.

Eight years!” Shen Xiang appears somewhat excited, at this time his whole body is dirty, the hair is very chaotic, very likely is the roadside begged, although front was a piece of prairie, but he rush over, had not worried that immediately can have the trap. Enters the place of eight years trial, he is cautious and solemn, cannot have the mistake in this final moment. He now also has not become Profound God, cultivates Six Paths Power, although can make him control Six Paths strength, but also the malpractice, is promotes very slowly. Last grain, entered this piece of prairie to break through!” Shen Xiang looked in the hand that grain of quite big Six Paths Divine Pill. He uses Divine Mirror of Six Paths that many years, Six Paths Power that Divine Mirror of Six Paths every other one month concise comes out is also getting more and more, Six Paths Divine Pill that therefore he refines was also bigger than before. After eating up this grain of Six Paths Divine Pill, he goes round front a trap of big not being able to see under the guidance of Yue'er, entered in the deep green prairie. After Shen Xiang enters the prairie, the body overflows a pale golden brilliance, he felt that he quick must break through, so long as builds up this grain of Six Paths Divine Pill, he can promote to Profound God Realm! After stepping into the prairie, behind him that desert vanished, behind is a darkness . Moreover the prairie distant place has a palace! That should be the end point, this trial is not really easy!” Yue'er emotionally said.