World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1875
Shen Xiang strolls on soft emerald green lawn, every step as far as possible walks slowly is very very slow, time with a sense of urgency as far as possible builds up Six Paths Divine Pill that just ate up, be only builds up this Six Paths Divine Pill, he can break through to the boundary of Profound God, can complete trial. Is only poor from the boundary of Profound God, but is actually hard to break through, but final trial at present, this makes Shen Xiang feel very tremendous pressure immediately! Can in final moment breakthrough?” Shen Xiang closes one's eyes walks forward, although both feet is taking a walk, but he actually steady probably sitting, cannot feel the migration, this has been this for many years exercises, he walks such to practice. Yue'er can remind nearby him to have trap, therefore above he can focus on cultivating. A palace in front, when the distant place looked in the past, this palace appeared very big, but approached gradually, the discovery was very small, looks like a small room, was strange. What is stranger, this palace will move probably, before still in the Shen Xiang's dead ahead, now actually shifts right. „The boundary of Profound God needs the enough god profound strength to break through the bottleneck, but I replace the god profound strength with Six Paths Power now! But now was probably enough, I give a try!” Six Paths Divine Power of Shen Xiang revolution within the body, the Divine sea mighty waves are turbulent, was congealed a potential by Shen Xiang, is attacking the sky of Divine sea world. Has enough strength, so long as breaks through wraps the Divine sea world the cocoon, can make the Divine sea world carry on transformation, Divine sea inside strength is sublimated, Divine Soul and Godhead will have the leaping enhancement. Bang!” Shen Xiang sees Divine sea world above Lan Tian to be dislodged a piece of fissure by his condense Six Paths Power, said that golden light overflows from these fissures. Must succeed!” In Shen Xiang heart excited incomparable, so long as continues in Six Paths Power with Divine sea to hit, can rumble to break this cocoon, carries on the brand-new transformation evolution. Bang! He transfers Six Paths Power in Divine sea once more, the sky of explosion sound Divine sea world, making it present many fissures, he must the trim sky of rumbling broken Divine sea world, be able to break through! Shen Xiang walks every time one step, body spout a golden arrogance, every step means that he uses Six Paths Power to attack the bottleneck. Was getting more and more near from front that small room, when the distant place looks likely is the palace, enters looks is only an ordinary hut, but also some traps on the road, went round by Shen Xiang. If thinks really arrived at this palace to be able through trial that to make a mistake, you did not have the happy craziness to run over luckily, otherwise definitely will fall into these traps.” Yue'er lies in the Shen Xiang's shoulder, how going all out when can feel his times clearly with Six Paths Power attacks the bottleneck is. Thousand zhang (3.33 m) many distance, can arrive at that hut, that hut has not moved like before! Shen Xiang golden light glows, that day in his Divine sea had been rumbled broken, massive golden light emerges in his Divine sea world, with his Divine sea world all fuses.

His Divine sea was being flooded by golden light, restored the actually appearance in a minute, the world reappears, did not have what difference with before, but strength in his Divine sea turned into stronger Six Paths Power, this Six Paths Power also has the characteristics of god profound strength. This degree of god profound strength, should be the Middle-Rank Profound God rank, broke through later unexpectedly to cross a stage!” Yue'er is very surprised, must know that promotes from Low-Rank Profound God to Middle-Rank Profound God also needs a lot of time and energy, but after Shen Xiang breaks through, directly arrives at Middle-Rank Profound God! Although in Shen Xiang's Divine sea has massive Six Paths Power, but the body actually overflows intermittent god profound air/Qi now. That god profound air/Qi just overflowed, was absorbed by him, his golden light also vanished, at this time his whole person is full of incomparable confidence, walks toward front hut. He was not slow like before, but is a stride, on teleport before the gate of that small room! Thump! Shen Xiang has knocked several doors, a formidable aura wells up from the crack in a door, his hastily retreat several steps, have prepared fight. After the gate opens, presented a young man, this man wears golden red clothes, on this clothes has many illumination spirit pattern, is very strange. The men looked at the cat on Shen Xiang shoulder, that pair fills the ice-cold eye to flash through some surprised colors, his coldly said: Can come here to be very good, but is very regrettable, you must die here.” Shen Xiang has been ready, in this trial, besides the innumerable traps, is the fellow of this blocking the way. In his trial map, here is the end point, in other words, so long as he defeats at present this person, he passes trial! That starts!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, has not revealed fears intent slightly, looks like he anticipates this fight probably very much. Comes with me, will only affect my mood in this place battle!” This man turned around to enter that sliding door. Shen Xiang follows in him behind, seeing on his back clothes to write is setting upright small character supreme Sword Hall, Song Peng!” Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: This is very fierce Supreme Temple disciple, sword in his clothes and hand explained that he has the good status in Supreme Temple! But Sword Hall is Supreme Temple is among the best.”

Shen Xiang in this Song Peng behind, has passed through long passage, arrives at a giant main hall, around this main hall stands the arrangement neat young people, the men and women is having, respectively is listed very neatly, their clothes and Song Peng same are the golden reds, above has glittering spirit pattern. But in the dead ahead of this giant main hall, the giant sword character, sees this maturely and powerfully sword character, why Shen Xiang does not know, within the body that Deicide Sword image must flee to be the same, but at present this character, makes him cannot help but raise the awe. The person who writes down this character, has poured into thick sword intent in the pen obviously, treats as a sword to cause, making this character the pen conceal the rhyme of extremely profound Sword Dao. Shen Xiang realized, he now in Supreme Temple, moreover that Sword Hall! Gives you half double-hour!” Song Peng faces that sword character saying that at this time his sound did not fill like before ice-cold and disdains, instead was having the incomparable awe, he in this Sword Hall, facing that character, radically arrogant. Sword Hall other disciples are peaceful, has not whispered, the stiff back, where the neat arrangement stands, Shen Xiang counted the number, probably over a thousand disciples, moreover was the boundaries of Profound God. These disciples do not come through trial, in Supreme Temple locally born, has not left Supreme Temple, should be one group of young people! This Sword Hall should be Profound God Sword Hall, therefore is the disciples of boundary of Profound God.” Yue'er gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Perhaps this must with the fellow who you compete with be here Hall Master!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, said to Yue'er sound transmission: Should not be Hall Master, you look that side have a chair, that chair is the place that Hall Master sits, but the smell of that chair with this fellow on is different.” Yue'er is somewhat astonished: Smell? I cannot smell, your can unexpectedly smell?” I not am quite clear, but felt that is this.” Shen Xiang also discovered own always suddenly has a bewildered feeling, that smell is not he uses the nose to smell, but is feels, clarity that this feeling was very difficult to say. Welcomed Hall Master!” In the main hall suddenly erupts a powerful shout, had a scare Shen Xiang, he and Yue'er looks immediately to that chair, because that Hall Master is suddenly appears on that chair. With is the same, that Song Peng that Shen Xiang said is not Hall Master, but Hall Master that this just presented is a quite diminutive youth, but no one thinks that he is very diminutive weak, on his handsome face callous facial expression, gives people very tremendous pressure. Supreme Temple inside Profound God is this young people, Shen Xiang remembers the beforehand that by the yellow clothes man who he kills, he very young was High-Rank True God! Young disciple perhaps in this main hall, has 20-30 years old this. Song Peng, do you have confidence to defeat him? If not good, other my choice!” That Hall Master asked. I have confidence, I will certainly defeat his!” Song Peng still carries to Shen Xiang, the surface toward that sword character.

That Hall Master lightly smiled: Song Peng, do not disappoint me, on this matter gives us 19 to manage, cannot screw up, since he has been trial opens, can come here only.” Shen Xiang and Yue'er somewhat are surprised, this trial never has the person to pass. That Song Peng makes Shen Xiang prepare half double-hour, Shen Xiang thought actually Song Peng wants to prepare, this definitely gives him not the small pressure. Shen Xiang is actually very relaxed, he walks facing that many tempering, did not say that beforehand trial, said his is small to struggle now, these that experiences, is not this little rascal can compare. You look like are not worried to lose, you should know, once lost, that dies!” Hall Master sees Shen Xiang whole face relaxed facial expression, knits the brows to ask. Shen Xiang laughed: Already comes to settle it, if you like me, have been through repeatedly myriad tribulations to come here, will not think that had anything to be good to fear, came me to have many life and death experiences.” Hall Master nodded: Good, then, you should look at the life and death pale.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to smile: Naturally is not, I fear death very much, because just I do not want dead, therefore I must go on living, if I look at pale the life and death, I will not come here!” You, since fears death, you should fear now, we may the powerful enemy who runs into outside be different from you.” In that Hall Master heart is not feeling well very much, because in his eyes, these Supreme Temple outside people should fear them. Shen Xiang said with a smile: But you make me frightened radically, I did not know about you that you said actually looks where do one have scary?” Song Peng fierce has turned around, said fainily: It seems like you have prepared, we fight! Defeats me, you can complete trial!” Shen Xiang was already impatient, he appears somewhat excited, said with a smile: You did not say that strikes to kill you to complete trial? You should not think will die! Do you fear death?” ----- It is not very healthy, must rest earlier, only a chapter, sorry!