World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1885

War Temple Heavenly God holds Yuan Young Master half corpse to leave, this matter is not his responsibility, but this time is still sad! After he returns to War Temple, reported the report to come up long and short of the story, causes War Temple Palace Master to be furious, after all Yuan Young Master was his War Temple only Dan God son, as big Temple, relied on Dan God. Shen Xiang appears at the Highest God forbidden land matter spreads immediately, before has sought for Shen Xiang's Plentiful God as well as that several Dan God also immediately overtook, in addition also had War Temple troop formidable War-God, Yuan Young Master Dan God father, Bai Zhan Dan God naturally. Plentiful God is not goes, brought War-God of troop God of Wealth palace to go! But unknown also has Infernal Demon Emperor also to send out ticket expert to go, grasps with Shen Xiang is also the matter that Infernal Demon Emperor for many years must handle, he cannot make others snatch in front, if not for Infernal Demon Emperor must cope with Demon Execution Temple, he personally will also go. ...... In Demon Execution Temple, Demon Execution Heavenly God learns of this news, cannot help but lowly was scolding: Shen Xiang this little rascal, how causes these broken matters to come, oh!” Wang Jinshi said: Cannot blame him, War Temple that brat surnamed Yuan is truly rampant, the words that they meet, will occur contradictory are not strange.” The Demon Execution Heavenly God nod said: Hoped him to find my several old friends, otherwise continued, our Demon Execution Temple must be destroyed completely thoroughly.” ...... Shen Xiang uses Divine Mirror of Six Paths to obtain massive Six Paths Power, opens very stable space passage, flees successfully, but he and Long Xueyi was seriously injured, this time wound may not only be fleshly body, what is more serious is Divine Soul!

Especially the following that Heavenly God strong palm strength, that might almost him and Long Xueyi's Divine Soul tearing, is good because of them runs quickly, otherwise is hard to imagine the consequence. Long Xueyi said: How? Your is Divine Soul damaged seriously?” Shen Xiang sighed: Is very serious, almost dispersed, it seems like needed very long a period of time to restore to come! Although fleshly body also injures very much heavily, but the ability of my fleshly body self- repair is very strong, quick can recover.” Long Xueyi said: I am also injure quite seriously, has not thought that fellow unexpectedly is Middle-Rank Heavenly God, was too fearful! You run luckily quickly, otherwise we must die.” Recalls that in Shen Xiang heart fear, War Temple inside Middle-Rank Heavenly God, an angry fully palm, how fearful! My that incomplete Divine Soul in the, your good point words had a look on the past.” Long Xueyi said: I first therapy!” Shen Xiang starts out a very deep cave in an iceberg, after going in inside, seals the cave, therapy in inside. He puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, absorbs inside Six Paths Power, uses Six Paths Power nurturing own Divine Soul, he does not have good therapy Saint Dan God pill, can only in this manner. Shen Xiang uses up Six Paths Power that in Divine Mirror of Six Paths stores up all of a sudden, takes one month to overbrim again, but his injury has not actually changed for the better!

Then has gone bad, the wound on Divine Soul, does not have 180 years is, I also do not have good therapy pills now, in Highest God forbidden land this damned place!” Shen Xiang put out has treated Divine Soul pills, because rank was too low, could not send any use. In him regarded own Divine Soul, dispirited, likely is a thin and small old man, does not have life Qi/angry, looks like suffocates, momentarily will die! So long as Divine Soul receives the severe wound, even if the fleshly body condition is good, is unable to use Six Paths Power, his strength by big weakening, because Divine Soul is similar to the heart brain of Divine sea, transfers strength in Divine sea to have condition extremely good Divine Soul to be good. You use Divine Mirror of Six Paths to give a try, before can let your Divine Soul condition returns not injured, Six Paths Power can control many principles, you need to use Law of Time, Yin-Yang Reversal!” Long Xueyi said: My injury is not optimistic, but I found my incomplete Divine Soul, can be good immediately!” Using Six Paths Power reversal time, before this matter Shen Xiang, has thought that but he does not have Law of Time, does not know how should do, only breach , can only comprehend from the time variation of Seven Demon Killings type, this has the difficulty, is not inferior to him to fix the Divine Soul injury. Only can give a try, this is the means that can fast therapy only!” Shen Xiang nodded, Deicide Sword Art and Demon Execution Heavenly God that he uses, a little utilization of Law of Time, therefore he does not have the clue. Shen Xiang grabs Divine Mirror of Six Paths tightly, is reading Six Paths divine art inside ingenious method, seeks for the reversal time sutra chant. ...... Father, we must with Shen Xiang for the enemy, that Nine Surprising Spirits fruit already be eaten up by him, was impossible to make him hand over! He can obtain the Nine Surprising Spirits fruit, that is his ability is also outstanding, I thought that we should not investigate him.” Ye Qin looks at all around Ice Emperor, said to leaf Dan God.

Whose Ye Qin also came with Dan God, she did not plan, because she had the fear to Shen Xiang, does not want to be involved in this matter again. Leaf Dan God sighed: I come to see, am equal to the statement, indicated that I compare to care about this matter, cannot make others say that my leaf Dan God was robbed divine medicine, does not have what action, making others think that I have feared Shen Xiang.” Ye Qin tenderly snorted and said: „To save face at all costs, this Shen Xiang was really too fearful! The father you do not know, previous time he gets rid to Li Zhonghan I in side, I felt that he momentarily can destroy completely me, that feeling is very fearful! I do not hope that the father you and he oppose.” The leaf Dan God nod said: I understand that the Shen Xiang missing these 80 years, where definitely went, therefore become that fierce! Moreover I discovered that Feng Yujie and his relationship are great, definitely in secret gave him to help much! Feng Yujie grasps so many Divine Pill home remedies, in addition Shen Xiang's Heaven Refining Technique, later surely can become strong side big Dan God.” Old Ye, Shen Xiang the son who comes this Highest God forbidden land should not to kill hundred to fight specially, is not seeks asylum, definitely has the goal, because before him, in Demon Execution Temple.” Dan God Lan Yi suddenly flies, said. Good! Definitely is Demon Execution Heavenly God makes him come, before Demon Execution Heavenly God had stayed in this Highest God forbidden land a period of time, therefore we expressed that the most attractive clear form, I do not want to become enemies with Shen Xiang, this did not have the advantage to me.” Even if Ye Qin did not say that leaf Dan God also has this idea. Although Shen Xiang kills Li Zhonghan, but Li Zhonghan and Dan God Lan Yi anything connection, Dan God Lan Yi has not come with Plentiful God. At this time emerges Highest God forbidden land various group of Centaur, has own axe to grind, but Plentiful God and hundred fight Dan God really to hate to the marrow of the bones to Shen Xiang!