World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1889
Shen Xiang to defend Long Xueyi, where does not go, does not handle other matters, is only concise elixir, while looks at frozen Long Xueyi. Ten days later, Shen Xiang hears kā chā the split open sound, rouses immediately. „Since Bang a dull thumping sound, in the stone chamber ice complete fragment, a white clothing floating beautiful female leaps from the ice sludge gently, afterward such as flutters Ye Banluo in front of Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang looks at Long Xueyi, the heart splash is jumping, he worried very much Long Xueyi turns into the female devil who refuses to acknowledge family, at this time on Long Xueyi that makings, had very big difference with before, the body passed one to let he somewhat frightened coldness, this made in his heart a pain. However, Long Xueyi actually suddenly shows that delightful smiling face, but also spits the tongue to him. little rascal, does this scare you? If you see my true strength, to be frightened scared shitless?” Long Xueyi smiles tenderly. Shen Xiang implored the one breath, this is only has a false alarm, he has pinched a Long Xueyi's cheek: Said quickly, these Profound Ice what's the matter? You practice, unexpectedly congealed Profound Ice to come!” Long Xueyi grasps Shen Xiang, said in a soft voice: I almost did not come back, almost turns into that icy appearance! I am also afraid!” Shen Xiang has kissed her cheeks, said with a smile: Now isn't good? I am also afraid!” Long Xueyi looked up Shen Xiang, pouting, Shen Xiang gets an idea her meaning, has collected the mouth, kissed hotly with her. They kissed moment absorbed violently, the Long Xueyi sweet and delicate voice song said: little rascal, I must with your double cultivation Life Slaughtering Technique, you also for a long time!” Shen Xiang two shine immediately, before he and Long Xueyi were intimate, but has not broken through final that throughout, he also knows that Long Xueyi has the difficulties, but now opportunity already maturity! Small bad dragon, was you and others was very long!” Shen Xiang badly smiles, but Long Xueyi long skirt fell, the charming luster of the skin is exposed, making Shen Xiang breathe aggravates immediately.

Looked how I tidy up you!” Long Xueyi plunges Shen Xiang tenderly with a smile, Shen Xiang knocks down, but ground were also many a soft white rug. Who feared who!” Shen Xiang laughs, afterward pushes directly into, directly attack the root of the problem...... ...... Long Xueyi's Divine Soul fleshly body and Shen Xiang union, they at this time also incomparably satisfied supports, was speaking the talk between lovers in a low voice, as if had forgotten why they come Highest God forbidden land are. Wears the clothes, we have the proper business to do!” Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang being ready to make trouble the appearance, has ridiculed one, has patted his cheeks. Shen Xiang also hastily wears the clothes, asked: That Profound Ice what's the matter? You should not need to conceal my anything now.” When Long Xueyi wears the clothes is attractive, could see that her eats the charming smile the appearance, knows that she teases Shen Xiang's intentionally. Shen Xiang hey passed with a smile on her has traced several. That is my second assigns the Divine Ability ability! Naturally, causes Highest God forbidden land to turn so, when is my Highest God strength second Divine Soul and Godhead destroys once more, but I lived now.” Long Xueyi sighed: Initially with my great war fellow, ruins her ice cold Divine Soul, therefore here will have two ice cold strength, has not thought that will turn into this here, but also affects world of Nine Heaven!” „Did Profound Cold Ancient Domain also receive to affect? This what's the matter?” Shen Xiang thinks little outside, he expected that before the Long Xueyi's previous generation is very likely the Highest God strength. Long Xueyi said: world of Nine Heaven Profound Cold Ancient Domain and this Highest God forbidden land are only away from very thin space wall. Initially Nine Heavens Temple large quantities of Gods were besieged there, Heavenly God had dozens, therefore has punctured world of Nine Heaven and Gods wall.” The riddle topic in Shen Xiang heart has untied, making him comfortable many.

dragon brat, you before were Highest God! Wants into Highest God, how many Divine Soul needs and Godhead is good?” Shen Xiang asked. You guess!” Long Xueyi smiles mischievously. Said quickly!” Shen Xiang is pinching her face. Ten Divine Soul, such easily could not guess correctly!” Long Xueyi curled the lip. Shen Xiang feels the chin, said: Concentrates ten Divine Soul to come, this should not be very difficult, I was only several months concentrate together Divine Soul!” Long Xueyi is very surprised, because she and Shen Xiang double cultivation time, but discovered that Shen Xiang's fleshly body, has not discovered his second Divine Soul. Shen Xiang had not discovered that her second Divine Soul, obviously was hides. Naturally real, my second Divine Soul ability is not the attack, but is the defense!” Shen Xiang said: This Divine Ability ability should be called Heaven Imitation!” Heaven Imitation?” Long Xueyi some do not understand: You practice Heaven Body, this assigns Divine Ability and Heaven Body has very big connection?” Shen Xiang nodded: Heaven Imitation is only Sun, Moon and Stars and change of wind and rain lightning, properly speaking this should be the attack is quite useful, but in Heaven Body, this is the main defense, simply not method for attack.” Long Xueyi said: Practices the Heaven Body fellow I to know that has not thought that fellow is the Heaven Punishment God father! Initially I also in Beast God Temple, Heaven Punishment God was only in a Supreme Temple kid!” Shen Xiang is startled to ask: „Is Heaven Punishment God Supreme Temple?”

The Long Xueyi nod said: He does not know that he and Demon Execution Heavenly God are in Supreme Temple come out! They grow up in Supreme Temple since childhood, however their parental Master have not told them Supreme Temple inside matter, had the matter until Supreme Temple, their parents quietly deliver to Gods them.” Supreme Temple inside elder has had also the relation with them, takes care of them in secret! However Heaven Punishment God and Demon Execution Heavenly God encounter difficulty now, the elder has not lent a hand to assist, obviously had an accident.” Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God unexpectedly also has this origin! Shen Xiang also asked: Supreme Temple initially what happened?” Long Xueyi sighed: Initially Beast God Temple was extinguished, Supreme Temple and Six Paths Temple have very big difference, some of them said that must help Beast God Temple, some are worried to be extinguished, therefore opposed that then randomly becomes pot gruel! Until our Beast God Temple Yuan Qi damages severely they not to discuss that any result comes.” Beast God Temple survived finally, but lost seriously, moreover for many years was controlled! Initially attacked Beast God Temple, is mainly attacks our Dragon Clan and White Tiger their four beasts.” Before Shen Xiang, in Supreme Temple, listened to that old man saying that Beast God Temple, Supreme Temple and Six Paths Temple were Highest God strongly, moreover there are to dominate above them the super influence! That strong influence, is Nine Spirit Kings vanishes very much obviously related, causes Beast God Temple almost to destroy!