World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1884

In Gods, catches the dragons and formidable beasts is very normal matter, Ice Dragon now is God of Wealth mount, but before Black Tortoise was also pursued, now knows a female dragon, let alone this War Temple Yuan Young Master wants, Profound God of nearby many a little strength wants to get rid. I will not make you rob her!” Shen Xiang looks at Profound God that all around that has encircled, although Profound God from War Temple, but he has not actually paid attention, the one who most makes him have scruples is that Heavenly God! Yuan Young Master smiled: „The thing that my Yuan Tailiang wants certainly will obtain, if you are tactful, on obediently puts her, and contacts the master and servant contract, this gives your final opportunity!” That sells the Profound Ice old man saying: You hand over that dragon, but Yuan Young Master in War Temple Bai Zhan Dan God big Young Master, the High-Rank Profound God strength, you cannot stir up him.” The Shen Xiang fist has pinched tightly slightly, making him hand over Long Xueyi, quite of letting him dies, he cannot achieve. You, if hands over that dragon, and joins War Temple, I will give you a good position.” Yuan Young Master walked, but he behind that Heavenly God also releases the powerful Heavenly God pressure, wants to frighten Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang coldly said: I , if not give!” Yuan Young Master Hehe gloomy and cold smiles: You do not give will not die, but I will catch you, shears little your meat, till you give.” Yuan Young Master wants oneself fight, because Shen Xiang does not have what minacity in his eyes, after all he behind also powerful Heavenly God, so long as there is anything not to be right, can prevent in such near distance. I shouted three...... First, two and three......” Yuan Young Master shouted that put out a handle sharp sword, will attack, but the strange matter occurred, Shen Xiang unexpectedly suddenly vanished . Moreover the body was good to gush out very fearful sword intent! Deicide Sword intent!

After that War Temple Heavenly God induces, the complexion changes, ashen-faced, wants to attack, but actually late! Shen Xiang that suddenly vanishes, suddenly appears, but the long sword in his hand pricked the chest of Yuan Young Master, his sound is having the anger, is roaring low and deep: You, if approaches dry one step, I ruin his Godhead, my Shen Xiang lives up to one's words!” This person of unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! The person who all around surrounds flees and becomes separated subconsciously, knows fearful sword intent that felt a moment ago is the Deicide Sword intent. Thing of collapsing at the first blow!” Shen Xiang draws out the long sword, has slapped a Yuan Young Master face maliciously, afterward fights with the fists into his chest, was saying to that complexion ugly Heavenly God: Asks me to leave, otherwise he must die!” Yuan Young Master is the child of Dan God, must depend upon Dan God to be able surely to promote like this Heavenly God, therefore he does not dare to act rashly now. Shen Xiang grabs Yuan Young Master to display teleport, left this small town, after being far away from the small town, he falling of Yuan Young Master heavily in ground, and a foot steps in the face of Yuan Young Master. I make crazy, the Dan God son is also what kind, I want to kill kill!” Shen Xiang gloomy and cold was saying, a foot foot steps on crazily, is relentless, several sub- step on the face of Yuan Young Master changes beyond all recognition. Yuan Young Master hissing is yelling: Gives back to me Godhead, gives back to me, otherwise my father will certainly lead entire War Temple to chase down your, will destroy completely your Demon Execution Temple!” Bah!” A Shen Xiang foot kicks on his belly: I most do not fear the threat, you want Godhead, has a dream!” Shen Xiang has punched his maliciously, and bends down to display Grasping Soul Devil Curse to him, searched for the memory in his mind, quick found him to want.

Really is Ziqian!” The Shen Xiang heart said that War Temple this group of people are pursuing Bai Ziqian, but is only Bai Ziqian, she not with Su Meiyao their together. Bai Ziqian obtains a very fierce toxin, has killed by poison War Temple High-Rank Profound God, this Yuan Young Master also wants to obtain that type of toxin to defend self, will therefore propose that grasps with Bai Ziqian's personally. Dies!” Shen Xiang wields Deicide Sword, to whole face panic-stricken Yuan Young Master is being a fierce thorn, releases the massive flame. Yuan Young Master body pierced at the same time, the flame also enters his within the body, making him call out unceasingly is tumbling. Shen Xiang is just about to leave, actually approaches the induction to that Heavenly God aura, he immediately teleport, but that Heavenly God actually releases strength, disturbs his space passage, making it very unstable, makes the Shen Xiang teleport failure. Sees Yuan Young Master to be burnt down the half body, suffocates, that Heavenly God is angry, separates to empty to a Shen Xiang palm bang is going! „It is not good!” Shen Xiang fends hastily, the blood-colored palm that but that dodges instantaneously actually with him, all of a sudden hits his body. hōng hōng hōng! This palm falls on Shen Xiang, making him think that among suddenly dizzy general, the body had the feeling that one type must disrupt to explode, if not for critical time Long Xueyi poured into her strength, melted together with him, his body has perhaps exploded. Shen Xiang lies in the ground, has spat several blood slowly crawls! Attacks his after is Heavenly God, he now Middle-Rank Profound God strength! Profound God and Heavenly God are minute of scenery collars, does not know that is more formidable than many times him, was struck angrily by the opposite party, did not have the broken body is the miracle.

That Heavenly God side Yuan Young Master, nosing, his body suddenly is shivering, angrily said: Yuan Young Master died!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Died happen, who makes him court death?” You must die!” War Temple Heavenly God rave, all around ice all splits, shivers crazily, the massive ice pieces in exploding of pā lā opens, an intermittent ice sludge has probably seethed with excitement generally. Shen Xiang has turned around immediately, puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, at this time that Heavenly God is striking to his maliciously palm. The wild palm strength wail is howling generally, nearby big iceberg was shaken ta completely, obviously this has is formidable. Divine Mirror of Six Paths, depended entirely on you!” Shen Xiang Jing Jing (quietly) is pinching Divine Mirror of Six Paths, room strength, uses Law of Space teleport to leave here fully. Puff!” Shen Xiang has spurted a big blood, the imposing manner of that palm was really too formidable, the pressure that but raided made him unable to withstand. Walks quickly, I was also seriously injured!” Long Xueyi shouted, her Divine Soul is Shen Xiang fuses, if this palm hits, she and Shen Xiang will be more unfortunate than fortunate. Divine Mirror of Six Paths suddenly in Shen Xiang hand spout an intense white light, wraps together Shen Xiang, at once dodges to pass, raids in that palm strength instantaneous left. Do not want to run!” That Heavenly God looks around, wants to seek for the Shen Xiang's trail, but does not have any discovery, before Shen Xiang brought Yuan Young Master to run, but he can induce the place that Yuan Young Master is, therefore he can find here.