World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1886

Han Deyuan is War Temple inside very outstanding War-God, is also loyal and devoted to War Temple, although this time Yuan Young Master died, but he has not actually received anything to blame, but there is a new duty to give him, is makes him coordinate to seek for Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi by this Han Deyuan severe wound, this Han Deyuan at that time were hidden deeply, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi have not seen him are the Middle-Rank Heavenly God strengths. Shen Xiang, although ran away, but his Divine Soul caused heavy losses to by me, even if he has Divine Pill, at least also takes a half year to be able recover completely! At that time he ran away, obviously used own strength excessively, therefore he certainly also hides in Highest God forbidden land now.” Han Deyuan said that he stands on huge flying disc, above this flying disc also white robe old man of several unified clothing, as well as murderous aura hundred fight Dan God! Although Han Deyuan is Middle-Rank Heavenly God, but under these High-Rank Heavenly God strong atmospheric fields, cannot help but somewhat is flustered, he has not thought that this unexpectedly will make War Temple four Great Elder all send out, obviously they take seriously this matter, to comfort dead son's hundred fought Dan God. Shen Xiang, I must catch to build up him!” Hundred fight Dan God to be angry, he is the War Temple rare talent, originally is very famous War-God, simultaneously is Dan God, in Dan God in one row, his strength recognizes strongly. White robe old man said: We must a bit faster find Shen Xiang, Infernal Demon Emperor and Plentiful God they came, Fire God Palace's several old fellow also secret enters Highest God forbidden land! It is estimated that comes to Shen Xiang Deicide Sword.” Here only then Han Deyuan has contacted Shen Xiang, therefore War Temple they were the comparison have the possibility to find Shen Xiang's first. ...... Shen Xiang in a giant iceberg, shuts tightly both eyes, was deliberately considering with hardship how to use Divine Mirror of Six Paths to unify various cultivation technique, displays the reversal time strength. In Six Paths Power had Law of Time strength, but I do not know how to utilize, although in Six Paths divine art has, but I actually cannot understand.” Shen Xiang has used two days of time, turns out the method about Law of Time utilization from Six Paths divine art, Six Paths divine art above sutra chant are few, is only several, but is actually very abstruse.

Shen Xiang shook the head, relaxes the brains, he studied the Six Paths divine art two days, the Divine Soul wound not only has not changed for the better, instead also had the sign of worsening. Only can seeks for the breach from the Seven Demon Killings type and Deicide Sword Art.” Shen Xiang sighed, he discovered that his fleshly body was too weak, unexpectedly is unable to resist the attack of that Heavenly God, caused Divine Soul to cause heavy losses. Has the help of Enlightenment Stone, the Shen Xiang's progress made the breakthrough quickly, unifies the Seven Demon Killings type and Deicide Sword Art, he understood Six Paths divine art that several revolution Law of Time strength sutra chant reluctantly. This truly needs the Divine Mirror of Six Paths coordination to be good, will create certain damage to Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Only uses this time, making me pass this to close that's alright.” Shen Xiang does not hope Divine Mirror of Six Paths to shatter, if has no recourse, he later will not use. He makes Divine Mirror of Six Paths enter his avalanche most Divine sea world, float sky over that frail dispirited Divine Soul, then defers to his understanding to that sutra chant, revolution Divine sea in gradually that tranquil Six Paths Power. His Divine Soul caused heavy losses, is unable revolution massive Six Paths Power, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths in Divine sea, he uses Six Paths divine art inside secret method at this time, Six Paths Power in Divine sea starts to surge crazily, emerges in Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Divine Mirror of Six Paths releases a white light, is shining dispirited Divine Soul, afterward revolves rapidly, starts to reverse the time! Shen Xiang can control to need to reverse time as one desires the part, the memory in Divine Soul cannot return to that time, otherwise he will lose this a period of time memory, therefore he some isolates ahead of time the memory with Six Paths divine art inside secret method.

Divine Mirror of Six Paths revolution time, needs to consume massive Six Paths Power, but Shen Xiang's Divine sea are many, at this time was being extracted crazily, has been in a minute short most probably. The Six Paths Power less than half double-hour was attracted almost by Divine Mirror of Six Paths, at this time Divine Mirror of Six Paths also stopped, but Shen Xiang also sees his Divine sea inside Divine Soul to become bursting with energy, restores not injured before him. Divine Mirror of Six Paths damaged!” Shen Xiang sees Divine Mirror of Six Paths to have the fissure, somewhat loves dearly, he has not thought that such all of a sudden, makes Divine Mirror of Six Paths be damaged so seriously. Long Xueyi said: Before Divine Mirror of Six Paths received a more serious damage, should also be because used excessively, the time-gap that if you reversed was not too far, was only the day, that should not have any issue.” Shen Xiang has stroked the Divine Mirror of Six Paths surface fissure gently, then income within the body, Divine Mirror of Six Paths can absorb the Six Paths Power self- repair, the present is only the surface has the fissure, the damage is not too serious. Originally severe wound that takes hundred years to restore, with the help of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but several days were restored to health, in the Shen Xiang heart is very happy. First restored Six Paths Power in within the body to say again!” Shen Xiang he cultivates, because Divine Soul after the Six Paths Power quenching baptism, therefore after Divine Soul absorbs between Heaven and Earth the air/Qi of Spiritual God, will transform it is Six Paths Power! These that but this Six Paths Power and Divine Mirror of Six Paths multiply have very big disparity! strength that Divine Mirror of Six Paths drop of Six Paths Power contains, is similar to his condense ten big cylinders, the phase difference thinks many times, if some day his Divine Soul can practice Divine Mirror of Six Paths that situation, he did not need to depend upon Divine Mirror of Six Paths again.

Shen Xiang has rested for two days, restored to the best condition, then leaves the iceberg, embarks to seek for Long Xueyi that to lose incomplete Divine Soul here. Long Xueyi now or the severe wound, she needs to fuse that remnant soul to restore to come. In that direction, should be Highest God forbidden land deep place, is more careful.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang does not know that had several batch of expert to enter Highest God forbidden land to grasp specially his, but he is very discrete, releases a very big space sensation domain. Consecutively more than ten times teleport, he has been far away from outside that quite safe region, if no Teleportation Formation, even if Heavenly God must fly, takes more than ten days to arrive at his here, but he uses space strength, travels between one is also half the time of double-hour. Deep place was colder!” Shen Xiang releases space domain, isolates cold invasion, but feels the faint trace chill in the air. The place flying snow that he is at day after day, the cold wind howls, cannot see anything, can only by feeling to walk, moreover once for a while flies a big piece of giant ice piece, pounds falls the ground time will make the ice one after another tremble. This place at is not the person stays!” Shen Xiang whispered several , to continue in the direction that Long Xueyi refers, because of her remnant soul in, moreover she did not determine that the concrete position, can make Shen Xiang act according to her induction.