World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1892

Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to come out, smiles was saying to these War Temple guys: You did not say a moment ago can look for Shen Xiang? He here!” Because the snowstorm vanishes, these guys can enter the deep place, they see the different divine beast hunted and killed trace, therefore the clues is seeking here with whom, later met Long Xueyi, they inquired that Long Xueyi does have to see Shen Xiang, but Long Xueyi talked at random with them. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, asked immediately: Your far away comes to here to look for me, what matter has?” That Yuan Young Master that before Shen Xiang killed was High-Rank Profound God, although was usually arbitrary rampantly a point, but strength but the genuine goods at reasonable prices, several sub- were killed by Shen Xiang! These guys also know Shen Xiang to be fearful, but Han Deyuan told them, Shen Xiang his severe wound Divine Soul, did not have dozens years is, even if were good, must recuperate for dozens years to be able recover completely, therefore they also dare to seek for Shen Xiang. But now sees Shen Xiang to be so energetic, moreover does not fear them, their hearts sink immediately, because Shen Xiang seems like not Divine Soul encounters the appearance of heavy losses likely. You kill our War Temple Yuan Young Master, we are grasp your!” A guy has had courage, to Shen Xiang shouted. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good, that called Yuan Young Master waste truly is I kills, you know why I do want to kill him?” Why Yuan was Young Master killed? This matter had already spread over most Temple, Yuan Young Master, because sees a female dragon, wants to receive is mount, but this dragon is actually and Shen Xiang leaves dead into to live, therefore Yuan Young Master was killed by a Shen Xiang sword! Yuan Young Master was killed is also brings upon oneself, occupies to have the Dan God father, wants to act in a self-serving manner, wants Shen Xiang side to loving White Dragon takes away, depending on the Shen Xiang's disposition, does not kill that him is the unheard-of absurdity. These guys responded at this time, White Dragon that this sweet and pretty white clothing female, Yuan Young Master initially wanted to seize! Long Xueyi said with a smile: Previous time Yuan Young Master, because catches me, will be killed by Shen Xiang, because this time you must grasp Shen Xiang, therefore was one's turn me to get rid Oh!

The Shen Xiang side White Dragon strength, had not aroused the interest, because is also not formidable, otherwise Shen Xiang will not be injured at that time, but these War Temple guy suddenly thought now that this White Dragon be much more fearful than Shen Xiang! Sees Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi is all smiles, in suddenly with several High-Rank Profound God hearts trembles, because looked that their looks probably are look at the ants to be the same. Kills!” Brave suddenly shouts, because he discovered that their here imposing manners were weaker, wields golden blade in hand, chops to Long Xueyi that slender and delicate jade neck. Several guys also attack, unexpectedly attacks Long Xueyi's, because they think that Long Xueyi is a very big threat, but Shen Xiang is Divine Soul was seriously injured, so long as solves Long Xueyi, they can grasp Shen Xiang to go back to receive an award exactly! Shen Xiang knows that Long Xueyi can deal with, therefore he does not have fight, at the back of both hands, looks at these guys with a smile. blade edge stopped from one inch place of Long Xueyi that delicate nape of the neck, but the Long Xueyi half body has been covering incorruptible, her half cheeks like brings the mask that the snow frost is making, is braving the faint trace cold air. That several guys just attacked, thought that body suddenly becomes stiff, afterward is unable to move, at this time they feel the ice cold strength that Long Xueyi releases, looks like with the ice cold strength that this Highest God forbidden land just vanished, even be more fearful than the Highest God forbidden land ice cold strength. Snort!” Long Xueyi coldly snorted, that cold air makes Shen Xiang think to infiltrate the marrow gently, these guys also ended the life in this flash. Long Xueyi continously has not moved, but releases the greatly strengthened ice cold strength, directly froze to death these High-Rank Heavenly God! Takes quickly their Godhead, was slow a point the words, Godhead must not have frozen.” Long Xueyi turns the head to look that smiles to Shen Xiang tenderly, on her cold frost also instantaneous vanish from sight. Shen Xiang takes their Godhead, three a few tricks on the pill of refined into several grains of Profound God!

Your second assigns the strength of Divine Ability, releases this fearful profound cold strength!” Shen Xiang said that he took out Godhead a moment ago time, can feel that fearful ice cold strength from Godhead. The Long Xueyi nod said: Good, my eating rests the ability is the foundation, so long as I have to eat to rest the ability, I can be easier to practice Godhead to come.” Shen Xiang looks that was frozen becomes the corpse of ice piece, shakes the head to sigh: You started to be too heavy, I also want to take a look at their memories, which knows that linked their Divine Soul not to have frozen.” Long Xueyi spits the tongue: „The words that next time will meet again, give you!” Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi do not know that this Highest God forbidden land accumulation expert are getting more and more, because here Land of Ice and Snow suddenly dissipates, in the past when here Highest God great war treasure that falls will also reappear! Of Land of Ice and Snow Highest God forbidden land most danger(ous) vanished, emerges here person more, before only then Profound God strength can enter, but now True God Realm also dares to come to open mind with some old fellow. Shen Xiang puts out Demon Execution Heavenly God to his jade tiger, the preparation starts to seek for the Demon Execution Heavenly God friend. In this direction!” Shen Xiang looked at the front. Long Xueyi is familiar with this Highest God forbidden land, sees that direction, knits the brows: That side leaves Highest God forbidden land, did the direction that we come in there, he leave Highest God forbidden land?” The Demon Execution Heavenly God friend has several, the jade tiger directs is also recent. Does not manage, first in the past had a look to say again!” Shen Xiang receives the jade tiger, is holding Long Xueyi's, just about to teleport leaves, actually suddenly sees the sky to present a mark.

Shen Xiang sees these marks, thinks somewhat familiar, whispered: Makes me think where I have seen probably!” Long Xueyi has been vigilant that suddenly presents this mark, definitely will have the matter to occur. Is Master!” Shen Xiang said: Master he uses Heaven's Divination Technique time, will cause this spirit pattern, this is evolution spirit pattern!” Long Xueyi knits the brows: That old lunatic is mystical, although I restore to remember that but there is a matter about this tribal group actually not to understand! Heaven's Divination Technique that he uses, as well as ancient book of record massive ancient times content, these were not ordinary thing.” suddenly float is scattered in the mark of sky, continually increases, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are waiting for patiently. They look that these scattered marks need to combine, finally will possibly compose Teleportation Formation. Huang Jintian's Heaven's Divination Technique is fierce, can calculate many things, perhaps Huang Jintian has the urgent matter to look for him, therefore calculates. Heaven's Divination Technique of this old lunatic was getting more and more fierce, not only can find me, but can also make these marks, has certain Law of Space.” Shen Xiang said. Long Xueyi nodded: Heaven's Divination Technique is mystical, I accidentally listened to Six Paths God king God king saying that this was also wants the fearful thing compared with four big taboo divine art! However meets the die sooner die sooner, but your Master has the infinite life, does not need to be worried about this!”