World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1876

All disciples in this Profound God Sword Hall hear the Shen Xiang's words, in a soft voice discussed that because the Shen Xiang words were really too crazy, did not say that entered Supreme Temple from outside, the disciples in other Supreme Temple halls arrived at Profound God Sword Hall, must be respectful, where dares to be so wild. That Hall Master knitting the brows head, said to Song Peng: Do not lose face to this, must stop him to enter Supreme Temple!” The Song Peng sword the sheath, that type of point was bringing endless killing intent, shines on Shen Xiang's, making him feel that the bone-chilling cold cold wind, so fearful sword intent, Shen Xiang is the first time feels! Naturally, his Deicide Sword intent is more fearful, but he is unable to feel fearfulness. Sees Song Peng Divine Sword to come out of the sheath, the disciples who surrounds become peaceful, this Song Peng has the prestige in them, Shen Xiang from the majority of disciple eyes, when can see they look at Song Peng that awe look. Shen Xiang has also put out his sword, Deicide Sword looks like very worn-out, semblance rusty stain stained, without any spirit pattern, sees like is the scrap iron. With Song Peng that cold light flash goal Divine Sword compared with, is similar to day and the difference of place. Song Peng may, no matter the opposite party uses any weapon, because this point is in his eyes unimportant, regardless of Shen Xiang use any fierce Divine Weapon, in his eyes is a deceased person! Yue'er flies from Shen Xiang, looks in the distant place that she is confident to Shen Xiang, because she accompanies Shen Xiang to walk, knows that Shen Xiang is hiding very fearful strength. Starts!” Hall Master drinks lightly, the Sword Hall disciples also concentrate on to look. Song Peng attacks first, the flash on vanish from sight, only saw together the sword light to be similar to the lightning, with dreadful murderous aura, hits to Shen Xiang. Stands is very calm in same place Shen Xiang, the people think that he cannot receive this sword, which knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly expected probably Song Peng will attack such him, therefore in the instance that Song Peng vanishes, he has wielded Deicide Sword in hand to open.

Shen Xiang's wields a sword probably to lift hand, looks like a sword that similar coincidence same parry Song Peng punctures, but all Sword Hall disciples on the scene are clear this sword are not the coincidences, because Shen Xiang this seems like a light optional sword, is containing very mysterious strength, this strength is not weak, but just right, punctures Sword Force of that sword to scatter Song Peng! When Song Peng sword technique is very excellent, uses the sword is condense Sword Force, can destroy the hardest defenses, can break the Divine Power guard shield with ease, but Shen Xiang that looks like, therefore a sword, actually very ingenious vanishes his Sword Force, making Song Peng this sword into a very ordinary sword. Song Peng felt that oneself that self-confident Sword Force dispersing, responded that is also very rapid, hastily receives the sword, because this sword did not have the tendency, once punctures, meets exposed own empty gate surely, but Shen Xiang also while winning pursuit, he will defeat one move surely. Therefore his hastily receives the sword defense, he knows that the Shen Xiang's speed is also fast, will therefore not give him to leave the opportunity of second sword. When Song Peng receives sword preparation standard keeps off, he only thought that his throat is itchy, afterward a severe pain from that itchy point dispersing, meanwhile follows fearful and strong sword intent, emerges his whole body! Works as! In Song Peng hand that fine Divine Sword falling ground, his hand back suddenly presented the sword mark, his suddenly left many sword marks from top to bottom, behind him is, his attractive Sword Hall clothes were tattered, the blood overflows, falls from his both hands! But the Shen Xiang's sword, pierced the throat of Song Peng, Song Peng both eyes are towering, at the first look fills to be surprised and puzzled, but gradually, actually full is the color of fear, a moment ago that instantaneously was really too fearful, only then he realized profoundly! Entire Sword Hall disciples dumbstruck, a moment ago had anything, they simply have not seen clearly, even said that could not see to have anything a moment ago, because of Shen Xiang originally from the Song Peng also ten steps distances, but next instance, Shen Xiang's sword already on the throat of Song Peng, but on Song Peng suddenly were also many innumerable sword marks, blood directing current. Shen Xiang is with smile on the face to look at that whole face frightened Song Peng, slowly pulls out the sword, said with a smile: I do not kill you, I must make you forever live in this fear!” Although Duan Peng was pierced the throat, but he is Profound God, but bleeds excessively injures Yuan Qi, will not die!

The Shen Xiang's sword leaves his throat, his fierce kneeling in the ground, the blood comes out from the blood hole turbulent current of his throat, his within the body also has very strong god profound strength, but has not actually been able to revolve, because he had been deterred by that fear. Song Peng has defeated, defeats very thoroughly, although has not died, but these actually ratio dies also painfully! Song Peng is only Low-Rank Profound God, but after Shen Xiang breakthrough, on the direct wind to Middle-Rank Profound God, cultivation base is higher than compared with Song Peng first-order, moreover his strength is that mysterious fearful Six Paths Power, in addition the strange Seven Demon Killings type, a sword made Song Peng collapse. Shen Xiang looks to that Hall Master, said with a smile: This does Hall Master, have interest and I crosses two moves? He was too weak, hits not satisfying!” You......” that Hall Master suddenly is very angry, Shen Xiang this is in provoking their Sword Hall, moreover such rampant standing goes crazy in their Sword Hall. Looks that kneels Song Peng that shivers, that Hall Master pats the arm rest of chair vigorously, such as gust flies in front of Shen Xiang, tall and slender Divine Sword appeared in his hands, is glistening cold light. Has sufficed, he passed trial!” The sound appears together suddenly, then Shen Xiang sees translucent phantom to appear before him, this is one wears old man of white robe. Shen Xiang did not mind that hits with that Hall Master again, breaks through to Middle-Rank Profound God him, just wants to get one to try this time strength fully. This old man appearance, that somewhat angry Hall Master became calms down, although he is Hall Master, but after is young people of having little experience of the world, missed compared with Shen Xiang this Old Jiang far. Comes with me!” That phantom suddenly dodges, arrives at the main hall other one side, that dodges Stone Gate, after he walks, Stone Gate unexpectedly automatic opening.

Shen Xiang can see that this is strength that old man phantom releases opens Stone Gate! Enters the Supreme Temple person as first through trial, Sword Hall was to ask for advice now, was fearful and rampant, Song Peng had carried off therapy, his wound possibly quick recover completely, but kept that fear in his heart to be actually hard to cancel, may follow his life. Across Stone Gate, Shen Xiang with that old man through spacious passage, comes to a bright secret room, in this secret room also has old man, this old man that phantom clone. That phantom came to vanish, that old man looks at Shen Xiang lightly smiled: You call Shen Xiang, right!” old man looked at Yue'er, probably also saw a point anything comes, but has not said anything. Shen Xiang nodded, he causes that many matters outside, Supreme Temple knows that his name is not strange.