World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1883
Shen Xiang for were not frozen is so uncomfortable, Creation Fire of revolution within the body protects the body, simultaneously releases space domain, lets the cold isolation of him and Long Xueyi and outside. This ice cold strength was really too fearful, what was creates?” Shen Xiang is pondering, he looked at Long Xueyi: What impression has?” Long Xueyi shook the head: No, before I in the past at the point of death, here is quite at most tattered, but should many trees, not think that now will turn so!” You make me feel these ice cold strength, I think somewhat strangely, you also feel, can perhaps discover anything.” Long Xueyi makes Shen Xiang withdraw space domain. After Shen Xiang withdrawal, thinks slightly coldly, because he warmed-up with the flame. I do not have the discovery to have anything not to be right!” Shen Xiang deep attracted several cold air/Qi to enter within the body, did not have any special place. Here ice cold strength has two, although is the ice cold strength, but has the different special capabilities, for example has the reproductive property, so long as covers on a thing, can absorb the air/Qi of world to strengthen itself, making here ice day after day coldly! But another constantly devour other ice cold strength is enhanced, then releases a stronger cold strength.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang squats to work on together cold ice, after vigorous crumb, burns to build up with the flame again, then uses source Spirit Eyes to examine that really discovery this inside has the strength of two wisps of source to twine! Two characteristics different ice cold strength interdependence, thus has made this Highest God forbidden land for many years that cold. Certainly has the source, so long as found the source, can ravel.” Long Xueyi's complexion suddenly becomes serious, this matter probably very importantly is for her same. Shen Xiang has put out Demon Execution Heavenly God to his jade tiger, induces sends out shivering slightly to the jade tiger, he uses the jade tiger to several directions, a vibration of direction is fiercest, explained that that side has the person who he needs to look. We look for Demon Execution Heavenly God several friends first!” Long Xueyi nodded, helping Demon Execution Temple get out of trouble is the matter of urgent matter, Shen Xiang also has to put down to seek for the Bai Ziqian's matter, moreover after War Temple that batch of expert come, did not have the news, he does not know how should look. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi discovered that other come here person, unexpectedly and they walk the same direction, moreover this is several groups of people, this squads did not know that but do they go to the same direction to do? Just started Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi also thinks that was own status exposed, this group of people with them, but after they slowed the tempo intentionally, these over a hundred people of unexpectedly walked in that direction. After walking for quite a while, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are clear, the actually front has one with the small town that the ice constructs, before Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi, had not inquired enters the Highest God forbidden land later matter, therefore does not know this small town. The construction of small town constructs with ice, has short high, is reliable, main road anything is the white ice, the entire city is white one piece. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi walk on an ice road, passed by a shop, suddenly sees a thing, making them surprised such as was struck by lightning!

That type of thing is really they very familiar Profound Ice! world of Nine Heaven that mysterious Profound Cold Ancient Domain, has this Profound Ice, this Profound Ice includes very strange cold strength, initially after Shen Xiang solve, refines very fearful destruction frozen pill with these Profound Ice! But these Profound Ice have very strong defense, can impediment Divine Sense enter, these break Profound Ice, inside will have certain possibility to present Heaven and Earth Treasure! Initially Shen Xiang used Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to look at this Profound Ice, obtained many treasure, had that to make him profit infinite Enlightenment Stone! Sees Profound Ice to appear here, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi bold suspicions, here perhaps is that Profound Cold Ancient Domain! Profound Cold Ancient Domain is also very attractive, inside has the massive strange flowers different grass , because after a god fights, turns so! But this Highest God forbidden land is also because a god fought this! „It is not right, initially White Tiger said that there was afterward frozen, but when here god war starts, the time be early a lot of than Qi Shi their times!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Therefore this is not the same place!” Long Xueyi nods: My rebirth after world of Nine Heaven, Profound Cold Ancient Domain also not frozen, that was afterward frozen! Profound Cold Ancient Domain frozen is also because use ice cold strength Gods died creates, should be very formidable Heavenly God...... or is Highest God!” But this Profound Ice should be the same ice cold strength creates, these two places have the relation surely!” Shen Xiang thought indistinctly here can lead to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, leads to world of Nine Heaven mysterious passage. The Long Xueyi nod said: Has the possibility, can only wait for me to reclaim complete remembering, I induced, nearby this!” Shen Xiang looks these shops are suspending Profound Ice, he is using Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to look, but Long Xueyi was also so, initially Primal Chaos Spirit Eye is she taught to Shen Xiang's, therefore she was also skilled. This has the thing!” Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, the sound is bringing pleasantly surprised: What looked is?” Is low-grade divine medicine, animal power Divine Fruit!” Shen Xiang said: So long as integrates in this Divine Fruit to eat up beast core of beasts, can have that beast strength, but also is only temporary.” The Long Xueyi nod said: Buys!” So long as is Shen Xiang no divine medicine, he will buy. How does this sell?” Shen Xiang patted Profound Ice to ask together.

Five ten thousand divine coin same place, you, since asked that should this be anything! If your luck is good, repayment perhaps more than five ten thousand divine coin that obtains, 500 million have the possibility.” old man Hehe said with a smile. The Shen Xiang nod said: I, although first time comes to here, but I early had to hear, therefore tried, I took three!” He buys three all of a sudden, after having given divine coin, that old man has not passed through Shen Xiang's to agree that he broke! After Profound Ice breaks, turns into a piece of powder dust, digs with Profound Cold Ancient Domain is same! This is...... divine medicine!” That old man calls out in alarm, just must pick, was actually separated by Long Xueyi takes the thing to take away spatially. This old man face regretted that somewhat unwillingly looks at Shen Xiang: This is divine medicine!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I know certainly that has not thought the luck is so good!” old man puts on a long face saying: Your luck was also too good, this small town most day can sell 3000 this ice, sometimes for one month has not spent treasure to come from inside, you just came to obtain divine medicine!” This old man that startled shouted a moment ago that has spread over the entire small city, sold Profound Ice shop owner hastily to run over, their some had not believed that but saw this old man that to regret the appearance that resulted in the face green to fall, believed immediately. If they sell in use divine medicine Profound Ice together, they will be also same. Is any divine medicine, puts out to come to see!” Makes us enlarge ones vision!” For a long time, had not spoken the treasure of these ice breaking.” Shen Xiang gathered round by a troop person with Long Xueyi, resembles them not to put out divine medicine to make everybody enlarge ones vision, is unable to leave here is the same. Long Xueyi puts out that animal power Divine Fruit, said: Sees not to have, is this fruit, this is any divine medicine I do not know that now can ask us to leave!” After the people see, does not recognize this is anything comes, Long Xueyi also receives the fruit. After the people disperse, actually suddenly sees one crowd of person hastily to walk, sees this group of people, Shen Xiang and in the Long Xueyi heart jumps, because of their crowd of War Temple expert.

Started out divine medicine to come? I must take a look.” A youth of taking the lead said. War Temple really set out Heavenly God, Profound God also 20, this was very strong strength, but that youth who took the lead was High-Rank Profound God, that type must become Heavenly God, the strength was not weak. Yuan Young Master, is this man and a woman, that divine medicine probably is High-Grade.” The old man has referred to Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi. This War Temple Yuan Young Master is here famous, because he has come here several times, will come to buy large quantities of Profound Ice each time, but has not obtained treasure. After Yuan Young Master walks, looked at Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi, finally was fallen by the vision on Long Xueyi's. Long Xueyi changes appearance with Shen Xiang, seems like only the ordinary look, but this Yuan Young Master looked at this time the Long Xueyi's look actually does not suit, probably sees same treasure such. Is a dragon, but I cannot see am any dragon!” In War Temple that Heavenly God said that obviously is that Yuan Young Master gives him sound transmission, making him determine. Yuan Young Master laughs: a dragon, moreover female dragon, this was too good! Words that stresses, will be definitely better than God of Wealth that Ice Dragon! Um, I must let female slave that she becomes!” Hears this saying, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi is angry immediately, they also know that this Yuan Young Master status is not low, otherwise that Heavenly God will not listen his. We walk!” Shen Xiang is drawing Long Xueyi, immediately teleport comes, but was actually blocked by that Heavenly God, this came from War Temple Heavenly God is not ordinary Heavenly God, unexpectedly can judge the Shen Xiang teleport way, then makes the road of space strength bang broken Shen Xiang's opens together. Long Xueyi enters in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring immediately, she and Shen Xiang has not expected this Yuan Young Master and that Heavenly God unexpectedly can see her main body. You are War Temple, will handle this despicable matter?” Shen Xiang said solemnly. We are catching the dragon, does not make an arrest, how was despicable? The beasts casually do not grasp?” Yuan Young Master sees Long Xueyi to vanish, does not worry, Hehe said with a smile: That female dragon and your relationship are good! Hehe, robs, the appearance that her from your side sees your pain, I will be happier!”