World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1888
This condense Divine Soul very important matter, cannot be careless, but Shen Xiang actually must now with he has never practiced Heaven Body divine art the congealing soul, in some old Heavenly God eyes, this definitely is a very careless procedure. Shen Xiang also clear this point, because this will affect his second Godhead quality, if second Godhead were affected, his overall strength will also be implicated. Now this situation, not being able to allow him to consider much that will practice Heaven Body divine art to make him have the most basic defensive power from now on. Shen Xiang comprehends some main point of practice from Heaven Body divine art quickly, he started to build up that Heavenly God Godhead refined into pill now, he builds up internal efficacy with Heaven Refining Technique, then integrates in the body with Heaven Body divine art. Soon, his body started to have the change, the while cold was sometimes hot, sometimes black sometimes white, sometimes also released the roaring flame, what was more surprised, his body will also seep out the massive water, but also follows the lightning. Shen Xiang he does not know this change, because he wholly-absorbed revolution builds up at this time unusual strength quenchings the body, when quenchings the body. Uses Heaven Body divine art to revolve a that strength circulation, will have a very weak unusual soul strength, he introduces in this soul strength Divine sea! Each circulation one, but he wants condense second Divine Soul to need soul strength condense together of this faint trace, finally melts Divine Soul! It looks like this is very long, Shen Xiang also believe that starts him also to plan to give up, because his time are not much, he will want to find the Demon Execution Heavenly God friend in the next one or two years. But he has practiced for one month later, discovered that Divine Soul started to have the embryonic form, moreover he revolves that strength speed to be also getting quicker and quicker, before a double-hour can only revolve ten circulations, but the present is 100 circulations. It seems like must concentrate Godhead is not the issue, this Heaven Body divine art is really fearful!” Shen Xiang has not thought that the speed so will be fast, he paid attention carefully, can make him so fast concentrate the Divine Soul embryonic form also to have other reasons, is most important, is these Six Paths Power!

Revolves each time a circulation time, Divine sea inside Six Paths Power aware revolves, in that soul strength that with whom multiplies also contains Six Paths Power! This Divine Soul adolescence speed, although is slow, but I felt, once concentrates the become god standard, even be fiercer than my original Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang has this premonition. As he is getting more and more familiar with Heaven Body divine art, his progress was also getting more and more rapid, is almost each can revolve instantaneously a circulation that strength, multiplies a soul strength, enabling the soul strength to enter in Divine sea continuously. But his Six Paths Power fast is also consuming, afterward was supplemented by Divine Mirror of Six Paths that in addition the pill of that Godhead unceasingly was built up the strong efficacy, making him not need to stop the supplement! Divine Soul has become!” Shen Xiang saw in Divine sea to present baby Divine Soul, injected a faint trace soul strength along with him unceasingly, that baby Divine Soul was getting up by naked eye obvious speed adolescence. Before he cultivated first Divine Soul time, passed a stage how difficultly, but now actually sōu sōu on the past. Soon, Divine Soul is the same with the Sir on adolescence! Wanted condense Godhead!” Shen Xiang is excited, so long as this Divine Soul concentrates Godhead, later he made this Divine Soul be responsible for cultivating Heaven Body that's alright, but his first Divine Soul cultivated Heaven Refining Technique! Has pair of Divine Soul, when cultivates many taboo divine art, will not take the trouble, he even can let another Divine Soul every day the practice of each night, another Divine Soul rest then maintains the abundant spirit. This is the advantage of double soul!

Shen Xiang's second Divine Soul cultivates Heaven Body divine art, coordinating Six Paths Power to congeal, therefore is exceptionally formidable, he has not known now. I must become Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang sees Divine Soul great accomplishment, immediately confidence multiplies, body unceasingly glittering spout the white arrogance, each will make boundless strength revolve instantaneously one time in within the body, nourishes is strong his fleshly body at the same time fast, multiplies a condense Godhead soul strength. The whole body was covered by the cold ice in nearby Long Xueyi at this time, if Shen Xiang can open the eye at this time, certainly will be scared, because wraps in Long Xueyi outside ice layer, is that Profound Ice! The noise that therefore, when Shen Xiang practice makes is big, has not disturbed Long Xueyi! Generally, when practice more reaches the following stage, the progress is slow, but Shen Xiang actually exceptionally quick, after he concentrates Divine Soul, but has had Godhead with ten days, this must make him somewhat suspect that quickly this Godhead is his! „Is this other day Divine Level Godhead? What this assigns Divine Ability is? Should not practice, must continue!” Shen Xiang has not induced to second Divine Soul the assigns Divine Ability, therefore he has not been considered as Heavenly God, but his Divine sea inside Six Paths Power, as well as his first Divine Soul was more formidable, so long as now cultivates second to assign Divine Ability, he can become Heavenly God! When the time comes Six Paths Power and first Divine Soul promotion that will leap once more. Shen Xiang assigns the Divine Ability request not to be high to second, only hopes that is the same with Heaven Body divine art, has to defend the fleshly body strong capability, his previous time caused heavy losses to Divine Soul by Han Deyuan, in the heart had the shadow, he does not think that second time encounters this severe wound. Shen Xiang has practiced for a half year in this strange black rocky mountain, after he feels second assigns Divine Ability born, the fierce opening eye, on the face has shown the joyful smiling face, because he assigns the Divine Ability ability to be satisfied to this second. I am Heavenly God, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang wishes one could a fist to destroy this Montenegro, at this time he remembered to look at Long Xueyi.

Person?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, this is around one black stone chamber, but now all around is together the pack ice, moreover he has not induced to the Long Xueyi's aura. He thinks that is outside ice cold air/Qi seeps to this, makes this inside tie full Houbing, but he induced carefully, in this stone chamber, is releasing the weak ice cold air/Qi. Shen Xiang looks to that place, that is the place that Long Xueyi sits, he is careful looked that discovered inside has to send out the silver light glow ice piece together, but outside also has a very big ice layer. Hissing......” Shen Xiang has inhaled cold air, because he discovers in this stone chamber ice is not the ordinary ice, but is that Profound Ice. This Profound Ice unexpectedly is Long Xueyi within the body produces! Before Shen Xiang recalls Long Xueyi, because the memory has awakened, becomes the icy that appearance, making him secretly worry. I can only wait patiently!” Shen Xiang is indulging in flights of fancy, because these Profound Ice are Long Xueyi makes, but causes Highest God forbidden land and Profound Cold Ancient Domain to become that cold reason, is these Profound Ice.