World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1877
old man has referred to a chair, after Shen Xiang sits down, that old man then said: I had also known about your matter that after all you have Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique these two taboo divine art, we paid attention to you very much long time ago! That sword that you displayed a moment ago, should be the Deicide Sword Art a little similar Seven Demon Killings type, this is divine art that Demon Execution founds.” Shen Xiang nodded, but Supreme Temple the Highest God supreme headquarters, he knows these, Shen Xiang is not accidental. As far as I know, you should many matters not solve outside, but after joining Supreme Temple, cannot leave Supreme Temple, only if after you, can complete a challenge of Supreme Temple, can pass and out Supreme Temple at will.” old man also said. Shen Xiang knits the brows: „Is that challenge easy?” old man said with a smile: Like this said that at least I have not challenged successfully, although I am this Supreme Temple elder.” The Shen Xiang complexion changes, asked: Then, I must make the choice now, either joins Supreme Temple, either the choice gives up!” old man shakes the head saying: „Didn't you already complete to choose?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: „When I choose to participate in trial I do not know, if I know, I will not join Supreme Temple.” old man Hehe said with a smile: Now is beyond control you, you must join Supreme Temple!” Shen Xiang is somewhat angry, he initially wants to challenge this trial, does not know that this Supreme Temple came not to be able to leave. Relax, we to you two years mediates outside matter, when the time comes you must come Supreme Temple!” old man said: Two years should suffice you to mediate these matters! Speaking of outside the time to meet the chaos again, had two taboo divine art you definitely to be able very danger(ous).” Two years have truly sufficed, Shen Xiang does not give up his women.

Why can outside the chaos? No matter your Supreme Temple tube?” Shen Xiang asked that Gods chaos were not joke, only then this Supreme Temple got rid to stand firm. We cannot control, three big Temple when the time comes will not get rid!” old man said: In brief you when the time comes must come Supreme Temple, even if you do not have to come on time, we will also send for seizing you, otherwise you have at death's door one outside!” Shen Xiang is very puzzled, Supreme Temple, Six Paths Temple and Beast God Temple are Highest God strongly, their unexpectedly did not close! old man said with a smile: I know you in thinking anything, although we some Highest God, but you have not imagined are so fearful, otherwise we do not need to use that many year of construction this types with Gods the nihility space of isolation, the truth told you, we hid to avoid this turmoil here!” Yue'er said: Old man, turmoil that you said that refers to Divine Prison not being able to support?” Cat, you are Beast God Temple? Hehe, how can you this brat together?” old man wants to touch the head of Yue'er, but Yue'er actually meow, then the shunt, making that old man somewhat awkward. Yue'er flies on the Shen Xiang's palm, said: Old man, don't you blow Divine Prison that group of fellows?” old man sighed: Good, Divine Prison that group of fellows with are the same, some became Highest God that we expect, so long as the quantity comes up gradually, they can ruin Divine Prison not long with joint forces, then runs!” In Divine Prison is closing that many fearful evil people, they were detained such a long time, accumulated many hates, once runs, inconceivable! But detains their, is Supreme Temple these Highest God does, they initially did not have the means to destroy completely that group of evil people, seal in Divine Prison, therefore they will also expect that attended the meeting such for day. old man said: Initially was infiltrated the Divine Prison fellow by us, is not the common people, their talent different reported that Gods major Palace Master do not blow them, therefore we will get rid. We are unable to extinguish the fellow who kills, by seal in Divine Prison, but they will also find the way to practice in Divine Prison, many years passed by, they also become very formidable.”

A Shen Xiang face despises: This is the trouble that you cause, accident time you actually hide, making Gods the above innocent masses be brought disaster.” Relax, no matter although we, but other influences can manage, Gods is not only then our three big Temple look! Other with our quite big influence definitely do not look that Gods like this was ruined, so long as when the time comes we hid that's alright.” Gods besides three big Temple, unexpectedly also has other mysterious strong presences! old man said: Actually our Supreme Temple, were similar to the past Nine Spirit Kings such, wants the world that founded one to be us to govern, but did not have Nine Spirit Kings that world of Nine Heaven to be great! Beast God Temple and Six Paths Temple have this small world! In addition, some God king of past years such did, this was to prevent Gods ruins, but can continue the inheritance.” Thinks that at that time must hide here, Shen Xiang is very at heart uncomfortable, he wants to rush very much at that time outside. That present makes me exit!” Shen Xiang said: By that time you sent for meeting my that's alright.” old man nodded, wielded the sleeve to pack off Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang left Supreme Temple, place unexpectedly that appears was he before and Yue'er divides Nine Surprising Spirits fruit there, he and Yue'er just presented here, the induction to several aura. Is he with this cat, I will die will not forget.” Li Zhonghan shouts. Initially Shen Xiang and Yue'er stepped into that black lake, Li Zhonghan and that several Dan God rush on suddenly, but that black lake vanished. 80 years, have waited till you finally, hand over quickly the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit!” Li Zhonghan is shouting.

Shen Xiang looked at this group of people, strongest is also only Ye Qin, she is High-Rank Profound God, Li Zhonghan is the Middle-Rank Profound God peak. Ye Qin knits the brows, because Shen Xiang has not changed the appearance now, what use is appearance originally. „Are you Shen Xiang?” After Ye Qin confirmed that cannot help but retreat several steps, Shen Xiang understood that fearful Deicide Sword Art and Seven Demon Killings type. Good!” Shen Xiang light tunnel, he had guessed correctly that they are recover that Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, he also knows that he stayed for eight years in the place of trial, but outside actually crossed for 80 years, he lost for 70 years, making in his heart cannot help but criticize that Supreme Temple, the unexpectedly pit his many time. Shen Xiang said: 80 years, your unexpectedly here with hardship has also been defending, really plucky!” Li Zhonghan coldly snorted and said: Do not think that you are Shen Xiang, can not give back to us! Told you, because there is a Dan God urgently needed Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, can therefore pay the high price to seek, if you did not give, even if that Dan God did not torment to death you, I will kill you!” Shen Xiang sneers: That Nine Surprising Spirits fruit is I depends upon own skill to take, who makes you so weak, moreover on the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit tree has not inscribed your names, why saying that is your? The father does not give you, can you a father be what kind of?”