World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1891
Black Tortoise Cloth defends divine armor, Shen Xiang needed, but he has now practiced Heaven Body divine art, the fleshly body defensive power became very strong, can not need Black Tortoise Cloth, moreover when cultivates Heaven Body divine art, fleshly body also often needs to stimulate can achieve the practice the desired effect, must be attacked frequently. If found Black Tortoise Cloth, I urged you to should better not to use on the body, now Gods crouching tiger, hidden dragon, experts as common as the clouds, if spoiled, is unable to ravel Nine Spirit Kings that God Emperor father to leave behind this Four Beast's Divine Weapons secret.” Long Xueyi somewhat worried that Shen Xiang will provoke a more formidable fellow from now on, makes remnantly Black Tortoise Cloth that is unable to duplicate uniquely, when the time comes is unable to solve the Four Beast's Divine Weapons secret. Shen Xiang when the place of trial, his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was wrecked, if he found Black Tortoise Cloth, cannot help Black Tortoise Cloth practice Divine Soul and Godhead, the Black Tortoise Cloth might is unable to display, the defensive power fell short greatly, meets High-Rank Heavenly God is very easy to find the destruction. Highest God forbidden land did not have fearful Land of Ice and Snow, compared with the beforehand security, at least entered here these Profound God not to need to be worried that will freeze to death. But here danger(ous) has, Highest God forbidden land that for many years, breeds formidable different divine beast, now here does not have Land of Ice and Snow, these different divine beast are unable to continue to absorb the ice cold strength practice, becomes exceptionally manic. Needs to take in different divine beast that massive ice cold strength maintain, at this time goes to food on quite Yu Duan, therefore is hunting in all directions, enters the Highest God forbidden land person , if not beat, only will become food. We must be many some beast meat while the present lane, must store up, later after that Divine Prison inside fellow runs, first is looks for these to eat, moreover when the time comes here different divine beast also will become very marketable!” Long Xueyi sees the distant place to have a build such as the great alligator of mountain to clash, has licked the tongue, is similar to the great alligator of ground rapid crawling the good food is in her eyes ordinary. The great alligator looks like unwieldy, the time of dashing about wildly is not slow, that paint black full is the hard armor body is similar to a shadow, from distant place sōu sōu fled, back of the great alligator has dozens sword thorns, glittering cold light, above is also fully occupying the bloodstain. „Do you come me to come?” Long Xueyi said. I come!” Shen Xiang flew to leap up, meets the approaching enemy the back that dashes about wildly to come to puncture the great alligator, this great alligator is different divine beast, other High-Rank profound Divine Level strength, but his back that dozens swords puncture are his weapon. The great alligator sees Shen Xiang to attack, roaring hiss, back that is similar to the points of dozens long swords punctures the suddenly blood to inspire brilliantly, the sword thorn is similar to dozens red glow flies to shoot, straight thrust Shen Xiang!

Shen Xiang now is Heavenly God, copes with this different divine beast simply not to have the pressure, he flies to cause the great alligator to attack him, he has not attacked now has not defended, how obviously wants to have a look at Heaven Body divine art that he just cultivated to defend fleshly body. Copes with the attack of this type of lever, should use snow and ice Heaven Imitation!” Shen Xiang suddenly felt that the body has the faint trace ice cold feeling, his body surface also concentrates snow frost, but the superficial muscle is becomes stiff incomparable. After Long Xueyi sees, knits the brows: This fellow is using the ice cold strength to freeze oneself, making own fleshly body very firm, this protects the body to be the same with my Profound Ice!” The Shen Xiang's complexion looks like very pale, probably was been frozen stiff quickly dies to be the same, but he actually knows that his seemed like been frozen stiff, but he moved is flexible, moreover body not any ice-cold, he thinks now very cool. The sharp thorn of great alligator punctured fiercely, that dozens dodge the back of red light to puncture comes, sends out xiū xiū the sound from out of the blue, pricks the Shen Xiang's body from all around . Moreover the position that pricks is also the place of strategic point, could see that this great alligator has very rich experience on this. However after these sharp thorns move outside the Shen Xiang body that matter snow frost, is unable to go forward a point . Moreover the sharp thorn instantaneous frozen was also lived, connects together with the Shen Xiang's body, making Shen Xiang look like probably is the hedgehog is the same. Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation!” The Shen Xiang's body is turned into instantaneously coldly scalding hot, that sharp thorn was just frozen, meets the heat instantaneously, was burnt down. The ability of Shen Xiang to Heaven Body is quite satisfied, moreover some of his many Heaven Imitation have not displayed, his present stage can use these Heaven Imitation to defend, if, he pondered over thoroughly Heaven Body, perhaps can also be used in the attack! He puts out Deicide Sword, teleport to the great alligator above, shuā shuā shuā several swords have dismembered a body the great alligator, remains gives Long Xueyi processing.

Also has on the road, the solution is quite a bit faster good!” Long Xueyi said that at this time she also emits weak ice cold air/Qi, this type of ice cold air/Qi is very special, covered the Highest God forbidden land ice cold strength to be the same with before, Shen Xiang understands that her intention, this was to attract massive different divine beast. The half-day time, they with joint forces hunted and killed dozens different divine beast, at this time also arrives in front of a short mountain, Shen Xiang can induce clearly, that Black Tortoise Cloth in inside! Except for him, does not know that in this mountain scene group short mountain, will have God Emperor refinement divine tool, although does not have Godhead divine tool, but is not these ordinary High-Grade divine tool can compare. Very hides deeply, I have not induced, moreover this mountain had not been iced the cold strength to seep!” Long Xueyi said. Although Shen Xiang Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor ruins, but he had fused with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, within the body also has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor that special strength, therefore he can also induce obtains. He arrives in front of this mountain, has traced the mountain wall with the hand gently, his unexpectedly can seep the hand, on this mountain wall unexpectedly has mysterious restriction. Long Xueyi sees the Shen Xiang's arm to submerge in rock wall, walks to put out a hand to touch, but she can only touch to hard and icy rock wall, it seems like only then Shen Xiang can enter inside. I wait for you here, you a bit faster come out!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang direct penetration mountain wall, after entering inside, saw that Black Tortoise Cloth!

Before Shen Xiang collected Four Beast's Divine Weapons time has seen the Black Tortoise Cloth appearance, garnet clothes, but also was having some black decorative designs in a utensil, at this time was putting in a stuffed dummy. Shen Xiang walks, but has traced gently this Black Tortoise Cloth, Black Tortoise Cloth turns into light glow to drill into his body together, afterward appears on him, at this time he does not want to put on must put on, he has not thought that this Black Tortoise Cloth is also same as Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, unexpectedly automatic owner recognition. Receives to be quite good, if these old Heavenly God recognize, will be very troublesome!” The Shen Xiang intention moves, Black Tortoise Cloth received within the body, is the same with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. Shen Xiang goes out of here, after arriving outside, actually sees Long Xueyi to be surrounded by several guys! Shen Xiang looks at these guys is High-Rank Profound God, relaxed, on these guys puts on the same armor, revealed that the overwhelming power sharp Divine Blade, looked their this dresses up, knows that came from War Temple! Before Shen Xiang, has killed War Temple that Yuan Young Master, now War Temple War-God will find here not to be strange.