World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1881

Other five Dan God somewhat are also unable to back down at this time, if they such walked, explained that they have feared Demon Execution Heavenly God, does not walk, they also worried that Demon Execution Heavenly God will get rid to them. I had said that isn't Shen Xiang here, believed by you!” Demon Execution Heavenly God has swept that several Dan God, but he now anything did not fear that at the worst perishes together. The God of Wealth very clear Demon Execution Heavenly God temperament, bringing Plentiful God to depart, that several Dan God have not said anything, leaves in abundance, the Demon Execution Heavenly God strength they have experienced with own eyes, although they are Dan God, the strength is also quite strong, collaborates to defeat Demon Execution Heavenly God is not impossible, but they do not need to do, moreover this also needs to pay very big price. Snort!” Demon Execution Heavenly God saw this group of people to leave, then returned to Demon Execution Temple, today will have these many important matters, quick will pass on. Shen Xiang teleport left Demon Soul Executing City, has been far away from this battlefield, but Demon Execution Heavenly God got angry pressure unexpectedly that strikes also to affect a moment ago here, making him shock, he thought that Demon Execution Heavenly God can become Highest God quickly. Highest God forbidden land, is a damned place!” Shen Xiang sighed sighing, starts to hurry along, goes to Highest God forbidden land. Highest God forbidden land is a very big region, it is said occupies Gods most land, but in very danger(ous), therefore nobody steps. Where Shen Xiang naturally knows Highest God forbidden land, but he must look for a good entrance. Although Highest God forbidden land danger(ous), but there is also many explorers the place that likes going, for many years, was opened many security entrances, can enter the Highest God forbidden land quite deep place safely. If enters from other places, perhaps meets the mishap danger(ous), was very easy to be killed. Shen Xiang has marched on several days of road, saw Divine City, the front suddenly white light will dodge, presents a white clothing floating female. Xueyi!” Shen Xiang is very surprised, stands before him deep sleep many years of Long Xueyi, but she at this time looks like before has very big difference.

Before Long Xueyi was trouble maker of being smiling, to the person a sweet handsome feeling, seeing her always to pinch her cheek. But now the Shen Xiang present Long Xueyi whole body is actually passing the chilly aura, looks like looks like in the snow the arrogant cold plum, fills the air/Qi of cold and proud, one type aloofs the feeling to make Shen Xiang think that she is very strange. „Do you want to go to Highest God forbidden land?” Long Xueyi asked that sound also ice-cold several points. Um!” Shen Xiang nodded, knits the brows to ask: Xueyi, you how?” Long Xueyi slightly took a deep breath, the complexion became moderate, shook the head: I do not know that these days of my deep sleep unknowingly restored some memories, now I thought one have two memories.” Shen Xiang walks, fierce hugs her in the bosom, affectionate visits her, seriously said: That is not two memories, but is your previous generation! But that is the past matter, you of rebirth are genuine you, you must suppress the effect of previous generation memory on your mood and disposition!” Long Xueyi looks at Shen Xiang in consternation, afterward nodded, then the head by in the Shen Xiang's chest, closes the eye to do according to Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang is patting her back gently: Xueyi, you must retrieve itself, makes beforehand dragon brat!” He knows that the Long Xueyi's situation is quite complex, because the memory of previous generation is only the part, awakens little, making the Long Xueyi memory incomplete, collides with this time memory, let her schizophrenia! If inherits the previous generation partially to bring the negative mood the memory, to Long Xueyi is not the good matter, Shen Xiang not to hope that Long Xueyi like the icy appearance, like had the bitter hatred to him a moment ago. Shen Xiang like this is holding Long Xueyi one day a night, until hearing Long Xueyi that mischievous laughter sound, Shen Xiang relaxed.

dragon brat, scared to death me!” Shen Xiang has pinched her face vigorously, smiled, has felt relieved. Long Xueyi sweet smiled, stands on tiptoes to start to kiss the Shen Xiang's lip, said with a smile: Relax, I am all right now!” Shen Xiang nodded, has hugged her, in the heart was still worried that she will turn into beforehand such. „Have you rushed to trial? Passes?” Long Xueyi is interested in the Shen Xiang trial matter very much. Shen Xiang is holding her hand, moves toward front that Divine City, slowly told her the process of place of trial...... „...... Also has been short of dozens years of matter!” Long Xueyi spits the tongue, said with a smile: My this deep sleep also has the harvest luckily, has not thought that my incomplete Divine Soul are so fierce, the unexpectedly self- mutual attraction, gathers together completely, therefore did not need to seek everywhere.” Where?” Shen Xiang was also very happy, because helps Long Xueyi seek for these remnant souls is also the matter that has a headache about very much, now gathers together, can save many time. In Highest God forbidden land, initially I died in Highest God forbidden land, there remnant soul are most, therefore gathers finally in inside!” Long Xueyi said: As far as I know, Black Tortoise Cloth also in inside, that is Nine Spirit Kings builds.” Black Tortoise Cloth is also Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor most first edition, is most intrepid, is built by Nine Spirit Kings, it can be imagined! Shen Xiang's Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor ruins in trial, before he collected Four Beast's Divine Weapons, had known that this Four Beast's Divine Weapons site, Long Xueyi did not say, he does not know had one in Highest God forbidden land. „Didn't you enter Hidden Jade Ring?” Shen Xiang asked.

Does not go, I now am not very weak!” Long Xueyi wields the powder fist, said with a smile tenderly: I may be fierce now, does if wanted try?” The Long Xueyi deep sleep is so long is not Bai Shui, truly became very strong. Sister Qilian they do not know where, I went to Goddess City not to find them.” Shen Xiang wants to make them be ready, because in two years, Divine Prison will be destroyed, inside evil person will run. Shen Xiang offended Dan God to be forced to leave the Goddess City matter Feng Yujie to say to the Long Xueyi hear. Long Xueyi said: Does not need too to be worried their, Sister Feng affirmed that perhaps with their together, they in secret has developed, but thinks the low key.” Shen Xiang nodded, looks up the front that giant city gate, read the city gate above character to ban Divine City. Was very ancient, in the past this Divine City was known as Gods most greatly strongest Divine City, oh!” In some Long Xueyi's memories has this Divine City matter. Reason that the name is Highest God forbidden land, bans Divine City to be related with this, but the dead ahead of this Divine City another front door, security entrances to Highest God forbidden land.