World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1879

Shen Xiang before entering the place of trial, had known that Infernal Demon Emperor and his influence resurge, but also retaliates Demon Soul Executing City, after inquiring knew that all Divine City do not open Teleportation Formation to be really related with this matter to Demon Soul Executing City, because Demon Soul Executing City is encountering large quantities of Evil Devil that Infernal Demon Emperor carries to besiege now wickedly strangely, this great war has continued for more than ten years. Demon Soul Executing City most people already left, now only then the Demon Execution Temple disciple Demon Execution Heavenly God has clung to tenaciously entire total wreck Divine City, now occupies leeward. Why audiences doesn't Temple help Demon Soul Executing City?” Shen Xiang inquired that old man, this old man is a teashop customer in teahouse, is Profound God, Shen Xiang and he chatted in this teahouse. Audiences Temple thinks that this is grievances between Demon Execution Temple and Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore has not gotten rid! I thought that is Demon Execution Temple most Temple Heavenly God thinks Demon Execution Temple was really in the way, wants to let the Demon Execution Temple thorough decline.” That old man said. Shen Xiang has drunk several cups of tea, chatted the period of time with that old man, then the transmission to being away from the Demon Soul Executing City recent city, then rushes to Demon Soul Executing City. Infernal Demon Emperor has the support of Highest God, therefore he develops a very strong influence quickly, to stabilize his influence in Gods status, therefore his first matter must do destroys completely Demon Execution Temple. Shen Xiang saw the Demon Soul Executing City evil ghost to soar to the heavens in the distant place, was being covered by the haze, gathers round the big city wall in city already the sores all over the eye, at this time also has massive Evil Devil to stand on the city wall, the city wall had been broken through. Audiences Temple this group of idiots, after Infernal Demon Emperor destroys completely Demon Execution Temple this top-quality threat, definitely will aim at other formidable Temple, the Infernal Demon Emperor ambition they have not known that when the time comes Gods is Infernal Demon Emperor.” Shen Xiang teleport in the past, appeared in city. Construction in city, besides Demon Execution Temple also perfect beside, other was total wreck, the ground splits, has the massive depth not to see the bottom the gully, the house complete collapse, dense white bone finds at everywhere, these are the Demon Execution Temple disciples. Shen Xiang looks at airborne is covering that dark clouds, is braving the evil aura unceasingly, hides Evil Devil in this city absorbs this evil aura wickedly strangely, is expanding fast. But the soul that here died will emerge in that dark clouds, when this is Infernal Demon Emperor guards Hell the most familiar trick, obtains strength using the ghost fast.

This partial clouds should accumulate many years, must make the powder, the sunlight shines, has certain lethality to these Evil Devil, should be able to weaken these Evil Devil strength.” Shen Xiang is staring at the airborne dark cloud, the double fist is gripping tightly, jumps projects faint trace golden lightning. Heaven Refining big universe!” Shen Xiang drinks one lightly, Six Paths Power current craze wells up, golden light explodes to well up from his body, making him be similar to fierce Yang Ban releases the blazing ray. Shortly, a huge golden cover appears suddenly, is covering entire Demon Soul Executing City! Shen Xiang had investigated all around environment a moment ago, Infernal Demon Emperor supreme headquarters distance here is very far, enters Demon Soul Executing City inside Evil Devil wickedly strange, although many, but hides the practice, absorbs evil aura that the above dark cloud releases. The giant cover that Shen Xiang releases is similar to huge Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, covers the entire city! Refined this Evil Devil strength he to be familiar, but must refine now many, had the Six Paths Power support, he must carry on the so large-scale refinement not to be difficult. Quick, that giant dark clouds present silver flame, this is the Shen Xiang book assigns Creation Fire that Divine Ability releases, becomes under the stimulation of movement of Six Paths Power heats up, burns fiercely, quick makes sky over Demon Soul Executing City turn into piece of sea of fire. ...... In Demon Execution Temple, Wang Jinshi startled shouted: Master, looks above quickly, what's all this about?” Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing see this type of flame, has to plant very familiar feeling.

After Demon Execution Heavenly God sees, said pleasantly surprised: Is Shen Xiang's Creation Fire, this little rascal through trial, he had not died!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is very excited, some sound sons shiver! Sees airborne to burn at this time the silver-white flame in the Demon Execution Temple disciple, that pure and holy silver light shines, made their mood more comfortable. 80 years, has he been doing!” Wang Jinshi was also very happy, but actually somewhat worried, because Infernal Demon Emperor has been seeking for Shen Xiang. We exit to coordinate him quickly, so as to avoid being disturbed by Infernal Demon Emperor, sends out!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said that afterward leads Demon Execution Temple large quantities of disciples to fly fast. Shen Xiang is displaying Heaven Refining Technique, moreover scale very huge that with requiring time, if some people of Protector that are naturally best. Gives me to come up!” Shen Xiang's Divine Sense is similar to a great net covers, covers Evil Devil that these hide to be wicked, afterward displays too extremely builds up, in airborne sea of fire presents one huge Tai Chi Diagram immediately, that innumerable Evil Devil of ground wicked strange immediately float, was pulled to enter by that strength. All urges round of Six Paths Power Shen Xiang, has utilized peak Heaven Refining Technique that he grasps at this time, massive Evil Devil wicked strange fast float were inhaled in sea of fire, looked at the past in the distant place, was similar to likes a moth to the flame general. Builds up!” A Shen Xiang roar, acoustic shock eight sides, overawe the world, Evil Devil that but also struggles in sea of fire wicked strange turns into the ashes instantaneously, afterward is fast concise becomes grain of white pill pellet. Demon Execution Heavenly God and the others that catches up with sees, surprised incomparable, they have not thought that Shen Xiang such quickly finished! Infernal Demon Emperor came, we do not fight with them temporarily!” Demon Execution Heavenly God arrives at side Shen Xiang, holds him immediately to return to Demon Execution Temple.

Demon Soul Executing City had been covered many years by the dark cloud, at this time the sunlight from sprinkles newly on Demon Soul Executing City, although turned into the ruins, but this means that quick will finish. In Demon Execution Temple, Shen Xiang looks at Ren Tianyong they, smiled: For a long time does not see, unexpectedly will turn into this! Fat fifth child?” Died, the fifth child stinking ninth category died!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said low-spirited: Zu Chao and Zu Ming their husband and wife is still missing. Oh, otherwise we will not be miserable!” Demon Execution Heavenly God two sons and daughter-in-law, but main strength, Shen Xiang understands that now why Demon Soul Executing City will turn so. Wang Jinshi Ren Tianyong they have promoted luckily are Heavenly God, the beforehand ten second group of disciples, Demon Execution Temple overall strength is very strong, but with Infernal Demon Emperor protracted war these many years, was abrasioned large quantities of strength gradually, but Infernal Demon Emperor has the continuous support, no wonder can like this. Other don't Temple help?” Shen Xiang sees Tai Qiang to walk, nodded to him, greeted. But Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Does not help, Heaven Punishment God also get sucked into the root of trouble, ten was being entangled by a big pile, is unable to leave to help me. Fire God Palace and God of Wealth palace and War Temple these big Temple are absolutely impossible to help me.” Heaven Punishment God is unable to help, explained that Supreme Temple inside old man said is true, Divine Prison must unable to suppress quickly, Heaven Punishment God should be now is preparing Divine Prison destruction!