World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1890

Above three big Temple, what fearful fellow has? unexpectedly can make your Beast God Temple turn into this, moreover three big Temple were controlled obviously.” Shen Xiang has put out Deicide Sword, he thought that this should have related with these sword. Long Xueyi said with a smile: You still remember that Sister Qilian initially had said that Gods does not have Divine Country, therefore she must construct Divine Country, must be the Divine Country ruler!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Naturally remembers that she has the ambition of ruler.” Long Xueyi received Deicide Sword in Shen Xiang hand, said: Divine Country already had, altogether nine, initially Beast God Temple almost developed a divine beast state, will therefore be suppressed!” Shen Xiang, nine Divine Country exist surprisedly, but this Gods unexpectedly does not have the news, this was really too fearful, moreover these nine Divine Country existed obviously for a long time. „Is Nine Spirit Kings these nine Divine Country King?” Shen Xiang also asked that the Nine Spirit Kings origin has been very mysterious. Long Xueyi shakes the head saying: „It is not! Had has ten Divine Country, was destroyed completely, Nine Spirit Kings is the nine sons of that Divine Country ruler, they are nine brothers! They construct world of Nine Heaven, our resurrect, to reconstruct Divine Country, but has not succeeded!” Nine Spirit Kings is so formidable, wants to reconstruct Divine Country so to be difficult, encounters the so big resistance, now unknown whereabouts, obviously that nine Divine Country are strong! Nine Divine Country where?” Shen Xiang asked: „Can we go?” Long Xueyi knows that Shen Xiang is very curious, she shook the head: Where I do not know, I hear! In brief forms into tenth Divine Country hopefully, will be hindered by them, initially Six Paths Temple Six Paths God king because has this thought that now is missing, Divine Mirror of Six Paths also caused heavy losses.”

Therefore, so long as a little looks at head, nine Divine Country crazily will suppress, they did not allow probably are many Divine Country, this is among them the tacit understanding.” Shen Xiang has referred to Deicide Sword, asked: „Do you know this thing? This is Demon Execution Heavenly God picks here.” The Long Xueyi nod said: Understanding, this is from these Divine Country, you are unable to pour into strength to go in now the use , because this sword in does not have Godhead, inside Godhead for many years dissipated!” Above High-Grade Divine Weapon in Gods is strongest, if can concentrate Godhead in Divine Weapon, that is called Highest God spiritual tool, your this now at most is quite good High-Grade Divine Weapon.” Shen Xiang received, looked at this interior of sword, sighed: so that's how it is, inside has a position should lays aside Godhead!” The Long Xueyi nod said: But must first have Divine Soul, can put Godhead toward inside, you can help this build up sword cultivator, can seek to match.” Shen Xiang receives Deicide Sword, said: Nine Spirit Kings Four Beast's Divine Weapons? Inside should have!” Does not know that Nine Spirit Kings Four Beast's Divine Weapons is not used to fight, but has the special significance, you found are clear.” Long Xueyi said: I only know that Four Beast's Divine Weapons is not they refines, but is their father builds up, stems from the hand of God Emperor.” We go to look for Black Tortoise Cloth now!” Instruction of Shen Xiang on that four imitation Four Beast's Divine Weapons according to him, knew that in this Highest God forbidden land has one.

Long Xueyi said with a smile: Carries off this mountain, you are also used to refine on the road, so long as this stone will meet very hot flame to explode, if you will refine well, will feign death Heavenly God is not the issue.” Can carry off? This mountain is very big, perhaps Hidden Jade Ring cannot contain!” Shen Xiang said. With Divine Mirror of Six Paths, Divine Mirror of Six Paths is also storage equipment comes!” Long Xueyi stands on tiptoes to start, has patted the Shen Xiang's head, said with a smile: Really stupid, has this treasure not to understand that uses!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi left the cave, but outside snowstorm stopped, here ice also gradually melts, reveals the original appearance. Long Xueyi said: Here Land of Ice and Snow strength suction by me, in my Divine sea condense massive Profound Ice, I later again am used to practice, this majorities are my Highest God Realm strength, these many years, drains many.” Shen Xiang Divine Sense turns, covers this black mountain, then in receiving Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Black Tortoise Cloth in that direction, attains Black Tortoise Cloth, we look for Demon Execution Heavenly God that several friends.” Shen Xiang has referred to front piece of rocky mountain. The snow and ice melt, the sunlight is beautiful, coldness in this Highest God forbidden land turned into Legend, before this does not have, was so fearful, just is still burying many Profound Ice in the deep place, these Profound Ice are because ice cold strength of Long Xueyi practice forms specially. These Profound Ice are intelligential, understood one seek for Heaven and Earth Treasure, then wraps Heaven and Earth Treasure, some Profound Ice nurturing these Heaven and Earth Treasure, have absorbed between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, trains the strange flowers different grass after the transformation, then little absorbs strange flowers different grass special strength! Such one, Profound Ice will cultivate Spirit Body, these Spirit Body gradually also will evolve the life, will turn into the beasts.”

However in some Profound Ice is spatial , because the strange flowers different grass has trained massive Spirit Body.” Long Xueyi knew about Profound Ice at this time that she and Shen Xiang walks on the road, can see some birds, the adaptive faculty of these birds are very strong, can survive in the strong winds storm, at this time the snowstorm vanishes, they can also fly from this place. After the snow and ice vanish, on this stretch of earth has the fierce combat trace of finding at everywhere, some beast bone of petrification, the divine tool fragment of rusty stain stained damage scattered everywhere is, obviously in the past that fight was frigid. „The Beast God Temple most beasts participated, what makes war with Beast God Temple is one group of evil people from Divine Country, this group of evil people were detained in these Divine Country Divine Prison! These Divine Country extinguish us, but sufficed with this group of fellows.” Long Xueyi puts out lance that damages: Divine Country is formidable, but this time they will put once more Divine Prison inside fellow, lets chaos of Gods!” Shen Xiang wants to inquire that the Divine Prison matter, a Long Xueyi such saying, now why he understands! actually that Divine Prison is also the Divine Country construction, inside evil person very! Divine Prison is very firm, but Divine Country must open also nobody to stop, when the time comes here is a catastrophe, perhaps major Temple Heavenly God do not know this matter.” Long Xueyi said: Otherwise Infernal Demon Emperor will not be silly and Demon Execution Temple consumes that for a long time.” Shen Xiang worries that now Lu Qilian they are missing, moreover after Divine Prison opens, can affect world of Nine Heaven? He is world of Nine Heaven comes out, he does not think the world of Nine Heaven destruction!