World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1882
In this bans in Divine City, every day has many to expert that goes to the Highest God forbidden land exploration to treasure hunt, they will gather first are ready here, where will stockpile enough pills and inquiry clear will have Heaven and Earth Treasure, generally they will purchase the effective news with divine coin. Squad brigade in threes and fours finds at everywhere, accompanies the survival the opportunity to be bigger. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi enter this Divine City, naturally to not prepare, but comes to have a look here to have the secret marks that Lu Qilian they keep, as well as inquired that Lu Qilian they whether has come to here. They entered Divine City to walk, asked in several hotel Xiaoer (waiter), have not inquired and Lu Qilian their related news. Strange, didn't they sell pills? Where they went, they had enough many divine coin, now hides to refine the Divine Pill promotion strength?” Shen Xiang looks at a table sumptuous dish, but does not have what appetite, heavyhearted. Long Xueyi is slightly is also stuttering, she and Shen Xiang inquired in the city small half day, knew that initially that sold purple mysterious saint pill and other many famous Saint pill's shops to close for a long time, since this shop is closed, that several very famous Saint pill go into hiding, causing many people regrettable. in other words, after Lu Qilian they and Feng Yujie walked, again has not sold Saint pill, this makes Shen Xiang think that they were hide. Naturally, at this time bans Divine City also to spread his matter, he comes back to discard Li Zhonghan to enrage Plentiful God, then goes to Demon Soul Executing City to build up that dark clouds, afterward Demon Execution Heavenly God gets rid to Plentiful God, this series of big matters are the focal points of big Divine City discussion. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi have not inquired Lu Qilian their news, but knew that a quite important matter, was War Temple sends a number of talented expert to enter in Highest God forbidden land, it is said was chases down one to use the poisonous very strong female. Ate to the full, we must a bit faster hurry along, follow the War Temple step! Inquired from us news that female who they chase down, is very likely Bai Ziqian or Lu Qinlian!” Shen Xiang said to Long Xueyi that Long Xueyi nodded, after dish eats last, has sucked in the finger.

Shen Xiang understood that chased down female strength is not very strong, probably is Profound God this, but War Temple has actually sent out other day of Divine Level expert, as well as one crowd of Profound God, they use the poisonous female extremely to attach great importance to that obviously. Doesn't enter Hidden Jade Ring?” Shen Xiang asked. Long Xueyi is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, said with a smile: Does not use, I want to take a look outside, my present strength is not weak.” Shen Xiang also wants to be merry with Long Xueyi like this, now Long Xueyi has enough strength, he does not need to be worried about anything. We walk!” Shen Xiang is drawing Long Xueyi, dodges vanishes is banning in Divine City, appears on a heat steaming hard road. Around here is braves the thick smoke the volcano, all around paint black ground has many fissures, can see these fissures to brave the red light, the lava rolling to flow clearly, promoting lands to collide mutually, splashes the genuine boiling hot rock magma. „Is this safest entrance?” Long Xueyi looked at all around, here lava may make her feel very hot. Um, I now no matter also teleport, we first defer to the safe route to walk carelessly, if awfully may be serious teleport to a place.” Shen Xiang sees front to have one group of people to ride flying disc, determined that here is the security entrance. Initially Bai Ziqian, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao walked together, Lu Qinlian was Xiao Lizhi! Shen Xiang thought that uses the poisonous female to be very likely Bai Ziqian, because of Lu Qinlian and Xiao Lizhi can with Lu Qilian together.

Although around this is the volcanos, but truly is the security entrance, after Shen Xiang and passing of Long Xueyi cautious and solemn, sees the front is piece of fiery red fog haze, is covering the earth. Across this red fog, inside was Highest God forbidden land, so long as following a hot escape, can pass safely!” Shen Xiang has referred to front, he and Long Xueyi sees many people to get down from flying disc, the walk enters. The thick red fog haze covers world, dodges the thunder to be unceasing, fills endless danger(ous), according to entering the Highest God forbidden land guide, the warm escape that so long as forms following the volcanic cluster, can safe and sound enters Highest God forbidden land. A Long Xueyi face relaxed with Shen Xiang hand in hand, steps into that red fog haze, although in unceasingly glittering blood red lightning glow, as well as transmits calling out of intermittent sinister, but Shen Xiang has not induced to any danger(ous), in this is truly safe. This Highest God forbidden land is also the place that becomes a fugitive, offended the big Temple fellow, can go all out toward here facing set, although also very danger(ous) in this, but always compares to be chased down outside.” Long Xueyi looked at all around: Here as before was away from by red fog, does not know that inside has anything to change!” Before Shen Xiang remembers Long Xueyi, now is in Beast God Temple formidable divine beast, perhaps too Divine Level other, moreover is also very familiar with this Highest God forbidden land, she died in battle in this. Xueyi, do you know the Beast God Temple matter? You should be Beast God Temple is right.” Shen Xiang said: This is Yue'er tells me, she is in Beast God Temple runs.” Yes, in the past also only then Beast God Temple gathered large quantities of formidable beasts, but also had it all finally, oh!” Long Xueyi shook the head: Regarding this Duan Shi, I, only then the memory of fragment, thinks on the headache.” Shen Xiang smiled, feels her head: That have not thought that quick can help you retrieve that incomplete memory!”

The region that this fog cover is very broad, is similar to a barrier isolates Highest God forbidden land, Shen Xiang wants to attempt to test space power teleport, but actually receives the unstable strange strength disturbance, therefore he has not attempted. Six Paths Power can control any principle strength, properly speaking after he uses Six Paths Power, will be more right to the utilization of Law of Space, but he is actually unable in this red fog uses, to control here strength to be formidable now makes in his heart dread. This Highest God forbidden land initially was the place of group god chaotic war, was covered by mysterious strength after the war, causing this inside to turn into the danger(ous) mysterious place, moreover scatters Divine Weapon that massive initially that group of strong gods left behind to fight armor, Heaven and Earth Treasure also had many, making many people continuous all searched valuable trial. Three days later, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi pass through that blood-colored fog haze finally, cold current suddenly, this command has formidable fleshly body them cannot help but to tremble. Good fearful cold strength!” Long Xueyi knits the brows: How can like this? Highest God did forbidden land turn into Land of Ice and Snow? Before here, is very attractive, even if should not after the war like this!” Shen Xiang cannot help but trembles, has supreme god bone him so, other fleshly body weak terrible, he and Long Xueyi also saw the person who front has falls to the ground frozen stiff.