World Defying Dan God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1893

After the scattered mark combines, large formation dodged suddenly vanished, but the ground was actually crawling a grey clothes old man, was Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian lies in the ground, shouted: little rascal, don't you come to hold me?” Shen Xiang curled the lip: Child, no joking, oneself got up!” Huang Jintian is whipping dust, has stood, he looked at Long Xueyi, said with a smile: It seems like she awakened!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Grandfather, do you know my matter?” Huang Jintian walked, puts out his ancient book that only then he can see, starts to record, said: I also just know that my memory and this book link together, so long as I can turn the following page, my memory will appear.” Shen Xiang looks at that each page is the transparent book, has patted the Huang Jintian's shoulder: Master, your present powerful! I also worried that before you look for me are take refuge from disaster.” Huang Jintian recorded quickly, knocked under the Shen Xiang's head with that book, haughty said with a smile: How I said that is also your Master! Certainly be fiercer than you.” Grandfather, what matter do you also ask him to have?” Long Xueyi asked tenderly sweetly, she was very good to the Huang Jintian's impression, moreover she also wants to know some Huang Jintian's secrets. Big matter, looked that you here so are long-drawn-out, definitely does not know that here had anything!” Huang Jintian has swept around one, said: Here is Land of Ice and Snow, now snow and ice suddenly vanishes, therefore came a fellow of troop treasure hunt, all kinds has, Dan God Heavenly God is also not infrequent.” Shen Xiang said: Reason that here Land of Ice and Snow vanishes, because of her reason.” Huang Jintian feels the chin, thinking deeply, was saying: so that's how it is, I knew probably! It seems like Profound Cold Ancient Domain that side strength reveals from here!”

Shen Xiang said: Said the important matter! We have the important matter to do.” Huang Jintian sighed: Now the matter of primary importance goes surnamed Bai to save that girl.” Girl surnamed Bai? Shen Xiang guesses correctly immediately is Bai Ziqian, before War Temple must grasp Bai Ziqian's, after he cuts kills Yuan Young Master, War Temple came many skilled people, but here environment becomes such well, the Bai Ziqian's hiding ability is not strong! Sister Ziqian?” Long Xueyi asked. The Huang Jintian nod said: Is she! She is Sister Bai Youyou's, I know that you and Bai Youyou's relationship is very good, therefore you must result to save her! Now she is not only War Temple must kill her! The God of Wealth palace, Fire God Palace, Ice and Snow Temple and Thunder Temple...... these big Temple wish one could a bit faster to kill her.” Shen Xiang in great surprise, the Bai Ziqian's strength should not be strong, with poisonous fierce, but these big Temple actually thus and such and such. You do not know that Bai Ziqian she obtained an extraordinary thing, is called supreme Ancient Poison! In addition, but also obtains the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King!” The Huang Jintian facial color is dignified: I also hear this matter, catches up on the earliest possible time, after I see Bai Ziqian, determined that this is real, therefore I looked for you!” Long Xueyi complexion big change: „Does she obtain? Ancient Poisonous God King inheritance that is very extraordinary, no wonder big Temple must kill her!” Shen Xiang does not know that Ancient Poisonous God King is any background, hastily inquired: Is very serious?” The Long Xueyi nod said: Perhaps three big Highest God palaces will send Highest God to come out to confirm that is the serious thing! Ancient Poison is the ancestors of ten thousand toxin, how initially only then Ancient Poisonous God King understood uses, was used to kill by poison massive expert! Finally jointly was cut in every way to kill by the influence. How Bai Ziqian she gets so far as, no wonder she can kill by poison War-God expert.” Shen Xiang said: I, no matter these, I must save her in brief! Master, she now how?”

Huang Jintian said: She in Highest God forbidden land, is collaborated to arrange a barrier seal to get up by more than ten Heavenly God now, these Heavenly God do not dare to approach, moreover she also cultivates the body of Ancient Poison, processes not well, will be been poisonous! Temple Heavenly God that now big Temple can come came, prepares to collaborate the one breath to destroy completely Bai Ziqian, forever will eliminate the future trouble!” Shen Xiang revolution space power, prepares to carry on teleport immediately, actually suddenly hears to laugh wildly the sound together. Shen Xiang, I finally found you, really can seek you with this old fellow.” This sound is Plentiful God. Handsome middle-aged float in the air, fierce crashes, that barometric pressure of stimulating, caused the submergence of ground several feet, presented circular huge crater, Plentiful God grasps the long sword, float above that huge crater. Ha Ha...... Today no one can save you, Demon Execution that old bastard was diverted by Infernal Demon Emperor, today you must die without doubt!” Plentiful God is laughing wildly. Huang Jintian some do not look at Shen Xiang embarrassed: little rascal, sorry, I have not hidden! Or this, I go to that side Bai Ziqian with this Little Dragon first, you solved this bastard came!” Huang Jintian said so dexterously, resembles Shen Xiang to kill Plentiful God to be the same at any time, Shen Xiang is despising him secretly, because Huang Jintian strength is not weak, Long Xueyi's strength is also very strong, their three collaborate, the stratagem which ensures success is bigger. Must know this Plentiful God, but High-Rank Heavenly God, Shen Xiang is only Low-Rank Heavenly God, differed is too far. That poisonous female really has relationship with you, you could not save her, must kill her person to compare to kill your many, when I solved you, will go back to unite other Heavenly God to solve her.” The Plentiful God long sword shakes, the flame roars, under him that huge crater was covered by the flame immediately, a crazy fierce arrogance spews out from him, fires into Yun Tian, sends out intermittent crazy severe roaring. Plentiful God refines divine coin, therefore his flame is fierce, is use flame formidable Heavenly God.

Grandfather, you go to that side Bai Ziqian first, told us that's alright the position, here gave us.” Long Xueyi smiles lightly, changes to a white light, entered Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring. Long Xueyi can with the Shen Xiang fusion, they already double cultivation, the fusion time will be more harmonious. Huang Jintian is not worried about Shen Xiang, because he knows that Shen Xiang has carried on supreme trial, now is Heavenly God Realm, this Plentiful God just entered the boundary of High-Rank Heavenly God, previous time was also pinched the words not to dare to say by Demon Execution Heavenly God. Um, you a bit faster come!” Huang Jintian dodges disappears, slides quickly. In the Shen Xiang heart has criticized several, puts out Deicide Sword, to Plentiful God said with a sneer: New account old debts one and considers as finished!” Plentiful God has killed Dan Emperor, this is Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi very angry matter, therefore they must kill Plentiful God today, avenges a grievance. Plentiful God son Li Zhonghan was discarded by Shen Xiang, in his heart is also angry, in his eyes, only then his son can kill others, but others actually not active his son, regardless of his son has is not right. This saying should be I says!” The Plentiful God long sword wields, is the flame, Plentiful God is worried about Shen Xiang to run away in all directions immediately, releases a hot domain, prohibits the space.