World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1887

Shen Xiang goes forward in the snowstorm, little approaches the Long Xueyi remnant soul to be at the place that. Front is a mountain!” Shen Xiang penetrates the snowstorm, sees front to have a piece of shadow, that unexpectedly is not the iceberg, but is the mountain massif of black stone. What is strange, even if is in itself the black mountain, but in the place of this wind and snow, should also be covered white snow and ice, but is actually the black. Because of the reason of strong winds storm, therefore Shen Xiang has not seen clearly the front that black mountain massif is any shape, only knows that is huge. In inside, opens a road to go in!” Long Xueyi said: I with this mountain related memory, I have not known.” Shen Xiang arrives by the mountain massif, put out Deicide Sword to divide several swords above, thinks that can like hitting the iceberg puts on a hole all of a sudden, which knows that a unexpectedly response did not have, the powder dust could not divide. Quite firm!” Shen Xiang does not believe in evil doctrines, his Deicide Sword is sharp, although cannot toward pours into Divine Power and Six Paths Power, but was also insufficient how these rocky mountain. He puts forth fleshly body strongest strength, chops to chop black rocky mountain crazily, but same had not responded that is firm makes him unable to understand. „Is this material quality? Even if peak heaven stone, was so attacked by my Deicide Sword, is not broken also to have the trace, but these stone traces do not have.” Shen Xiang traces the mountain wall, unexpectedly feels warm. In this type can the place that True God freezes to death, this mountain unexpectedly is warm, was really too strange! With the fire, uses you strongest flame!” Long Xueyi said: My a little impression, copes with this type of stone to such come.” Shen Xiang receives Deicide Sword, is going to a front mountain wall fist bang, condense the flame of unusual burning hot, his fist is red is similar to the iron ore that in the stove burns down. Bang! The Shen Xiang's fist strikes in the mountain wall, unexpectedly has the fierce explosion, explodes his chest burning pain, he lowers the head looked that unexpectedly has skin to be burnt down, flesh and blood split open. This is any thing!” Shen Xiang sits in the wind and snow, the whole body skin was exploded bruised and lacerated, fleshly body of this intensity, unexpectedly encounters this degree of heavy losses, if fleshly body is not very powerful Profound God, can perhaps by the chop suey! To you, this shouldn't be the good thing?” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: You should be able this thing refined into pill, this to be the best material!”

Shen Xiang somewhat excited nod, he in seeking for this material, although before him, refines some Exploding Flame Pill with other materials, destroys pill and so on attack class pill pellet, but the effect is not ideal, to the powerful Profound God not anything lethality. But this black stone was at present different, this natural explosion can explode his wound, if after passing through him uses Heaven Refining Technique to refine to compress, the might will be definitely more fearful, can perhaps feign death Profound God, even is Heavenly God. Now Shen Xiang may not only probably open a road to enter the cave center, but is the plan all moves out the entire mountain! Said advanced again!” Shen Xiang waited for quite a while, the wound on fleshly body was good, then once more walks, the place that there blasted out a moment ago had a hole. So long as avoided that's alright!” Shen Xiang has hit a fist, but this time releases space domain promptly, does not let the strength impact that explodes to fly on him, he will again not be injured. The small half of the day passed, Shen Xiang has made very long passage, he burns the fist of flame to attack fiercely on paint black rock wall, after exploding departs wild burning burns the flame, the front immediately gushes out white light glow. To!” Long Xueyi dodges suddenly from Hidden Jade Ring, enters the front that white space. Long Xueyi just went , the ray vanished, sees only Long Xueyi to sit cross-legged in the ground, that remnant soul entered her Divine sea world, she is fusing at this time. I require time!” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You entrance to seal|confer Hao!” Shen Xiang nodded, he also collects the coated macadam that explodes much all the way, he wants to refine, but was worried that explodes the furnace to affect Long Xueyi, therefore he has to put out some Godhead to refine. In his hand Profound God Godhead has several, Heavenly God, he now is refining Profound God Godhead, he must build up together several Profound God Godhead, concentrates a grain of pill. Is he grasps in the place of trial the Godhead refined into pill's method, was skilled, although at this time is simultaneously several Profound God Godhead refined into pill, but his pressure does not have, the half-day time will use Illusionary Brilliant Furnace a refined into grain of pill. Here pill is also Divine Pill, but this Divine Pill cannot amount to something, will otherwise encounter big Temple to chase down. Shen Xiang eats up this grain of pill, entered in the peaceful practice condition, but Long Xueyi was being wrapped by a clear white light at this time, is passing the faint trace cold air/Qi, this just entered the condition Shen Xiang to awaken, he worried that Long Xueyi will become icy. Sees Long Xueyi to be very tranquil, that may the cheek of person also hang one to smile fine sweetly, Shen Xiang felt relieved, then continued to practice.

...... Highest God forbidden land very big, to seek for Shen Xiang not to be easy in this inside, so long as there is a direction, Plentiful God and War Temple they will not give up. But the so large-scale search, has not sought Shen Xiang, had actually found Bai Ziqian, Bai Ziqian is also the War Temple important chasing down goal, she is also unbearable at this time, she hid in Highest God forbidden land danger(ous) edge is safe, which knows, because chases down Shen Xiang, implicates her, causing her whereabouts to expose, has to avoid in all directions. Ten days, Shen Xiang built up to melt that grain of pill, at this time he built up the speed was much faster, was surprised including him. But Long Xueyi sitting in Jing Jing (quietly) fuses her remnant soul there, Shen Xiang has not disturbed her, but puts out Heavenly God Godhead! This Heavenly God is an unsurpassed old demon apprentice, initially when he went to Hell, with that old man that the young nine girls meet, was found the opportunity to kill by him, and obtains this precious Heavenly God Godhead. His mother, I now am High-Rank Profound God, does not know that this thing can help me becomes Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang that Godhead with the space strength isolation, avoids being induced by the unsurpassed old demon. Must coordinate Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Shen Xiang looked at Divine Mirror of Six Paths, discovered that that fissure of Divine Mirror of Six Paths surface has repaired, moreover is containing Six Paths Power. Strange, before Divine Mirror of Six Paths, is one month full Six Paths Power, now repaired, unexpectedly also filled!” Shen Xiang thinks very strange, but thinks carefully that understands, this is because his these ten days break through to High-Rank Profound God, therefore Divine Mirror of Six Paths also broke through. Divine Mirror of Six Paths integrates in his body, will enhance to be tapped a bigger potential along with his Realm! Shen Xiang refines this Heavenly God Godhead not to be easy, was the melting has only used five days of time, but then the fining, removed inside impurity, compressed again, condense many steps, required a lot of time! „It is not really easy! unexpectedly built up for two months!” Shen Xiang is looking in the hand that grain of lavender pill pellet, sighed one, then in load mouth. If wants to become Heavenly God, needs the regelation to leave one this to assign Godhead, as well as Divine Soul, means that I will be many this to assign Divine Ability!” Shen Xiang had known that the Heavenly God most basic characteristics have pair of Divine Soul and double Godhead, but first assigns Divine Soul and Godhead hides generally very much deeply. When previous Shen Xiang cuts kills unsurpassed old demon that apprentice, had not found his second Godhead, should hide in Divine sea, the words that does not seek for carefully, are hard to search to obtain. Has three Godhead is Middle-Rank Heavenly God, four Godhead are High-Rank Heavenly God, five Godhead and six Godhead even are seven Godhead are also three Heavenly God, has many Godhead as for Highest God, Shen Xiang has not understood. If Long Xueyi fully restores to remember, he could know.

Therefore Demon Execution Heavenly God and Plentiful God are High-Rank Heavenly God, but Demon Execution Heavenly God Godhead be more than Plentiful God, therefore in strength many. condense second Godhead, must first have Divine Soul, therefore Shen Xiang eats up there pill, focuses on start to condense gathering Divine Soul, after condense Divine Soul, but must expand Divine Soul, waits for Divine Soul to the certain extent strongly, and breed Godhead, that can be breaks through to the boundary of Heavenly God. Concentrates second Divine Soul time, you are best to choose easy-to-use cultivation technique to build up, like this your second assigns Divine Ability to be able with cultivation technique to have close relationship.” Long Xueyi suddenly gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Knew! Xueyi, you now how?” Shen Xiang asked. My situation is very good, when I fuse completely, I had double Godhead! The detailed matter when the time comes again said that we now are best a bit faster become Heavenly God, because of Divine Prison that side situation very terrible.” Long Xueyi said that these words, did not have again and Shen Xiang exchange. Shen Xiang ponders over at this time is practicing any cultivation technique to congeal second Divine Soul, he grasps four big taboo divine art as well as a little Seven Demon Killings types, except the Seven Demon Killings type, other four big taboo divine art can be used for the congealing soul theoretically and concentrates Godhead. Heaven Body this taboo divine art is I have not practiced only! Heaven Punishment God has said that cultivates this divine art to have the serious results, but after me, will go to Supreme Temple, that inside old fellow will perhaps help me cease that serious hidden danger.” Shen Xiang thought that currently needs to strengthen fleshly body, this meets stronger Heavenly God, he is only fleshly body is injured at most, Divine Soul wants not injured, will not vacillate to his basis. Otherwise like before, Divine Soul severe wound one time, must repair with over a hundred years, after let alone, he is two Divine Soul! But Heaven Body this taboo divine art strengthens fleshly body specially, Heaven Punishment God said so fearfully, surely has the fierce place, will therefore cause the day to punish. First cultivates Heaven Body divine art to congeal Divine Soul! Later Divine Soul uses other taboo divine art not to be late again, does not know that after this Heaven Body divine art concentrates Divine Soul, my assigns Divine Ability to have any special capability!” Before Shen Xiang the assigns Divine Ability is World Creating Fire, has very big help to his alchemy. The Shen Xiang present time is tight, how long because that side Demon Execution Temple cannot support, but he came in already a period of time.