World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1878

Li Zhonghan gets angry anxiously, if were some Dan God or is formidable Heavenly God to him such rampantly , what was rampant before him was Shen Xiang, moreover cultivation base was very low, before was True God, although past 80 years, but he thinks that Shen Xiang supported is also High-Rank True God. Ye Qin has not thought that although she did not know about Shen Xiang, but she actually knows that Shen Xiang's alchemy level unusual, the alchemy very wise alchemy master, will usually utilize massive pills becomes by oneself more formidable, she has not seen the Shen Xiang's strength now, but actually saw that Shen Xiang has the energy very much. The Ye Qin thoughts are meticulous, after careful ponder, decides to be far away from here, because and Shen Xiang has the conflict now is not the good matter. We walk, this matter went back Bing Bao to be OK.” Ye Qin said to Li Zhonghan, and draws Li Zhonghan that has straightened up must manifest suddenly. The Ye Qin words are exciting Li Zhonghan, making Li Zhonghan think that Ye Qin underestimates him, must show off, but several Profound God that at this time Li Zhonghan brings also come here, this makes him have the energy. Shen Xiang, I give you again an opportunity, if you did not hand over the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit......” Li Zhonghan not saying that Shen Xiang has put out his Deicide Sword. Did not need to give me the opportunity, 80 years passed by, the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit had been eaten by me, how you made me take, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. Courts death!” The Li Zhonghan anger shouted one, arm was similar to turns into phantom to dodge together, the speed was quick, looked that his appearance wants to slap a Shen Xiang face. Has to acknowledge that this Li Zhonghan has many skills, but has Shen Xiang of Middle-Rank Profound God strength not to regard as the match Li Zhonghan. The palm of the hand of Li Zhonghan when brushes, Shen Xiang also swift and violent wields a sword, chops to cut on the arm of Li Zhonghan. „” The Li Zhonghan pain shouted, the palm falls in the ground, but the blood has not actually flowed comes out, his wound place is belching smoke, this is because Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword is hot.

Young Master!” Has a big shock with several Profound God that whose Li Zhonghan comes immediately, not saying anything further, puts out weapon to attack toward Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang brow selects, after sneered, person already not in same place, when he appears, already in Li Zhonghan behind, but the body of that several Profound God left several blood holes, Godhead and Divine Soul screens out by Shen Xiang directly. Seven Demon Killings type......” Ye Qin in great surprise, Shen Xiang this move very fearful, she already heard, hastily shouted: Shen Xiang, he is the child of Plentiful God, if you......” The Ye Qin words have not said that sees Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword to prick the scruff of Li Zhonghan, moreover a foot tramples vigorously to the waist of Li Zhonghan. Bang! Shen Xiang tramples vigorously, shakes startling thunderclap, during the lightning flashes, the waist of Li Zhonghan also explodes a slice of meat to be broken. Bang! The body of Li Zhonghan flew, hits on a big tree, Shen Xiang dodged immediately, to struggling the chest of Li Zhonghan maliciously steps on. Shen Xiang this foot is similar to the great column hit earth, Six Paths Power in his within the body rolling Ben Ming, stimulates very wild Qi Energy, making Shen Xiang this foot might infinite, treads Li Zhonghan to spurt the blood like the bubbling spring, the earth is shaken turns several to turn. Miss Ye, we walks quickly, even if we collaborates, perhaps is not the Shen Xiang's rival, let alone this Li Zhonghan does not listen to the advice!” Ye Qin old man said that they commended Ye Qin secretly, if Ye Qin also same wants to grasp with Li Zhonghan with Shen Xiang a moment ago, when the time comes they definitely also on, then the fate with lying down was the same in that several Profound God of ground, died from some unknown cause.

Ye Qin and have experienced with several Profound God that whose she comes to Shen Xiang's are fearful, three a few tricks they are annihilated Li Zhonghan, truly is not they can stir up. Walks!” Ye Qin makes the decision immediately, she is just about to leave, sees only Shen Xiang of distant place to shout. Wait / Etc.!” Shen Xiang said that a foot kicks that barely alive Li Zhonghan, very accurate falling before the Ye Qin foot. Ye Qin looked down that Li Zhonghan, cannot help but frowned, luckily she was also the person of having fought many battles, seeing covered with blood Li Zhonghan to be also insufficient to spit, but an inexplicable sense of fear made her want to spit. Leads this fellow, should also be able to rescue.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Goes back to tell that several Dan God, the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit is I obtains first, that is my thing, hopes that they do not make a mistake, I do not want with them for the enemy.” Li Zhonghan truly is also living, but Godhead had been taken by Shen Xiang, regarding Profound God, this is very cruel matter, because this was equal to is abandoned was the same, killing him was more uncomfortable. Takes away him!” Ye Qin has not replied the Shen Xiang's words, told that several Profound God lift Li Zhonghan, then uses formation plate to leave. Shen Xiang looked to fly above Yue'er, asked: Also if wanted and do I walk everywhere?” Yue'er shakes the head saying: Does not use, I must meet Beast God Temple, if the beforehand that old man said real, I must return to Beast God Temple, is predestined friends says goodbye!” Shen Xiang nodded to her: Takes care!”

Yue'er dodged vanished, Shen Xiang sighed one lightly, then teleport left. Long Xueyi also in the deep sleep, the time of this deep sleep was really too long, seemed not because ate up that Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, built up the speed according to Long Xueyi's, in eight years of place of trial, should enough she build up the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit. Crosses for 80 years, how did not know Xiao Chou this fellow!” Shen Xiang is worried about Xiao Chou, because Shen Xiang also same participates in this trial with him, he passed trial, but also profound realizing fearfulness of this trial, if not for there is a Yue'er help, as well as the assistance of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he is unable to pass in that pass/test finally. After several teleport, he arrived at Goddess City, arrived at that shop, those who let his accident is, this shop has transferred 50 years ago. He inquired that has not thought Feng Yujie also left Goddess Palace 50 years ago, at that time she was because had the conflict with Dan God, caused to be pursued by Goddess Palace, because offended Dan God, therefore she now also by that Dan God envious hatred, to flatter that Dan God, some powerful Heavenly God believed the oath to her grasp broad and level. Why Feng Yujie can have the conflict with that Dan God, Shen Xiang has not inquired that only knows at that time had great war in Goddess Palace, Feng Yujie and that Dan God was seriously injured! Opened Lu Qilian of shop their several females also at that time to transfer the shop, left Goddess City. It seems like can only return to Demon Soul Executing City first!” Shen Xiang looks at Goddess Palace that has reached to the sky, then fast goes to transmit plaza. After arriving transmits plaza, his unexpectedly knew that now all Divine City do not open enters Demon Soul Executing City Teleportation Formation!