World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1880
Demon Execution Temple was compelled so the region, explained that side Infernal Demon Emperor is powerful, obtains supporting secretly of Highest God, if given time, must destroy completely Gods other Temple is not the difficult matter. Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Shen Xiang, although your present strength is very strong, but Infernal Demon Emperor this time influence is not you can imagine, otherwise we so will not be miserable!” Shen Xiang looks at out of the window that stretch of ruins, said: Now what to do then we can? This way is not the means that cannot temporarily leave here, later comes back again?” Demon Execution Heavenly God shakes the head saying: If can walk, I will certainly walk, but cannot leave now, because the Infernal Demon Emperor priority target is we, once our Demon Execution Temple dismisses, Infernal Demon Emperor does not have the goal, the consequence can be imagined!” Demon Execution Heavenly God for entire Gods consideration, Shen Xiang careful thinking, if not Demon Execution Heavenly God with hardship perseveres here, perhaps world of Nine Heaven will fall to the enemy, the Demon Execution Heavenly God foundation executes the devil art method, to cope with Infernal Demon Emperor this Evil Devil, he cannot certainly show weakness. Didn't have the means really?” Wang Jinshi sighed that she has also completed the consciousness, originally with their together ten Senior Brother younger brother sisters, but now only remaining their three. From joining Demon Execution Temple at that time, they had this consciousness, can die to fight with Evil Devil. Demon Execution Heavenly God is congealing the eyebrow, took a deep breath: Has, the only means are to look for the helper! Shen Xiang, are you willing to take risk?” Shen Xiang nods immediately: Naturally wants, I am also a Demon Execution Temple member, moreover Infernal Demon Emperor is also my sworn enemy!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: You must go to Highest God forbidden land, I initially entered Highest God forbidden land time, in inside knew that several friends, is the life-and-death friendship, they initially also had promised me, once I have difficult, they will certainly help my! But I cannot go now personally, can only make you inform them for me.” The Highest God forbidden land very fearful place, after all people in this hall hear, immediately changes countenance! How can find them?” Shen Xiang did not certainly fear that place, Supreme Temple trial is so fearful, he can pass, therefore Demon Execution Heavenly God also believes that Shen Xiang can complete this matter.

Demon Execution Heavenly God has had this idea, but here enters Highest God forbidden land hopefully, and person who found his friends, has Shen Xiang one! He cannot go is because he, once leaves, the Infernal Demon Emperor surprise attack, here nobody can resist Infernal Demon Emperor. This is my faith token, you give them that's alright, they believed your words.” Demon Execution Heavenly God gives a Shen Xiang white jade tiger. They in Highest God forbidden land where?” Shen Xiang also asked one time. I do not know that I only know they also in Highest God forbidden land, you must find them as soon as possible, you go to Highest God forbidden land, this jade tiger will direct you to seek them.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Is certainly quick, how long we could not support.” Outside Shen Xiang nodded, after receiving good jade tiger, suddenly hears to transmit together angry loudly shout: Shen Xiang, get lost to me!” Demon Soul Executing City for many years was covered by the dark cloud, now the dark cloud dissipates, explained that has the expert in secret getting rid disperse clouds, but shouted propaganda at person Plentiful God that outside! Plentiful God is throwing over a dahongpao, that handsome facial features full are angry and ice-cold, grasps a black machete, murderous-looking float outside Demon Execution Temple. This fellow comes that quickly!” Shen Xiang sees out of the window that Plentiful God tall and strong form, whispering. What's the matter? The fellow who when you annoy?” Demon Execution Heavenly God also frowned, Shen Xiang should just trial end, this Plentiful God came, and ablazes with anger. I discarded his son! The son who who lets this fellow was so rampant......” Shen Xiang just saying that outside presented several forms, unexpectedly was that several Dan God. The Demon Execution Heavenly God whole face is stunned, he understood at a glance that these Dan God appear definitely is here related with Shen Xiang.

I went to Highest God forbidden land first, Temple Master Heavenly God, outside these fellows trouble you!” The Shen Xiang hollow laugh several, teleport vanished afterward. Demon Execution Heavenly God just wants to scold Shen Xiang several, actually discovered that Shen Xiang has walked away. Shen Xiang here, don't you ask him to do?” Demon Execution Heavenly God and Ren Tianyong they go out of Temple, in the hand are taking Divine Weapon, represents them very much not to welcome Plentiful God now their arrival. Plentiful God angrily said: I must kill him, makes him come out to suffer to death quickly!” Dan God Lan Yi said: He robs our Nine Surprising Spirits fruits, we must make him return!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has sneered several: so that's how it is, but he really not here, although he is my Demon Execution Temple one, but you cannot, because catches him, then tears down my this broken place!” Demon Execution, you should be very clear your this time situation, do not compel me to help Infernal Demon Emperor!” Plentiful God is cold the face, his son is taking away Godhead by Shen Xiang, where he can not get angry. Demon Execution Heavenly God asked lightly: „Are you are threatening me?” Plentiful God coldly said: I make you hand over Shen Xiang, I will not feel embarrassed your! I give you again an opportunity!” Demon Execution Heavenly God took a deep breath, unemotionally said: I had said Shen Xiang not here! Although my Mr. Demon Execution was compelled so the region by Infernal Demon Emperor, but did not represent me to fear you!” The words finish, Demon Execution Heavenly God whole body golden light dodges crazily, the powerful pressure makes the earth shiver, blustery, that dreadful anger turns into intermittent golden astral wind, roared is wreaking havoc eight sides, raised the intermittent golden crazy thunder.

Is God of Wealth this bastard does not dare to be so crazy before me, you are any thing!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is angry, turns into together the startling thunderclap, the fierce appearance nearby Plentiful God, that is only dry old fills the hand of vast Divine Power to buckle stubbornly on the throat of Plentiful God. Although Plentiful God early has guarded, but still cannot block Demon Execution Heavenly God so fearful strength, he seems like pressed firmly between the fingers the chicken of neck now, strength that simply has not revolted against! They are High-Rank Heavenly God, but disparity unexpectedly such big, making nearby several Dan God feel shocking, Demon Execution Heavenly God was formidable they early to have hearing, personally has not seen! Plentiful God truly thinks one and Demon Execution Heavenly God are High-Rank Heavenly God, moreover Demon Execution Heavenly God for these years and Infernal Demon Emperor is consuming, now affirms Yuan Qi to damage severely, has not thought that gets rid to pinch his fart unable to put. Demon Execution, was OK!” Cold air raids, white Ice Dragon appears in the distant place, above dragon head is standing youngster, this is God of Wealth. Demon Execution Heavenly God held Plentiful God to fling toward God of Wealth: God of Wealth, manages well your disciple.” Plentiful God stands above Ice Dragon, looked that does not dare to look at Demon Execution Heavenly God again!